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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog


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Pastor Sunday Adelaja has been saying that he is getting back to Nigeria to change Nigeria and Africa and people mocked him. Now he has not even arrived and the whole world is already feeling him through Daddy Freeze.

People forgot that he was interviewed by Ifedayo Olarinde, a.k.a Daddy Freeze before Daddy Freeze exploded against greedy pastors and their waste of Kingdom money. Now let me school you a little.

Daddy Freeze did not know what he is not been praised for to have researched thoroughly on his own. The man simply borrowed knowledge from my man, Pastor Sunday Adelaja. Churches in Nigeria and Africa who are Tithe takers are already facing set back due to drop in finance in the name of Tithe.

Pastors with private jets are already shivering. The agent of change from Ukraine is coming back home. I still hear what him and I discussed about the Nigerian Church. He told me everybody will feel his heat when he comes to Nigeria. And right now, Nigerian Christians and the Church are already on edge over the Tithe controversy even before he touches down from a commercial air plane.

He told me he was coming for Paul Enenche, Chris Oyakhilome, T B Joshua, and the other fat cats of the Nigerian Church. He told me he was coming for every single politician in Nigeria for looting the government treasury. I thought he was joking and embarking on an unachievable task. But alas! Now I know Pastor Sunday Adelaja better.

Honestly I don’t know where he learnt his strategies from. I don’t know. We all have the Holy Spirit like Sunday Adelaja too, but how and why the Holy Spirit did not reveal these winning ways and strategies is still what I don’t know. So I think Sunday Adelaja is fulfilling his calling that is specially meant for him.

From Ukraine, Nigeria is already feeling the Heat of a Christian Revolutionary. My God! You should have commanded Sunday Adelaja 10 years ago to do what he is doing now.

Any way, Lord, I know that You are never too late. Thank You for using Your Son, Sunday Adelaja to thoroughly purge Your floor, your Church. For all those Freemason Pastors and AMORC pastors of Nigeria, and Ogboni pastors, get ready with your magic and incantations.

Whether you like it or not, the man, Sunday Adelaja, is coming home. Do your worst. Mount all your kidnappers Mount all your assassination agents. You all shall fail and fall. Get all your fake news agents. Sunday Adelaja is too hardened in Christ to be moved.

Woe unto all of you enemies of Christ in the Nigerian Church. Thank God He Himself has raised a man more famous to the Western world above all the Nigerian fake pastors put together. How many Nigerian pastors have spoken at the United Nations? How many Nigerian pastors have the money this man has and has traveled countlessly on airplanes like Sunday Adelaja and yet remain so humble?

Judgement is really starting now for the Church in Nigeria and Africa. Continue the Good Work, Pastor Sunday Adelaja.

By Evangelist Odubenu O Anumati

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