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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

The Political Leaders Are Humbler Than The So Called General Overseers

from: 20 . 01 . 20

Dear DSA,

Heaven is rejoicing now that you have gone to the root of the matter and picking up on the nitty-gritty of the issues that have eaten deep into the fabric of our nation, Nigeria. I was watching the video with a prominent Nigerian, who is also aspiring for a top position in the country, whom I have always told about you. He immediately asked me for your contact.

My drive and passion in all the transformation programs I have embarked on in my state is ETHICAL REORIENTATION. If we successfully change the thinking system of our people and replace the present values with the twenty value systems you researched out, I believe that 98% of Nigeria’s problems would be solved.

Now it is no longer a prayer or wish that the Nigerian authorities listen to you, because they do. Their immediate responses to the videos you release on the country’s present situations prove that they do.

The political leaders are more humble than the so called GO’s, who on the contrary should have been the ones to toe the line of correcting the wrong doctrines in the church and establishing the truth of the Kingdom of God principles. Instead of taking steps like the Nigerian government are doing by implementing the ideas you suggest to them in the videos, they are busy criticising you and turning their members against you in order to cover up the evil doctrines that have been sold to them over the years; that has shaped the destructive values governing the nation till now.

You’re forever vindicated DSA and God will continue to honour your word because it’s His Word that you propagate. You really nailed the point on the head in this video again.

Blessings DSA!


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