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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

Sunday Adelaja: Why I would rather Support Buhari AGAIN than Atiku for the Nigerian Presidency – VIDEO

from: 03 . 12 . 18
One Comments to “Sunday Adelaja: Why I would rather Support Buhari AGAIN than Atiku for the Nigerian Presidency – VIDEO”
I have so much admiration for you but you totally miss the point. You need to be sensitive to the plight of Nigerians. It's not just fighting CURRUPTION here but Buhari and his people are doing everything possible to annihilate a people just to establish their ground. Fighting CURRUPTION for Buhari is just a front. How can he fight CURRUPTION when everything about them is total disregard to the rule of law starlight the mandate of the people in broad day light without a care? Anybody but Buhari. If you still support Buhari in spite of the evil that man represents then l would have to re examine my belief in you.and what you stand for. Surely the spirit cannot hide these facts from you is that possible? I am not just saying it but l am from all angle affected by what the Buhari gov't is doing.both kaduna and plateau. The fulani herdsmen going about killing Buhari being the chairman ofmiyetti Allah in the interest of transparency call his ki Galen to order but he is quiet. But instead the go arresting the victims that attempt to defend themselves from these marauders. A general was killed and just to have reasons to kill the locals labelled the kill us on these people. There is so much evil and sufferings from the Christians from the North and we would expect nothing but outright sensitivity and support for these poor Nigerians that have been displaced and lands taking over by foreign fulani Men. Within your power and calling what ever you can do to support this gov't out please do.

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