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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

“Thank You For Bringing Heaven to Earth Through A Marriage Upheld By Wisdom and Harmony.” – Pearl Adelaja

from: 15 . 08 . 17

Congratulations  And Jubilations, Abosede Dere-Adelaja and Sunday Adelaja on your 23rd wedding anniversary!
First of all, I want to thank you two for being such a great example – to me, my siblings, and millions all over the world.

Thank you for bringing heaven to earth through a marriage upheld by wisdom and harmony.

That’s a good place to start, by the way – Harmony. Dad and Mom, the two of you are amazing in the way you create an ambience of protection and reassurance, everywhere you go.

(L-R)Pastor Bose Adelaja, Pearl Adelaja, Dr. Sunday Adelaja

You deal with each other so genuinely and lovingly, as if you’ve been together for centuries, but are still in the most passionate stages of love.

Looking at you guys, may be you’re a bit like right brain and left brain. Of course, as one organ, both of these spheres function together, but left brain and right brain CAN be split, and I think most everyone can testify that the two of their voices often feud.

Right brain is loud, intuitive, very passionate and creative, while left brain is calculating, held-back, analytical and objective.

But you, mom and dad, are different, even though you’re humans and – like most of us – should be prone to fighting your ways out.

Instead, you view each other with a God-given insight. You know you are one brain, and that you’ll get your best by working together.

In our family, mom and dad know each other’s best parts and weaknesses. Sometimes they’ll talk things out and establish conditions and have a peaceful negotiation, but each one also knows when it’s  best to step back and let the counterpart take the stage.

And they work like that systematically and lovingly without contempt. And they both grow and evolve. They change their ways, they understand each other more, they develop more trust and become more faithful and it’s fantastically beautiful.

I love my parents for their faith. Not just for their traits of piety or ability to dream, but specifically for the faith they have towards each other.

My parents don’t need to be glued together or to control each other to feel totally at ease with the others’ affairs. They believe in each other and know that whatever issues arise – nothing is truly worth throwing their friendship, companionship and Holy Union away for.

They give each other what they want and need naturally, but even so they know that they are imperfect, and so they strive to continue to work on themselves every single day, without drama and pride but as a man and woman – or rather, as one flesh – after the Lord’s own heart.

Sunday Adelaja and Abosede Dere-Adelaja are two people who just aren’t hypocrites. Maybe that was weirdly stated, but it’s the truth, and I love it because I can’t totally boast of that myself.
I’m not the only one having to do my best at everything, even when I feel like doing something else – Every day, I see my parents toiling and pushing themselves to do so much work and get so much done, and most of it for the sake of others.

Just because they’ve finished school, that doesn’t make my parents any less studious. My parents are always, always, always trying to learn, be taught and/or to try something new, so much that I’d point at them instead of me, if I was to define “boldness and youthfulness”.

They are so open, transparent, hardworking and ambitious, but they are also cognizant on a whole other level. Inspiration is knowing that there are people as successful, remarkable and impactful and Pastor Sunday Adelaja and Abosede Dere-Adelaja who are still, happy and (somehow!) imperfect people like you.
It’s so fascinating to see in my parents one pertinent truth from the Bible: “Teach the wise man and he will be wiser still”

Thank you, mommy and daddy, for teaching me to love God, to love knowledge, to love myself, to love life, to love others, to love work, to love humility, and to love fulfilling God’s call.

I want to thank the LORD because thanks to my parents, I know that I am always loved. I know how it feels to be communicated adoration through a just a brief visual connection, and how it feels to get a hug just when you need it.


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