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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog


from: 03 . 02 . 16


…To make things worse, the churches around us were not teaching anything in the area of economic empowerment or laws of money. On the opposite, our family and many other families around were rather constantly embarrassed that we could not give to the church as much as other families. In some cases, churches will actually be responsible for the feelings of guilt and inadequacy through their constant push for more and more offering.

If Africa is to break the claws of poverty, all our churches, cultural and community centers, must begin to teach and educate the people on the laws of money and the principles of economic empowerment. Our churches must be reoriented. We must begin to tell the people to not just come to church on Sundays to pray to God, but that after Sunday they have a place to come to on Fridays and Saturdays to learn the laws of productivity and other basic skills that will help them put food on the table for their families.

If we could get every church, cultural and community center in Africa to begin to teach skill acquisitions, economic empowerment, process of production, and other laws of money, only then would we be able to liberate our land and continent. It is for this purpose I put in a book form all the laws and principles of making and multiplying money that I have learned over the years in the book called “MONEY WON’T MAKE YOU RICH.” My goal is to liberate 40 million people from the grip of poverty in Africa and beyond.


 I therefore wish in this article to make a mention of some laws that are responsible for wealth and prosperity. Unfortunately, we have been fed for so long with the wrong food when it comes to money. For example after I newly became a born again Christian, the impression that I had was that I only needed to be good, in particular, to be a good Christian to prosper. The impression in Christianity was that if you could serve God with all your heart, God was going to prosper you.

Unfortunately, too many people are still believing in this theory and are writhing in poverty. It is not until much later in life that I discovered that it is actually the knowledge of the laws of money that is responsible for wealth. That is to say:

1. You don’t become wealthy because you are a good person.

Otherwise, where are all the good people world over, are they all wealthy? As a matter of fact in most societies, most of the wealthy people are not the best people. I have actually heard many people complain that why are bad people the only ones that have all the money. Some have even alleged that it is counterproductive to be good, because then you will be poor. The truth however is that money doesn’t come to either good or bad people. Money only comes to people who know the laws of money whether they are good or bad. In that sense we could say money is neutral.

2. Money doesn’t come to you because you do business.

If that were true, how many business men do you know around you? Are they all filthy rich? No! Many people who do business, are not even aware of these laws of money. To me it is indeed pathetic that many people who have been involved in business for a few decades cannot even boast of a million US dollars. This is primarily because they are laboring without the necessary knowledge of the vital laws of money.

3. You don’t become rich because you are a Christian.

Even though God promises Christians wealth and prosperity, but that is only on the condition that they abide by the laws of money. The Bible says God gives us power to make wealth. Notice that God doesn’t give wealth, He gives the power to get it. Unfortunately, many Christians are still hoping and waiting that because they are Christians, God is obliged to give them wealth. No sir, God gives you the skills that enables you to get wealth. He doesn’t give wealth, he gives you the power to go get wealth.

“And you shall remember the Lord your God, for it is He who gives you power to get wealth, that He may establish His covenant which He swore to your fathers, as it is this day. Deut. 8:18

To be continued tomorrow with the following points:

  • Correcting some wrong notions the prosperity movement has spread
  • Laws of money


By Pastor Sunday Adelaja

2 Comments to “THE LAWS OF MONEY. (Part 3)”
God bless you Sir...
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