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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog


from: 19 . 11 . 15


As a Nigerian, I only managed to live in the country for the first 19 years of my life, but the Nigerian factor is so strong that it is not letting me go 30 years later. Even though I have lived in other countries more than I ever lived in Nigeria, yet the connection, the upbringing, the culture, the attachment and the Nigerian embodiment have all been so strong in me, that I am a Nigerian and will always be one. I, like many other Nigerians living abroad, have had the opportunity of changing my nationality by naturalization to become a citizen of one of the European countries, but I have managed to resist that temptation, at least so far.

My thoughts are that everything about me says that I am a Nigerian no matter what passport I carry, and I will always be a Nigerian. I can imagine myself standing before the German immigration office carrying a British Passport; even without a Nigerian passport, they would immediately be able to tell where I came from or at least question me, because they wouldn’t believe that I was an Englishman. I simply don’t look like one, I don’t speak like one, and everything about me gives me away. The way I speak, the way I look, hence no British or American passport could help me. I am a Nigerian through and through.

While growing up in Nigeria, though I must admit, I never valued what it meant to be a Nigerian. I mean to say I love being a Nigerian, but I never appreciated the whole meaning of what it means to be a Nigerian. To be more specific, I was not exposed to the wealth and beauty of the diversity that Nigeria presents. As a matter of fact, because I was only limited to my region of the country while growing up, I thought the people I saw in my vicinity were the only Nigerians around. Yes, that included some people of other nationalities that I was aware of at that time, Yorubas, Igbos and Hausas. I never knew much more than that, about Nigeria before I left the country. Nationalities like, Tiv, Ibibio, Efik, Idoma, Igala, Ijaw, etc. did not mean anything to me while I was in Nigeria, and they were just a bunch of names.

The scale of my ignorance became clear to me just before I left the shores of Nigeria at Murtala Muhammad International Airport, Lagos. After I had said goodbye to my relatives that came to bid me farewell, I was left alone with other young, aspiring Nigerians who, just like me, had just won a scholarship to study in Europe. There were 300 of us in all, the first batch had left a week earlier and I was now traveling with the second batch of students. Sitting alone in a corner on that mild September evening of 1986, I had no option, but to get to know my fellow Nigerians for the first time in my life. The first couple of people I got to know were from Imo and Anambra state. Then I began to hear people introducing themselves from places like Edo, Delta, Ogoni, Angas, Bambora, Bambuka, Baya, Bette, Bwazza, Baba, Degema, Ebira, Gokana, Igbira, etc.

What a shock it was for me to discover that behind this seven letter word – Nigeria, stands a whole chain of peoples, nationalities and nations. I was pleasantly taken aback when we began to discuss how each and every one of us had secured our scholarships. I couldn’t believe that all these people that I was talking with had so many distinctions from their school certificate exams. The lies and misconceptions I had grown up with as a Yoruba man that Hausas, Fulanis and Igbira people were uneducated, evaporated within a few minutes. I discovered that these people were not worse than me, but in some cases they were much better than me.

Another thing that totally shocked me was that some of these fellow Nigerians noticed how timid I was. I was seeing an airport for the first time. I had never traveled far from my village, worse still I was visiting Lagos for the very first time. These Nigerians, seeing that I was the youngest among them at only 19 years old, surrounded me with so much warmth, comfort and brotherly affection. I quickly discovered that Nigeria went far beyond my village.

Another aspect of Nigeria that was discovered by me was in the airplane itself after we were served with our first meal. As the “bush boy” that I was, I was not only unable to eat most of the food that was being served, but even ordinary bread was repulsive to me. This was a different type of bread. I had never before seen black bread in my life. It was at this point that these senior Nigerians showed me what a protection Nigeria offers to another Nigerian in their times of need. These people responded like my village people would have responded if not better, with much care, love, warmth and provision. Some of them sacrificed some of their food that they had taken with them on the plane, others offered me words of encouragement. I never expected to have my first rude encounter with cold on a plane. I was unaware that the atmosphere in the sky was much different from what I was used to all my life living in the hot Nigerian weather.  Again, these Nigerians were there with empathy, love and understanding. I got a blanket and I was covered for the 8 hour duration of our journey.

These narrations above are only a short reminiscence of how I discovered Nigeria for myself. I would not like to go into the story of my daily encounters with my fellow Nigerians over the past 30 years living outside the shores of Nigeria. I have come to discover, how proud I am of being a Nigerian in a new way, much more than I could ever have appreciated it if I had lived in Nigeria. As prevalent and widespread as the bad stories about Nigerians are, I will dare to confess that 95% of my experience with Nigerians has been positive. I am only talking for myself and my experience, and I know several other people that could testify to the same thing.

Today, it seems to me like any Nigerian that I come across, comes from my village. This is better communicated when you live mainly among people of other races, far from your continent of birth. In cases when you don’t even see a black man for months or maybe for years; you will soon discover that seeing someone of your race or nationality is a thing of joy and celebration.

