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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

Teaching In Nigeria Is Difficult Because The Students Are Too Intelligent —British Principal

from: 17 . 03 . 17

A Briton, Mr. Graham Meredith, says that teaching in Nigerian schools is a difficult task. Meredith, the Principal of Premiere Academy, Lugbe, Abuja, said this during the institution’s sixth graduation ceremony.

He said, “To be a principal in Nigeria is not an easy job because the kids want to learn. When you have pupils that want to learn and improve themselves, it becomes a big challenge as you have to prepare because they are intelligent.”

According to him, Nigerian educational system is also unique because of many factors, including the desire of the pupils to go for the best.

He added, “The pupils want to learn and they see it as an opportunity to go to the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Europe to further their careers. They work and study hard and have good manners. From what I have seen, Nigerian pupils also are very respectful.

“If you do well, you can get admission and meet other best scholars across the world. And if you go to the best universities, you are going to meet the best people. But you have to get the entry ticket.”

To boost the morale of teachers, he stated that motivation should be the primary factor to be taken into consideration.

Meredith added, “Teachers at Premiere are qualified and are specialists in their own field. While some of them have the minimum degree qualification, others have master’s degrees. Besides, teachers here are motivated.

One Comments to “Teaching In Nigeria Is Difficult Because The Students Are Too Intelligent —British Principal”
Wow... It has been a long time that I read a great and motivating story/article about my beloved country Nigeria from a foreigner, Briton for that matter. We will manifest in Jesus' name.

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