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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

Thanks To You, I Won’t Rest Until My Country South Africa Is Completely Changed

from: 03 . 09 . 19


I can’t get away from your teachings. Your materials are part of my daily diet. I can now boldly say. Fear is gone, Christ is more real to me and I am about to take off with idol smashing and Temple cleansing. South Africa will soon know that there is God in South Africa. I never thought one day I can be in a position to think of changing my nation but now national problems have become my problems. You have caused me to have sleepless nights trying to watch your series and now I can’t stop and I can’t rest until South Africa is changed by the kingdom culture. I didn’t know love but now I finally have an idea of true love. The time for jokers and croaks is over.

I am speechless. Keep up the great work. We are standing on your shoulders. God is with you and you are with God. You are indeed a reformer, general, world changer, trendsetter and God carrier.

Stay Blessed


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