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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog


from: 28 . 02 . 16


…Ladies and gentlemen, the disciplined rule our world. Discipline, my friends is the master of excellence. Life does not despise the disciplined. Life decorates them. Those who decide to neglect this demand of life, cry through life. Discipline is needed in our eating habits. Discipline is needed in our lifestyle. Discipline is needed in our temperance. Discipline is needed in our pursuits. Discipline is needed in our family lives.

There is no aspect of life where discipline is not needed. It is a requirement of life. It is not a matter of choice. Live a life of discipline and live a life of celebration.


Most of us are nice people and hence don’t like confrontations. But that is not the way life is wired my friends. Life requires that we at times confront things that are wrong. Life does not only require that we confront those things that are wrong, it gets worse. Life demands that we confront people. As a matter of fact, confrontation could be a seed of peace. When you confront, you are trying to avoid a conflict. So you confront somebody with an issue before it becomes a conflict. Confrontation is not all bad.

“Change comes from confrontation. You have to be confronted or confront yourself.” ― Bryant McGill

One of the advantages of confrontation is, you confront people to find out  if your assumptions are right or wrong. Confrontation affords you the opportunity to hear the other side of the story.  Confrontation is better than malice. Confrontation is better than suspicion. Confrontation is better than speculation. Confrontation is better than insinuation. Confrontation is better than assumption. There are benefits of confrontation. Even though we don’t like it most of the time, people who obey this demand of life, live in peace more than others. They avoid conflict and fights, better than others. They are able to identify their friends and enemies faster than others.

“Remember, confrontation is about reconciliation and awareness, not judgment or anger.” ― Dale Partridge

Don’t shy away from confrontation. Yes, you might need to be tactical when confronting people and issues, but don’t run away from it. When you confront, it yields more benefits than disadvantages. You save yourself a lot of sorrow, disappointments and disillusionments. You live in clarity when you are able to confront. You know who is for you and who is against you. You don’t waste time on suspecting or second guessing. You are more focused. You are more result oriented. You are more effective. You get to your goals faster. Life demands confrontations.

“There can be no progress without head-on confrontation.” ― Christopher Hitchens

Ladies and gentlemen, life has its demands from every one of us who live on planet earth. Once there is a demand, it is our obligation to supply the answers, give the right responses for us to fully enjoy life. A lot of the points that were made above, are what most people never give serious thought to. We just tend to live our lives without even knowing that there are certain principles that could enhance a better passage through life. Sometimes we live as if we were blindfolded. Other times some of these lessons are learned through making mistakes, falling and rising.

How much easier things would be, if we would just know that these are the demands of life and wouldn’t argue about them. When we know that there is no getting around these principles, but that we should simply obey them, things will become easier for us in life. Life really can be an enjoyable experience, if we would only know what it demands from us.

When we respond accordingly, when our responses are healthy, when we are not trying to beat the system, life treats us well. There is nothing we can do about or against these demands of life. This is because life is based on fixed laws. The only response we could have towards laws is to obey them. As you know, we cannot really break God’s laws, we can only end up breaking ourselves. If you know these demands of life, you will gain a quicker success, at a greater pace, with less stress than others. When you live by the demand and supply of life, your life becomes easily predictable. Life stops being a mystery to you. It becomes a pleasurable adventure.

I hope this article will go a long way to make your life much simpler and much more enjoyable.

Thank you for joining on us on this highly informative and life transforming series. Please use the search bar to find and read any of the parts that you missed. We would be starting another amazing series tomorrow. Please don’t miss it!

By Pastor Sunday Adelaja

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Life will give you its success when you apply the principles. John chizoba vincent Author Hard Times

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