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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

Who Am I? Why Am I here?: How to discover your purpose and calling in life

This book will tell you about who you really are. You will discover how to know your value and make a name for yourself. This book will help you to discover your latent energy and potential. You will at last be able to answer the question, why I’m I here and where I’m I going. You will find out your calling and how to fulfill your dreams. You are going to be guided into specific steps that will take you from a dream to its fulfilment. This book will show you how to overcome complexes that have held you back for so long. You will learn how to set yourself free from feelings of guilt. You will learn how to set yourself free from a victim mentality. You will be able to at last overcome the fear of failure. This book will teach you how to deal with criticism. You will be delivered from living in denial. You will be able to set yourself free from low self-esteem. This book will teach you not just to find your life calling but how to help others discover themselves. You will learn how to be a winner instead of a loser in life.

Who Am I? Why Am I here?

How to discover your purpose and calling in life


A cemetery is a literal gold mine of the richest ideas, the perfect business projects, the greatest discoveries, the most astounding musical scores and dynamic masterpieces of lit-erature, theatre and peace treaties — all of them unheard in this world; all buried with the one created to accomplish them. “Why?” you ask. They are buried with people who were to make their own contributions to the development of mankind, medicine, science, culture and government. People are born to change the world. There are people who failed to step forward and believe in the dream that was living within them. There are people who did not discover their destiny. People who failed to hear that inner voice that builds dreams and visions of greatness.

Unfortunately, all these wonderful dreams, ideas and pro-jects are now buried with their authors. They will never be brought to life because they were given to people born on planet Earth for a specific purpose and a specific time. But YOU still have a chance! You are still alive! The voice of our Creator’s heart and the cry of the Universe calls:
“Human being! Do not make light of your life. Do not live it running the rat race. You need to take advantage of the oppor¬tunity to become the kind of person that you have been created to be. Find yourself and fulfil your mission!”

Just look around you of those alive right now:

  • 29% will die of cardiovascular diseases.
  • 20% will die of cancer.
  • 10% or more will die of AIDS.
  • 9.6% will die of apoplectic attack.
  • 1.5% will commit suicide.
  • 0.6% will drown.
  • 0.5% will perish in fires.
  • 0.09% will die of Hepatitis C.

However, candidly speaking, we all will die of something, BUT 99% of the people will die with their mission unfulfilled.
What is the one thing you should really fear?

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