This takes me to the main subject of this article, MY THOUGHTS ABOUT THE BIAFRAN AGITATIONS. The Biafran people are mainly represented by the Igbos even though some claim Biafra includes the South-South people. As the case may be, the Igbo people are a leading light in our Union. As a matter of fact, Nigeria has changed so much in the past 30 years that each time I visit Nigerian churches both home and abroad, prominent among the songs of worship are Yoruba songs, Igbo songs, apart from English songs. I have even been to Yoruba parties where Igbo songs were being sung and vice versa. In most cases it does not really matter who the pastor of the congregation is, everybody has learned and is still learning by the day, to embrace the culture of other Nigerian tribes. With this Biafra agitation, I cannot but help to reflect on a scenario of the Nigerian state being divided. I cannot imagine a situation whereby the Igbo influence, culture and personalities would be removed or ejected from the Nigerian socio-economic reality. For someone like me who has come to understand and embrace a Nigeria that is beyond his village, it would be extremely heart breaking.

Our integration has been so intense during these years after the civil war that I now have family members who are Igbos. I don’t know how or where to send my sister in-law Amaka, or my cousins and nephews who bear the identity and carry the Igbo blood in them. We are Nigerians, we have one simple identity that makes it easier for all of us to accept each other beyond the tribal lines. We are all Nigerians, this is the way it has been all my lifetime and I believe it is the way it must remain. We all must be proud to be called Nigerians.


It is my personal belief that the people agitating for the Biafra Republic, who are mainly from the Igbo tribe are some of our most talented people. In my opinion, which I believe most Nigerians would agree with, Igbos are the most enterprising people in our nation. Their culture has become our culture no matter which part of the country you come from, thanks to the works of the likes of Chinua Achebe.

“Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.” – Epicurus

Unfortunately, my Igbo brothers and sisters, I must admit (not all) believe that they are being deprived of their rights in the Nigerian nation. My thought on that is, the truth be told, we have all been deprived in Nigeria. It is not something we are proud of, but it is part of our past. The Nigerian society we grew up in, starting from our independence, has not been a fulfillment of the dream and passion of the majority of us, either you are Igbo, Yoruba, Fulani, Tiv, Idoma, Angas, Berom, etc. We have all been deprived. We have all been oppressed, we have all been cheated, we have all been let down and we have all been deceived. So who or what has deprived us?

We have all been deprived not by a particular nationality or tribe. We have all been abused and violated by our past leaders. These leaders don’t belong to just one nationality, they include Igbo people as well. So let’s take a look at those people who have ruled us from independence to date, to get a better picture of who is to blame for our failure as a nation. A look at the list of Nigerian leaders in the years after independence will show us that Igbos have been prominently present in the governance of Nigeria till now.

The Igbo nation has produced a Nigerian President. The Igbo nation has produced a Nigerian Head of State. The Igbo nation has produced more than 5 speakers for the Nigerian senate. The Igbo nation has produced ministers of virtually all existing ministries in Nigeria. This includes key ministries like, Ministry of Finance, Chief of Staff, Foreign Affairs, Education, Health, Communication, Information and Technology, Power, Roads and Works, Petroleum, etc. So who is really to blame for the injustice in the Nigerian society? My answer is, we are all to blame!

A recent research claims that even though Fulanis have ruled Nigeria, or a mixture of Fulani and Hausa, it has been discovered that Hausas have never ruled Nigeria before, even though they are about 20% of Nigeria’s population. Another largely believed rumor says that Hausa is the largest tribe in Nigeria, while in actual fact they are second to Yorubas who are the biggest singular monogenic nationality in Nigeria. Fulanis are only about 9%, Yorubas 21%, Hausa 20% and Igbos 18%, Ijaw 10%, Kanuri 4 %, and others are minority groups.

Of all these groups, let’s examine which tribes of the 521 have ruled Nigeria before.

  1. Abubakar Tarawa Balewa (Middle Belt Bauchi) 1960-1966 (Bageri tribe from Sefawa dynasty)
  1. Nnamdi Azikiwe 1960-1966 (Igbo).
  1. Major General Aguiyi Ironsi (Abia) Jan-Jul 29 1966 (Igbo)
  1. General Yakubu Gowon (Middle Belt Plateau) 1966-1975 (Angas tribe)
  1. General Murtala Muhammad (Middle Belt Plateau) 1975-Feb.1976 (Berom tribe)
  1. General Olusegun Obasanjo (Ogun) 1976-1979 (Yoruba)
  1. Shehu Shagari (Sokoto) 1979-1983 (Fulani).
  1. General Muhammad Buhari (Katsina) 1983-1985 (Fulani)
  1. General Ibrahim Babangida Badamosi (Middle Belt Niger) 1985-1993 (Gwari/Gbagyi tribe).
  1. Ernest Shonekan (Ogun) 1993-Nov 1993 (Yoruba).
  1. General Sanni Abacha (Borno/Chad) 1993-1998 (Kanuri tribe).
  1. General Abdusalami Abubakar (Middle Belt Niger) 1998-1999 (Gwari/Gbagyi tribe).
  1. Olusegun Obasanjo (Ogun) 1999-2007 (Yoruba).
  1. Musa Yar’adua (Katsina) 2007-2010 (Fulani)
  1. Goodluck Jonathan (Bayelsa) 2010-2014 (Ijaw/Igbo?)



I am particularly astonished by my fellow countrymen who are agitating for an independent Biafran Republic. In my own opinion, I believe they already have it. There are no less than 5 autonomous states that are being ruled and governed by Igbo people. If you want to count just the Igbo nation, I don’t remember any time since the 1999 democracy, that a Hausa person or a representative of any other tribe has become the leader, governor or mayor of an Igbo state or city.

