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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

Tell Any Young Man That Wants To Host Any Night Vigil In 2020 To Please Listen!

from: 29 . 12 . 19

On Instagram, Wizkid has 9.1million followers and he is following 1,121k people.

Tiwa Savage has 9.5million followers and she is following 988 people.

Don Jazzy has 7.7million followers and he is following 5,998 people.

Bobrisky has 1.5million followers and he is following 49 people.

Burna Boy has 4.8million followers and he is following only 1 person, Stefflon Don, who happens to be his girlfriend.

(Dont forget that they have different accounts also with hundreds of thousands of followers).

Check through all the social media handles of all these artists, they are not following Bishop David Oyedepo and Papa Adeboye.

None of them is following Apostle Johnson Suleiman and other big pastors.

We are talking about a breed of talented boys and girls, naturally endowed by God, but who are using their talents to lure this generation away from God.

If Jesus comes now or if they sleep and not wake up again tomorrow and they didn’t make peace with God, they will go to hell where they will spend trillions of years in a lake of fire…

Friends, is this not terrifying enough?

But the question is, who will go close to them to tell them about Jesus when they are far from the church?…

They are all following themselves online and how can the blind follow the blind and not end up in a ditch?

Brother, it is time to think outside the box.

There is a low budget Tiwa Savage and Wizkid in your neighborhood.

They don’t know who Pastor Paul Enenche is.

In the year 2020, let’s look for a way to take this gospel to them and I am sure that God will give us harvest.

I am sorry in advance if I reject any invitation in 2020, to come and shout Fire to the same people other men of God have bee shouting Fire to for years.

I am beginning to get ashamed of being invited to come and preach to the same people that have been hearing the gospel for the past 5years.

I have finally discovered that his night vigil revival we are celebrating is a lie…

Nobody catches Fire!

If this Fire we are talking about is real, then, it should have crossed the boundaries of the church.

It should have started burning to those that will never come into the church.

What is the need accepting to come and preach in your church when I know that next month, another person will still come and preach to the same people.

Can’t we use that efforts to look for those who nobody has preached to for the past few years and nobody might preach to them again in the next few years?

The more I see my face on posters these days, the more I feel guilty.

This ‘Host me I Host you revival’ must die in my time.

God is expecting the young men of my generation to see visions of how to take this gospel to people who hates everything about Him.

Not to be seeing visions of how to host one popular preacher to come and push the same people on the ground that have been falling on the ground for years…

Brother, if the fire you are praying to catch is to come and be dragging halls where you will start organizing night vigils as every other young men of our time are doing, please, we don’t need that your fire.

Stop rehearsing how to stand on pulpits…

Start rehearsing how to preach to those boys that play football on Sunday mornings..

What about those that live in motels?

Those are souls that must not go to hell under our watch.

You are too young to be eyeing pulpits.

Please, ask God for ideas to invade bunks and hotels where people are happily going to hell from.

Stop editing your method of operation of your vision because you want some old men and women to endorse you.

I have seen all the people they endorsed, there is nothing of eternal value that can be traced to them.

You cannot sacrifice the burden of God in your heart because you want to please mortal men and still retain value from God.

Who will preach to people like Tiwa Savage?

Are you expecting to see people like Wizkid in your well publicized night vigil?

Do you want people like Burna Boy to attend your music festival?

Since we know that they will never come, can’t we look for a way to package this Fire and send it to them?

I don’t know what is burning in your heart.

But I want to tell you that if it is not passion for the unchurched souls, then, nothing might be burning there yet.

The squad that is rising will soon bench you.

Don’t doubt me, because soon, you will see them rising from unexpected places.

Some people will not understand them.

They will be largely criticized. The Pharisees who are comfortably recycling the old will look for every way to mobilize people to hate them.

Your spiritual father and mother may never like them, But all these will never matter.

Because God has already guaranteed His backing, therefore, the little they do will yield much more fruits in eternity.

One Comments to “Tell Any Young Man That Wants To Host Any Night Vigil In 2020 To Please Listen!”
This is an eye-opener DSA. We need God given ideas so we could reach the Lost for Jesus. Night Vigil isn't bad, but how do we convert our numerous night vigil into tangible physical manifestations. Thanks a lot for sharing this with us.

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