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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog


from: 30 . 08 . 19

We are all familiar with disappointments. Crises are a part of life, but we must remember that they do not mean that God is not faithful to mankind as he has promised. We should understand that there is a God in heaven who wishes us good in our lives and not evil. God is not the author of bad events happening on the earth, and their occurrence does not nullify His supremacy as the God of the universe. He is aware of everything and allows them to happen for a greater reason and purpose.

We must understand that there are issues in the land of every nation that makes life uncomfortable and difficult for the inhabitants. Such is the story of the nation of Rwanda, which has a history of tragedy through horrific genocide of killing and homicide.

But for unwavering focus, peace and comfort during hard times, we can turn to the book of Job in the bible to understand that hard times happened for different reasons, such as:

1. To test our faith, perseverance, and trust in God.

2. To bring us closer to developing a deeper relationship with God

3. To remind us to take up our responsibility to act and remove the injustice and curse in the earth.

The saying that “there’s a light at the end of the tunnel” is true.
The bible puts it this way:

“Weeping may endure for the night, but Joy must surely come in the morning.” – Psalm 30:5

As horrid as the genocide in Rwanda was, a brighter light is shining now in the nation. Now, Rwanda has an incredible story of love and grace uniting some of the people who participated in the tragic event and the families of the victims, and nation as a whole.

As a matter of fact, in 2008, Dr. Sunday Adelaja visited Rwanda for the ‘Africa Arise And Shine Conference’. During one of the teaching sessions on ‘The Principles of Success and Failure’ he prophesied that, “The darkness of your history is to create a place for a glorious future. There is limited time for darkness, the darkness will not linger forever. The darkness of your life and history will come to an end because God had commanded it, that the darkness of the night must give place for the glorious dawn of the day”

This prophesy is a reality today! Rwanda has built a new national identity for herself, and according to Curiosity Stream, Wendover productions ‘Rwanda is becoming The Singapore of Africa’.

Success in life is about cause and effect. If people embrace and establish the laws and principles of life, and impose the right value systems in society, just like God saw the end of all His creations from the beginning, the end result is bound to be glorious.

Nigeria and other nations of Africa alike can also achieve such results and even in greater measure  if we follow these same rules of life. To achieve this, we must uproot ‘Superstition’, ‘Intolerance (based on Tribal basis, Religious basis and Nepotism’)’, Miracle Seeking Mentality, and Subservience’ taught across the country by traditions and religious institutions, and replace them with value systems that would guide the nation and its people to become active in development and civilization. Then we would yield the dream of a new Nigeria, and Africa.

God is a God of principles and He will not bend the rules for anyone. Life is about process. Just like every nation have worked hard to develop their nations, we too must roll up our sleeves, begin to strategize, and learn from those who have gone before us.

A New Nigeria and Africa is a possibility.

Article by Adeola Disu

For the love of God, Church and Nation


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