The Igbo people have their land to themselves. These lands have not been taken over by Yoruba, Hausa or any other nationality in Nigeria. Igbo still have their territory where they are predominantly populated. They have the right, freedom and the opportunity to build heaven on earth in their area, anytime if they so wish. If the Igbo man wants to make his own state or region better than any other state there is nothing stopping him from doing it. The only thing that will change, if they get an independent Biafra Republic, is just the name. They will still need to govern themselves, only this time without any allocation from the Federal Government of Nigeria. So can you imagine those Igbo states governing themselves but without any government allocation from the Federal Republic of Nigeria? To say the least, things will be much more difficult for those states.

As I am writing this, I can almost hear the objection coming from my Biafran brothers, I think some are thinking that “No, we are going to go with the oil states”, which means in their own understanding, the South-South states of Nigeria also belong to Biafra. I am not too good in the history of Biafra itself so I will not take it upon myself to say if this is true or not, but one thing I am sure of is that the South-South states will need to declare their willingness to join the Biafran state. So far, as far as I know, none of the South-South states are willing to join Biafra. Even if they will not remain in Nigeria, they would rather stand alone. As things are however, these states are more than willing to remain in the Nigerian Union. In fact I just watched a few days ago, the video address of one of the South-South governors, banning the Biafra demonstrations in his state.

Another major challenge that the Biafran agitations and its actualization will create for the new Biafran Republic is that, as of today, the Igbos are hugely scattered all over Nigeria. It would not be an exaggeration to say that millions of Igbos are living outside of their enclave. Let’s take just the South-South states for example; if all the South-South states choose to remain in Nigeria, that will cause a huge economic and humanitarian catastrophe for the Igbo people. Can you imagine a situation where all Igbo people are been evicted from the South-South states? I can only imagine what a catastrophe that would be if all the Igbo people were to leave Port Harcourt today. If all these people were to leave their businesses, connections and in some cases their family members only to go and create the Biafran nation, there is just no way the economy of the Biafran nation would be able to absorb these people. For some of the people themselves it would be too late to start all over again, some of them would simply not survive it. My dear Biafrans, a second thought must be given to the idea of separation from the Nigerian nation.

I have only mentioned the South-South region that only consists of 6 states. What will happen if we begin to talk about the economic and humanitarian consequences of evicting Igbo people from our two capitals, Lagos and Abuja? Igbo people control Nigeria, at least economically and socially, there is no official deprivation whatsoever in Nigeria for any tribe. Yes, I know of the killings in the northern part of Nigeria, but that is not a policy of deprivation if we are to talk about it. If there was such a policy, how come the Igbo people wield such a huge influence over the economy of the nation?

I know the objection of my Biafran friends, most of the agitators claim that they will be better off without Nigeria. If they could produce so much in Nigeria, the argument is that away from Nigeria they will produce much more; well I personally doubt it. Let’s look at the facts. If Igbo people could produce more, what stops them from producing more in their own states where they have the right and authority to build the nation of their dream? Why can’t they produce more where they govern themselves with little influence from the Hausa, Yoruba and Fulani people?

I know there are a lot of thoughtful and analytical people in the Igbo nation. Let’s assume the Igbo people managed to get their Biafra Republic; that will limit their sphere of activities to the square kilometers that the Igbo nations control primarily. What that means in economic terms is that, for example, the Nigerian land mass is a thousand square kilometers; in that the Igbo nation will only be at most three square kilometers. The economic activities you can have in a thousand square kilometers far exceeds what you can do in 3 square kilometers. In Nigeria the Igbo people have access to much more land mass and territories for their businesses, social and political activities. In the case of a separation, that will limit the potential of the Igbo people.

Today, statistically, the Igbo people as I have said above, are the most enterprising people in Nigeria. As a result of their high level business activities the Igbo nation are responsible for between 60-70 percent of all imports into the Nigerian nation. Obviously, all these imports are being supplied to the Nigerian market. Nigeria provides for the Igbo people the market and the consumption of their goods and products imported. Their business acumen are being realized and better realized in a united nation than in a less and constrained geographical territory.

How can the Igbo people claim marginalization when they are responsible for 70 percent of the imports of the whole country? If you take Nollywood for example, the Igbo people control that as well. Many other spheres and economic life of Nigeria are under the control of the Igbo people. It is therefore illogical to talk about marginalization. If the Igbo people have been marginalized as the Southern Sudanese were marginalized in Sudan, or as the English speaking people of Cameroon are marginalized in Cameroon, they would not have been allowed to control 70% of all imports. As of 2008, 80 percent of our movie industry was in the hands of the Igbo people.  Many Nigerian cities and states are totally dominated by the Igbos with no mass killing or eviction. In fact many of them are not just welcomed, especially in the western part of Nigeria, South- South, and the middle belt, many of them are actually celebrated.

I recently watched the world conquering Nigerian U17 football team. How beautiful it was to see that no nationality was protesting or complaining of marginalization in the national team this time. The picture of the national team was such that at least six of all the players were from the east (Igbo), Five were from South-South, two were from the west and all the rest were derived from among the over 500 tribes of Nigeria. Not a single one from the north, yet nobody complained. In a society where there is discrimination and deprivation, they would not have allowed the Igbo to control the majority of the spots on the team. But thank God that today in Nigerian sports, we are getting to a place where if you are good enough, you are allowed to express and display your talent. Believe me, in marginalized societies it doesn’t matter how talented you are, you are still not allowed to take the place of the majority nation. Friends, Nigeria has gone a long way, let’s work together to make it even better.

