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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog


from: 06 . 03 . 16



Even you my dear reader are useless and unnecessary until someone can call on you to solve a problem. Thanks to the fact that you are invited to resolve a problem, you can become somebody. If there were no problems to be resolved, you would not be employed. Without problems you would never be paid a salary. As a matter of fact, if there were no problems, your uniqueness would never be discovered. It is problems that bring out who you are. Your uniqueness, your peculiarity and your abilities.

We must begin to realize that anywhere there is a problem, there is a future. Problems challenge us to face the future. Problems challenge us to face the unknown. Problems challenge us to resolve the unresolved. Problems push us from our comfort zone. Problems force us to advancement and progress. Problems give us the opportunity to taste what we have never tasted before.

Everybody’s future is tied to a problem. Joseph’s future was concealed in the problem before him. At every junction of his life before he could attain the next level, a new problem was waiting for him. The same thing for us. Our future is hidden in problems. Moses is another example of the fact that our future is tied to problems. At birth he was called Moses, because of the future he was carrying, he ended up in a basket because of that future. He was adopted by the daughter of Pharaoh because of the future ahead of him. He killed an Egyptian because of the future deliverer he was supposed to be. He became a fugitive because of the future deliverer he was supposed to be. Our destiny is always tied to a problem. Our tomorrow cannot be unveiled but through a problem.

Jacob, Paul and Jesus all proved the fact that there is no future without problems, there is no fulfillment without problems. Should we still keep on running away from problems?


When God decides to promote a man, He gives him a problem. When God decided to promote Esther He gave her a problem. When God decided to promote Ruth He took her husband. When God decided to promote David He sent Goliath. When God decided to promote Joseph He sent hunger.

When God wanted to promote Daniel, He allowed him to enter the lion’s den. When God decided to promote Paul, He made him blind. When God decided to promote Peter, He gave him a confusing dream. Every promotion is connected to problems. When God decided to promote Jesus, He killed Him. Therefore making all knees to bow before Him and making every tongue to confess Him as Lord.

Problems and pain, provide us with an opportunity to grow because that is when we are ready to listen, learn and change, otherwise we are full of ourselves as usual. I know that myself from my own personal experience, I have been there. Pain and problems help us remember past lessons. Pain and problems teach us endurance. Pain and problems make us to live in consciousness, in the here and now. Pain and problems provide us with an opportunity to grow. The greatest damage and decadence in life is not to have problems to solve.

Ladies and gentlemen, I hope in this article, I have been able to open your eyes to problems and their blessings. This is a philosophical issue. It is about an approach to life. It is a world view question. I really hope you now understand that it is the right world view to have a positive attitude towards problems. And I hope you now see how detrimental it could be to have a mindset of running away from problems.

Societies that are not proactive in relation to problems, always lag behind in development. While nations that turn their problems to constructive challenges, become advanced and developed. If any nation would successfully conduct a campaign to change the world view of their populace towards problems, there would be no limit to the progress and advancement of such nations. They would be liberated to forcefully attack every problem in the society leading to an abundance of opportunities and results.

Businesses and wealth would be available in abundance to such people only because they have a creative and positive attitude towards problems. There is no ending to what I could tell you about the blessings of problems, but I will leave the rest to the book that will be birthed out of this article.

Thank you for joining us on this series on the blessings of problems, we hope you were richly blessed and informed. We would begin another exciting and transforming series tomorrow. Please don’t miss it!!


By Pastor Sunday Adelaja


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