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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

THE T.B. JOSHUA I KNOW (Authored by Bisola Hephzi-bah Johnson)

Foreword by Dr. Sunday Adelaja

This book, THE T. B JOSHUA I KNOW is one of the great exposition of our age. It is alarming and mind-blowing to even imagine what evil and wicked individuals do in the name of God and religion.

As much as we are all fallible and imperfect yet what we see being practiced in most churches in Nigeria is simply evil. T. B Joshua and this book is only a highlight of what is taking place in most of the so-called churches in Nigeria and now Africa at large thanks to the export from Nigeria.

Another shocking discovery is how so-called prominent men and women of God from western countries are so easily deceived at the sight of miracles even if they are fake.

For those who are doubting the stories in this book, I’ll like to say I don’t just agree to forward this book without a research. I had the privilege of cross-checking and confirming most of the stories here from a number of people both in Nigeria and outside of Nigeria.

I spoke to one of the very first junior prophets of T. B Joshua whose name features in this book. He confirmed every detail in a very graphic manner. I also listened to a video of a British lady who escaped from the trap of death called synagogue church for all nations. Though she is now married she told the story on video in the presence of her husband how she co-habited with T.B. Joshua for several years traveling with him to various countries in her quest to receive his anointing through sex.

I also had a conversation with a lad apostle who used to be T.B Joshua European representative from Holland. She used to bring so many people to the synagogue from the Netherlands until she discovered that T. B. Joshua had been sleeping with her spiritual daughters. I personally spoke with one of such girls who was only nineteen years old when she moved over to live with T.B Joshua in Nigeria. Sexual promiscuity is probably the list of the long list of the evil taking place in the place many see as churches.

I, however, will not like to make this book about T. B Joshua. It is a book about the form of Christianity that is now practiced in Nigeria. Most of our so-called churches will be practicing at least half of what is written in this book. The church in Nigeria has missed it big time. We surely need to retrace our steps back to the God of the Bible. What we have now is simply a slave camp where powerful men use people and their resources to build their personal empires. The manipulation, control, and robbery happening in Nigerian churches could only best be compared to the times of dark ages Europe.

I have no doubt whatsoever that it is God that has raised up Evangelist Theresa Bisola Johnson to be a voice of deliverance to the church in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

I’ll like to call on the Nigerian Christians not to be too quick in dismissing this book, it could be your saving tool. Don’t think you already know everything about T. B Joshua, no this is about you and me. It is about all of us African Christians and the clergy. We all need to retrace our steps back to God.

I believe this book should be in every home to see how much danger religion without brains could cause their adherents. We all need to read this book to learn to avoid such evil scenario. This is especially important in such a place as Nigeria where the only thing a charlatan needs to be worshipped is to call himself a servant of God.

This book will not only save the lives of millions from physical death, but also from spiritual and eternal death in hell fire.

Dear readers, please take this book seriously and don’t exempt any church from such practices, be warned and be prepared. Thank God for Evangelist  Theresa Johnson who has done the hard work so we all could benefit from her very gory experience with the evil prophet called T. B Joshua.

Let he that has ears hear.

For The Love Of God, Church And Nation

Sunday Adelaja

Senior Pastor and Founder

Embassy Of God Church

Kiev, Ukraine

About the book

This is a compilation of true-life accounts that took place in a Cult Community called The Synagogue, ‘church’ of all Nations, Ikotun-Egbe, Lagos, Nigeria; where the author was trapped through hypnotism, and brainwashing for over a decade with other devotees. She documented her journey into this community who use religious garb to cover their nefarious operation in other to lure the naive, vulnerable, gullible, and the innocent into occultism. She narrates how they lived, how they were systemically initiated into the dark world through deceit and were terrorized to swear secrecy allegiance. They also became instruments of deception in the hands of T. B. Joshua to deceive visitors to the Synagogue. Finally, her escape was a grand style of Jehovah where others lost their lives.
This is purely to EDUCATE people and to give ALL THE GLORY back to God, for His Amazing Saving Grace, His constant Love and His abiding Presence.
She said, “If I should denied the world this truth, I became a partaker of evil and Hellfire would have been my eternal abode. I am under obligation and indebted to share; I cannot keep it to myself; it burns in my bones. I will also like to use this as a means of restoring the souls of those who have fallen away due to this global deception of T.B. Joshua.”
This Book is a societal mirror for everyday people, it is saying that each one of us has the ability to enter into the relationship with God individually without depending on another man as a connector. Jesus Christ has made the way.
This is to stand as a guide to the blind, as a warning to the gullible, and as a light to the simple; because what causes people to panic, and run helter-skelter in search of an intermediary between them and their Creator is still prevalent in the world, such as sickness, affliction, trouble, confusion, disease, barrenness, joblessness, etcetera.
What drives people to run from one prophet to another prophetess both false and genuine, which can cause them to eventually fall into error is still at large.
Those things that pressurizes people daily, and can cause them to be knocking on the doors of prayer contractors and spiritual arrangers, intending to cut deals with ‘God’ if possible; rather than to go on their knees and be calling upon their Creator for Mercy and a turnaround is still thriving in the world today. Evil seems to run rampant everywhere. What we need is Peace in God and holding unto His Word.
These agents of satan are only having the breakthrough at your breakdown. Beware of miracle peddlers, Beware of false prophets, and Beware of false teachers, Jesus warned. This is their time, Run for your life!

This book is available on:

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  2. Download PDF version from Author’s blog:
  3. Amazon:
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3 Comments to “THE T.B. JOSHUA I KNOW by Bisola Hephzi-bah Johnson”
Keep it up and God will bless you.
GOD bless u all , let the will of GOD be done.
I'm interested in your books special Evangelist Theresas book tb Joshua I known.

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