The Igbo community has been a blessing in every part of Nigeria, including the north where there has been a form of massacre of the Igbo people and the Christians in general.  Yet in spite of that, it is hard to claim injustice and marginalization just against the Igbo people as a policy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Neither can the Igbo people claim that the other 515 tribes and nationalities of Nigeria have conspired to discriminate against them. That cannot just be true, otherwise they would not have their businesses virtually in every town and village in Nigeria. As small as my village is, with only about 40 or so houses, our commerce is being controlled by the Igbo people and we are happy about it.

Now, let’s learn a lesson of wisdom from an adage that says when we are loved, we often think that it is because we are good that is why we are loved. But in the real sense it is those who love us that are good. So also is the case when we are received and accepted by other people, we often think that we are accepted because we are so good. Sometimes we think it is because we are smarter than the other people, other times we think it is because we are the only gifted people around, that is why we are accepted, but maybe not all the credit belongs to us. Maybe we should just as well give some credit to the people who are tolerating us. Do you think that aspect should be considered as well?

I am afraid that my brethren that are agitating for Biafra might just have fallen into this trap of thinking that they are better than other Nigerians. In the real sense that could be so in some things, but they too must admit that other Nigerian tribes, nationalities, people groups, might just have areas where they too are better. We are all people; meaning in some things we are better than others, and in some things we are not as good as others. This is how God has created life and this is how He has created diversity. God has made us to be diverse so that we can learn from each other. Meanwhile, there is no way we will be able to learn or receive from each other until we admit that others too are better than we are in some areas.

I am not a prophet neither am I the son of a prophet, but as a servant of God I would like to give a word of warning to my brethren who are agitating for Biafra. I wish to sound an alarm in your ears that we should learn from history. I can almost guarantee you by the Spirit of God that if Biafra eventually gains independence and breaks away from Nigeria, a civil war might soon ensue within Biafra itself. Besides God’s Spirit, my assertion is backed by history.

It is no news to Nigerians that our Igbo nation is probably the most divisive nationality within itself. No wonder when Enugu state was carved out of the old Anambra state, the division within the Igbo people came out with sirens blaring. The desire to have all the national cake of the state “only for our own people within our state” prompted the leadership of the then Enugu state to evict the Igbo people of Anambra state from their civil service. Such was the blatant demonstration of division even within the Igbo people that the indigenes of Anambra were sent back to their state.

If this is only a matter of state, what will happen when it is real national cake within Biafra itself? I hear all the time how my friends from Imo state complain about Anambra people. People from Abia state who are Igbos also attack Anambra people. The same is also true of the people from Enugu and Ebonyi. Everybody fighting for their own piece of cake. Nowhere was this more evident than recently when the immediate past governor of Abia State, Theodore A. Orji, sacked workers from Ebonyi, Anambra, Imo and Enugu from the state’s work force.

It is difficult to see how the Igbo people would manage to find a place for all their teeming population to return from all over parts of Nigeria if the states are already fighting over jobs and employment only for their indigenes. What will happen when suddenly millions of people have to come back home without jobs, housing or occupation? It is scary to imagine what would begin to happen within the Biafra nation. Students of contemporary history will tell us that this is the exact scenario of what happened in South Sudan. The civil war that ensued as a result of their independence is still going on as I am writing within the South Sudan Republic itself.  



I pray that no Nigerian tribe, nationality or ethnic group will experience marginalization.  As I am writing this, there are nations in the world that know firsthand what marginalization means in the real sense.

For a student of history, it is difficult to accept the accusation against Nigeria that Nigeria has not been fair to the Biafran nation. As I have said above, the Igbo people and the Biafran people have occupied every political, economic and military position in the Nigerian nation. A fact that should become a thing of pride for Nigeria is that Nigeria was able to assimilate the Igbo nation back into the Nigerian entity faster than most countries in the world who went through civil war.

In most countries where there has been civil war, the vanquished are always oppressed and marginalized for many years after. Usually, these people groups don’t enjoy the privileges of equal citizenship for decades after the civil wars. Even in most of the countries that we look up to as epitomes of democracy today, things did not go smoothly with them after their civil wars.

The country most of us like to refer to the most as our flagship is the United States of America. Their civil war ended 150 years ago, yet even today when you go to the southern part of America, you still hear them call the northerners names. That is where the name Yankee comes from. That is the abusive name the southerners used to call the northerners. Even today there are still conflicts, arguments and debates about the confederate flags in America 150 years later. Confederacy is what the southern part of America that lost the war was called.

So, integrating a nation after a civil war is a tough process. I have personally been in cities in the southern parts of America where I have been told, northerners are not welcome in their towns and villages. I from Nigeria was welcomed, but they were not ready to allow those from the north to come to their land. Such is the nature of civil wars almost everywhere, integration and reconciliation is always a tough process. The same thing happened after civil wars in Greece, Italy, Austria, Spain, Nicaragua, Germany, Finland, Russia, Mexico, China, India, Great Britain, Argentina, France, etc.

