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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

How To Make Nigeria The Greatest Country In The World

In this book you will discover:

1. History proves it: Nigeria teaches America
2. Ebola – Nigeria Taught the World on Disease Control
3. See the Nigerian Future
4. Nigeria’s global trailblazers in Medicine and inventions
5. How Nigeria can have the World’s Best Products
6. The Nigerian who makes drones for the United States Army
7. Nigeria’s strength despite challenges
8. Exceptional feats by Nigerians
9. After 130 years, first Black Harvard Law Review female President is a Nigerian
10. A Nigerian Scientist Invents Device That Can Supply the Entire African Continent Uninterrupted Power Supply
11. When Nigerians arise
12. How we can make Nigeria Work
13. The smartest family in the world is Nigerian
14. Extraordinary feats by a single Nigerian


This book is available on:




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