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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

“Since You Left Nigeria What Has Been The Connection Between You and Nigeria?”

from: 23 . 07 . 18

Hello Friends,

I recently had an interview where some interesting questions were asked. I am sharing the questions and answers with you because I believe they will help enlighten and explain some misconceptions people have about me and what I am about. Please read, and share this piece so that others can also benefit from it.


Pst. Sunday Adelaja

For The Love Of God, Church and Nation


Since you left what has been the connection between you and Nigeria

I have my relatives and families in Nigeria still. So, I used to come once in a while to visit my family and a few times I used to come to minister in Nigeria. I have been invited for ministrations by Bishop Idahosa, Bishop Wale Oke, Pastor Adeboye at the Redemption camp and different Redeem Churches, visited Bishop Oyedepo as a personal guest and ministered with Pastor Sam Adeyemi, Pastor Wale Adefarasin, Bishop Abraham Olaleye, Dayo Olutayo, Tony Rapu, Dr Francis Akin John, and a lot more all over Nigeria. Although my ministration were not too often and intense, but I have been able to minister in these places.

I am familiar with the Nigerian Church and I had always come to bring the message of correction since what I see in the Nigerian church doesn’t fall in line with my opinion of what the New testament church is and how it ought to be.


By Pastor Sunday Adelaja.


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