If you study the history of civil wars, you will discover that Nigeria has become one of the most successful countries in integrating back into the nation the secessionists. Can you believe that immediately after the Nigerian civil war finished in 1970, instead of the Federal Government of Nigeria imprisoning or killing by firing squad all the leadership of Biafra, who took the nation to war, they rather forgave them and accepted them back to a United Nigeria? In the words of the then Head of State, there was “no victor no vanquished.” Meaning Nigeria was not going to treat the Igbo people as a defeated enemy, but as brothers and sisters. That was a high level of magnanimosity displayed by the Nigerian nation.

Moreover, all Biafran people were given a twenty pounds stipend to start their lives again. That could be viewed as small or nothing today, but when you study other nations where there had been civil war, you will hardly see or hear of any gesture like that. I recently read an article written by an Igbo man in America. He said 40 years ago the richest Igbo was twenty pounds rich, while today they are prominent in the list of the richest Nigerians. What he was trying to say is that, this is mainly due to the gifts and business acumen of the Igbo people. While that is true, remember what I said above, that it is also important to have the right environment. They were only able to attain that height, thanks to the fact that the Nigerian nation allowed it. This is normally not the case in countries where there had been civil wars. When we are loved, we have the tendency to think that it is because we are good, but really it is because those who love us are good.

The Nigerian government did so much to remove any trace of segregation from all Nigerian peoples immediately after the civil war. The Igbo people were quickly absorbed as part of the Federal government of Nigeria. In the western part of Nigeria, the properties of Igbos who left to join Biafra were kept intact and later returned to them. Soon after the civil war, the Igbos benefited immensely from the Udoji award, which was a gesture by the Federal Republic of Nigeria when the newly discovered oil money was used to give Nigerians a financial boost. This provided a huge lift for all Nigerians and the former Biafrans in particular.

Just ten years after the civil war, Nigeria did something that has hardly been recorded in the history of civil wars in the world. The Nigerian state decided to forgive the initiator of the civil war itself, Chief Odumegwu Ojukwu. He wasn’t just forgiven, he was given political pardon so much that he could now participate in the nation’s political process. He was accepted back as a hero and soon participated by running for political office. That is something unfathomable after civil war. Such individuals were normally assassinated, their relatives and families banned into exile for life, if not for generations to come. Ten years after the civil war, the second most powerful person in Nigeria was an Igbo man, the Vice President Dr. Alex Ekwueme. Hardly will you ever find a more tolerant approach in the whole world.

Some of my Biafran friends might say, but since the civil war we have not produced a President, well if we are talking about the Igbo people, that is true. But if I were to take sides with the Biafran agitators who claim that the South-South is part of Biafra we could say it has, because the South-South just produced a President in the person of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

Let’s look at the history of the United States of America after their civil war. Even in the so-called most democratic nation of the world, it took another 80 years for the south who were defeated in the war to produce a nationally elected President. This is not counting Andrew Johnson who replaced the assassinated Abraham Lincoln. The first person to be elected nationally was Harry S. Truman 80 years after the war. Of course in Nigeria, I hope it is not going to take so long, but what I am trying to say is that there are processes that have to take place. Nigeria has done beautifully well in comparison to these countries that have gone through civil wars.


  1. The marginalized group are not allowed to speak their native languages. Tell me who stopped the Igbos from speaking their language?
  1. The marginalized group are not allowed to practice their religion. Are the Igbos not allowed to practice their religion?
  1. A marginalized group are not allowed to carry out socio-economic activities on the level of the privileged groups. Are the Igbos not allowed to carry out socio-economic activities on the same level as everyone else?
  1. A marginalized group is not given the right to be actively involved in the political life of the country. This obviously is not happening in Nigeria, because the Igbos have their own governors, they vote for their governors, the people who rule over them are of their ethnic groups. Some people will claim that those who rule over them came as a result of corruption; well that happens all over Nigeria, not just among the Igbos in the Igbo land.
  1. In marginalized societies, the marginalized groups are not allowed to send their children to school or receive higher education, I don’t believe this is happening in Nigeria. In that sense, only the poor people are marginalized in Nigeria; since the Igbo people control the economy, they are surely not marginalized.
  1. In marginalized societies, the discriminated groups are not allowed to intermarry with the privileged groups, we simply don’t have that in Nigeria. As I have mentioned above, even my family is intermarried with Igbo people. My nephew who is like a twin brother to me, married an Igbo girl and paid the full bride price or dowry as the case may be.
  1. Marginalized people are not allowed to have a voice in the mass media: newspapers, television or radio. Igbos don’t just have that right in their own state, but even in most of the other states in Nigeria where the majority are not Igbos. Igbos are allowed to have their voice in the media all over Nigeria. I am not saying there are no cases of marginalization here and there, but this will be in individual cases not a systematized thing in the federal government of Nigeria against the Igbo people.

If we are to look at a list of marginalized people groups in our world today, we will see that we cannot compare what these people are going through to what the Igbos are enjoying in the Nigerian nation.



A study into the Kurdish people will reveal to us what it means to be marginalized. These people are said to be largely marginalized in the true sense of the word in countries like Iraq, Turkey, Syria, etc. Despite the fact that it is well known that they are hugely deprived and oppressed, still they cannot break away from those countries to get their own nation. In spite of the fact that the whole world knows about their plight, no one country is willing to risk the benefit of cooperation with the existing countries to officially take the side of the Kurdish people. Friends, it is not easy to break away from a recognized state even in the case of oppression, much less when it is difficult to prove such cases.


