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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog


from: 01 . 03 . 16


…I think our attitude and response to problems is understandable because as humans we are created with flesh and a body. The nature of our flesh and body is such that we are uncomfortable with pain or discomfort. So our body dislikes suffering hence it runs away from problems. Our physical body prefers a more conducive and more comfortable condition of life. It is human nature to want to run away from anything that inflicts pain and since problems inflict pain, we dislike them.

So where is my logic here? If we say there is an understandable reason why man dislikes pain and runs away from problems, why should I still call problems and pain a blessing? The reason is because man is not only made of body or flesh. Remember we say it is the human flesh or body that runs away from pain, but apart from the flesh, man also consists of spirit and soul. Problems therefore act as a stimulant to the soul of man. Problems challenge our mind which is a dominant part of our soul.


Wisdom therefore demands that despite the pain the body suffers, sometimes problems must still be welcomed to challenge the mind in order to engage the soul so as to give birth to something superior. The pain that is inflicted by sickness pushes us to challenge our minds, to come up with research and studies that will eventually lead to a medical solution.

“Facing problems? Good. Even cocoon does. It makes the wings stronger you know.” ― Vikrmn.

The discomfort that darkness caused man, pushed us to engage the mind to come up with the solution of electricity. The limitation and pain that was caused by a lack of means of transportation led to the invention of automobiles, planes, ships, railways, etc. The agony and sorrow that comes from death led humanity to engage the mind leading to the invention of hospitals, pharmacy, and medicine.

“The problem suggests the solution.” ― Tom Payne 

So my friends, whatsoever the pain you need to endure, whatever the nature of problems that you are facing, you could actually convert that pain to result in the productivity of the mind. Every problem must be converted to a challenge for the mind. Every problem should be viewed as a chance, as an opportunity, as a privilege to redirect the pain or discomfort coming from that problem to engage the mind for a better solution. That is the key to problems becoming blessings.

God in His infinite wisdom, has set up life in such a way that life is made up of a series of problems. Maybe better said, life is a circle of problems. Just when you think you have overcome all the problems around, you fall into another circle of some other problems. Just when you are about to finish resolving those ones, you have new ones waiting for you on the horizon. So friends you will never come out of troubles, for which I whole heartedly congratulate you!  It gives me an opportunity to enjoy hearty laughter when I hear people say they look forward to overcoming all their problems soon. I take my time to use the occasion to have a good laugh, because it will never happen. Nobody will ever come out of his circle of problems on this side of life.

To be continued tomorrow with the following points:

  • No problem, no life
  • Description of how problems shape our lives


By Pastor Sunday Adelaja


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