Thanks to mass media and worldwide television networks, everybody is pretty aware of the plight of the Palestinian people. As much as we love and support Israel, we cannot deny the fact that the Palestinian people are a marginalized group of people. Contrary to the belief of many, the Palestinians are not only marginalized by Israel, they are also marginalized in the Arab countries as well. They are marginalized in countries like Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, etc. The level and stages of marginalization of the Palestinian people varies from one place to the other. It is impossible to say that in Nigeria, the Igbo people are as deprived as the Palestinian people.


We have all heard of the tragedy of Rwanda, where the Hutu nation committed a huge genocide against the Tutsi people. Most of the world talk about how wicked the Hutu people were to have murdered about a million Tutsis in a matter of days, but hardly do we ever question what it is that led to it. Well, what led to it is the story of marginalization. The Tutsis have always been the privileged few in the nations of Rwanda as well as Burundi. The massacre, therefore was an expression of the dissatisfaction with the form of marginalization, which had been practiced for years against the Hutu people. We all know how this ended. May God never allow us in Nigeria to experience what marginalization really means. 


The latest country to have gained independence in the continent of Africa is South Sudan. They fought hard and long for this privilege. They really knew what marginalization meant in the nation of Sudan. As black people, being significantly different from the Arab majority of Sudan, they were hugely marginalized and deprived. In their case, South Sudanese people will testify to you that all the factors of marginalization that were listed above were experienced by them. Needless to say, that situation led them to agitate for an independent state. It led to a protracted war lasting for over 30 years, before the international community agreed with them that they needed independence.

I am not sure the Igbo people want to forfeit all the privileges and opportunities they have now, to engage in a protracted war with the rest of Nigeria or any other nation. Peace is more important! This should be known better by the Igbo people who lost close to a million lives in the Biafra war. According to the words of the man who led that war, Chief Odumegwu Ojukwu, “it will be foolish of anyone to try to start another war, there is no need for it.” That is what Ojukwu said before he departed from this world. 


The name Slobodan Milosevic has become synonymous with evil, thanks to the world television networks. He managed to earn that vicious title due to his treatment of the Kosovo people. Kosovans will tell you what marginalization means. It is true that Kosovo is now a semi-independent state, but they too will tell you how many lives were lost, and other losses they incurred before the world managed to pay attention to their plight.

Even today, not all countries have recognized Kosovo as an independent state. Hundreds of thousands of lives were sacrificed, yet they are still unable to enjoy their dream of a prosperous independent state. The man behind their suffering is the name I mentioned above; Slobodan Milosevic – The strong man of Serbia.

Unlike Serbia though, there is no overly dominating and controlling tribe in Nigeria, as was the case in Rwanda, Serbia, Yugoslavia, or even in Russia. The three main tribes in Nigeria are almost all equally balanced.


Without going far, it is easy for every African to associate marginalization with apartheid, when the black people of South Africa were largely marginalized in their own country. In spite of the obvious injustice of that regime, it took about 40 years of struggle before they could be recognized by the whole world as freedom fighters. As blatant as apartheid was, the countries of the world, especially developed western countries, did not support the armed resistance of the South African black majority. Nelson Mandela had to sacrifice 27 years of his life in prison before the world would grant the South African people their dream of equal rights.

I am sorry my dear Biafrans, what proofs and facts of marginalization can the Igbo people produce against Nigeria to justify their recognition by the international community as an independent state?  It is virtually impossible in our modern world today.


Let’s go to the country of Eritrea and they will tell you how many lives they had to sacrifice before they could gain their right to independence. Beside the wars and damages that these people have had to endure, their struggle and campaign for independence lasted for years. I mean years of fighting, killing, bombing, shelling and destructions. Even after the war was over, they had to agonizingly endure decades of reconstruction. A Yoruba proverb says “it is only those that have not lived to see a war that dream about one.” I am not sure that the Biafran nation or the Igbo people are ready for another war that could cost them the very existence of their people.


Apart from these seven people groups that have been mentioned above, too many other people groups in their hundreds are struggling and clamoring on a daily basis for an independent nation even as we speak. If a detailed list were made, such people groups might run into a thousand. Can you imagine a thousand new countries emerging in our world today? It’s just not possible, they will not be recognized. It is going to create chaos and confusion.

Let’s have a quick look at some people groups that are agitating for their recognition or independence in our world today.

  1. In Ukraine where I live, the eastern part of the country is agitating for independence with countless thousands of casualties already.
  1. In Russia, the Chechen people, have been involved in two wars, yet they can’t get away.
  1. In Afghanistan, the Taliban wants to build their own caliphate of Islamic state.
  1. In Armenia, the Nagorno-karabakh people want their own recognition.
  1. In Cameroon, the English speaking people have been struggling for years to have the same equal rights as the French speaking people. Some of them have been forced into exile, yet it has not been possible.
  1. In Kenya, tribes have fought and spilled blood, yet no country has sided with any one of them to become independent.
  1. In Great Britain, Northern Ireland has waged guerrilla war for years and still they could not get their full independence.
  1. In Congo, part of the nation wanted to control their mineral resources, other foreign governments have only exploited them.
  1. In Cyprus, the northern part of the country has been struggling for years, still they are not recognized as an independent nation.
  1. In France, Guadeloupe and Basque have been fighting for years to be free and yet it is not easy to get their full independence.
  1. In the Philippines, the Filipino guerillas have been living in the jungle for ages and they have not been able to build either their Marxist or Muslim nation.
  1. In Sri Lanka, the Tamil Tigers have dreamt about independence but it has not been easy coming.
  1. In Turkey, the Kurdish people have dreamt of building Kurdistan. They have fought for it, yet to no avail.
  1. In Spain, the Basque nation has fought for their independence for years, still it is not coming.
  1. In Mauritania, the minorities have been complaining of oppression, but no help and understanding has come from the bigger nations of the world.

What more can I say? A word is enough for the wise…



The diversity of our Nigerian nation is so beautiful. It is a glorious demonstration of God’s very own nature. Yet when diversity is not appreciated, it is abused and perverted.

“Celebrate diversity, practice acceptance and may we all choose peaceful options to conflict.” ― Donzella Michele Malone

If Nigeria had not consisted of these over 500 tribes, we would not have been as big and great as we are today. Today, Nigeria is the 7th most populous country in the world and could soon become the third most populous in the years to come (between the years 2030 – 2050). What that means is that Nigeria could soon overtake countries like, the USA, Japan, Brazil, Russia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.

At times we underestimate the power of population. Friends, despise the size of a nation to your own detriment. The size of a nation plays a vital role in their positioning in the world. For example, no small nation can ever become a superpower. This is not an assumption, this is a fact.

Have you ever wondered why countries like Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Singapore, Denmark, Belgium or other countries that are rich countries per capita are not superpower nations? It is because it is not the amount of money each citizen earns that determines the status and might of a nation. No matter how prosperous a small nation is, it is already limited if it has a small population. There is no way a small population could compete in production capacity with large countries with bigger populations.

This explains the reason why despite the fact that Nigeria is a third world country, our economy is bigger than the economies of some so called first world countries like Belgium, Norway, Austria, Denmark, Israel, Hong Kong, Singapore, Greece, Portugal, Romania, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, etc. Our economy is fast heading to be one of the top 20 in the world despite all our troubles and challenges.

Can you just begin to imagine what might happen when things begin to work for Nigeria? Our economy could easily double or triple if only the electricity supply would be constant. If we deal with the questions of infrastructure, we could be talking of Nigeria as being in the top 10 economies of the world. This is all thanks to the fact that we have a big population. The credit goes to all the tribes that make up Nigeria as one nation.

Another reason why countries with a large population should never be disregarded in this world is because these countries can easily become military superpowers. That is why European countries like Sweden and Belgium cannot be military superpowers while poorer countries per capita like India, Pakistan possess nuclear weapons. It is also for the same reason that while India was able to launch missions to outer space and the Moon, it is still poorer per capita than those European countries.

Dear Nigerians, our population is one of the greatest things that has ever happened to us. Our population is our trump card. If we had not had the population we have, things would have been desperate for us. It is a pity that Nigerians talk more about tribalism and other things dividing us instead of celebrating the beauty and the majesty we possess, thanks to the fact that we are together.

Just for comparison, let’s assume that the United States of America did not have the population it has, let’s say it had only 30 million people, there is no way they would have become the superpower of the world that they are today, neither economically nor militarily. Small nations don’t become superpowers, neither economically nor militarily.

That is why when America was smaller and consisted of only 13 states, they embarked on a mission of buying and taking over more lands and territories for the purpose of becoming a superpower in the future. That is what led to the addition of other territories like Texas, California, Florida and Puerto Rico to the entity of the United States of America, making them a super nation on the earth.

Can you imagine Russia being a superpower without its population? When Russia was a superpower, there were about 300 million people. After losing half of that population, Russia is no more the same anymore even though they are still a large nation of almost 150 million people. As the case may be, if Russia had 10 million or 20 million people, their production capacity would not have been able to pull them through to become a superpower. Only large populations create large economies.

There are many factors that make great nations great. The most important of those factors is the population. Apart from the production power of a huge population like China, there is also the vantage position of their purchasing power.

Let’s take China for example, people say China has the largest number of poor people in the world, but that is only a matter of time. The events of the last few decades and the rapid development of the Chinese economy has left no one in doubt that China indeed is the future of our world. It is on its way to overcoming the USA to become the strongest and largest economy in the world. It is just a matter of time.

The same thing with India. Even though there is a large number of poor people in India today, it also has one of the largest number of millionaires, the same as China. Today India, despite the fact that it is a developing country, now ranks as the 4th largest economy in the world. It is all thanks to their population. Nigeria and Nigerians therefore should be rejoicing and bragging about their good fortune to have managed to bring together so many diverse nations under one umbrella.

Have you ever heard of The European Union coming together? Do you think they had no reason in doing that? No my friends, it is because they know the power and the strength of diversity. They know the place of population in human development. Small, small nations even if they are 50, scattered all over Europe, are weak and defeatable without the strength of a combined population.

We don’t need to begin to go through that process of bringing tribes and ethnic groups together. It is already done for us either by chance or default. Whatever the case might be, Nigerians should be some of the most hopeful people on the planet, especially if we get our act together politically and economically.

It is my firm belief that our nation Nigeria is just on the verge of announcing her arrival on the world stage as the Rising Sun of the new age. This is not the time for us to begin to use tribalism to pull ourselves down. It is not the time for us to begin to lay emphasis on our old and outdated stereotypes, blaming one tribe or the other for all the woes of our nation.


In my humble opinion, I think if the Igbo or the Biafran people secede from Nigeria, those who are calling for the breakup of Nigeria would have been proven right. I doubt the Nigerian nation would survive it. The most likely scenario is that if the Biafrans go, there will be some hot blooded Yorubas who might want to pull Yorubas out of the union as well, which I think would be absolutely unfortunate. I pray it never happens. The rest after that will be history.

Is it really to our mutual benefit that the Nigerian nation splits? I don’t think so for the reasons I have mentioned above. Who losses in the worst case scenario? I want to beg my brothers and sisters from Biafra not to view this as prejudice. Please take your time to read through my arguments first.

In the case that Nigeria breaks up, the northern people are going to be well covered contrary to the arguments of some. First of all, most of the northern states are Muslim states. The Islamic countries of the world will gladly take them into their embrace. Countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, will gladly pour money into the region. Incidentally, most of the northern neighboring countries are Islamic too. Countries like Niger, Chad, on top of them are countries like Tunisia, Mali, Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Egypt and Tunisia, that will automatically extend the presence of Islamic Africa down to the territory of Nigeria. It would be total dominance. They would push the whole Christian Nigeria down towards the Atlantic Ocean including the Igbo nation. That scenario is not a good one by any means, especially for the Christians in Nigeria.

So what happens to the Yorubas? The Yorubas are one of the most widespread ethnic groups in the world, surely in black Africa. If Nigeria should break up, the Yorubas also have people to embrace them. They will be readily embraced by countries like Dahomey, the present Republic of Benin, Togo, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Burkina Faso. These are all countries where there is a significant presence of indigenous Yoruba people. The Yoruba people, no matter where they live see themselves as Yorubas still, speak the language and come back home to pay homage to their Yoruba roots in Ile-Ife.

Apart from the countries in Africa where there is a significant presence of Yorubas as indigenous citizens, the Yoruba nation is also well represented in the western hemisphere. Yorubas constitute a good number of citizens in such countries as Brazil, Cuba, Trinidad and Tobago, and the United States of America. In these countries, the Yorubas living there are not the recently migrated Yoruba diaspora, these are people who have been there for centuries, yet not losing touch with their Yoruba heritage. They would be willing to spread their arms to get back into a united family with their fellow Yoruba people.

What then would happen to the Igbo people? The Igbos would indeed be the ultimate losers and this is not sentiment at all. First of all, If Niger Delta South-South states don’t go with Biafra, the Igbo nation will be landlocked. Which means they will have no access to the sea, neither will they have direct access to the outside world by road. The nation will be forced to again rely on Nigeria to gain access to the sea, because it is only Nigeria and Cameroon that will border the Igbo land.

We know the attitude of countries in Africa to the Igbo people. To say the least, it is very hostile. Even now when they are in Nigeria, Africans often say, “you Nigerians are a trouble to us especially you yellow Nigerians” referring to the Igbo people. In countries such as Ivory coast, Gabon, South Africa, Central African Republic, Zambia, etc. It is a common saying by people there that “we used to know black Nigerians and live in peace with them until the yellow Nigerians began to show up for business.” What I am saying is that the Igbo nation will not find it as easy with Cameroon as it is with Nigeria. They will still need to come back to Nigeria to gain access to water and to the rest of Africa by road.

As you can see, these nations also have their grudges against the Igbo people. It is not just the Fulani or the Hausas that have grudges against the Igbo people as they have been accused. I know my Igbo friends say it is because of jealousy. Well, if you say the rest of Nigerians are jealous of Igbos that is understandable, but how can the whole world be jealous of the Igbos? Let’s face it, the Igbos also have their own issues that they have to deal with. As much as the wonderful qualities of the Igbo people have been praised by me above, the Igbo people must also face the fact that they need to address the issues of values in their people just like all Nigerians have to do.

Recently, the Nigerian government was involved in a diplomatic dispute with one of the countries of Southeast Asia, where an official said the Igbos are the “biggest curse of Africa.” When queried about his statement, the officer involved said he had evidence for what he was saying. In defiance, he uploaded a video onto YouTube where he repeated the same statement showing a number of Igbo people to back up his claim that 99% of all drug pushers they caught from Nigeria are of Igbo descent. The video is still there now for anyone to see.

I am sure my Igbo brothers and sisters remember that at their first attempt to declare independence from Nigeria, they never really had any major world power supporting them. They had sympathy from a few countries, but all European countries were mainly against the idea. America stood on the side of Nigeria and so did Britain. Though France was sending some humanitarian help, yet they never officially stood with Biafra. Even Russia took sides with Nigeria.  What I’m trying to say ladies and gentlemen is that, I am afraid that the Biafran agitators could drive the Igbo nation into total isolation, as well as into political and economic oblivion.


I had waited for a considerable amount of time before I decided to write this article, only because I was waiting to see what the response of the Igbo intellectuals and elites would be. It is my belief that silence is the worst reaction at a time when a nation is boiling in protest and demonstrations. Sometimes, it does not matter what your position is either for or against, but one thing is sure, you must let the world know it. That is the position of truth. Truth demands that we speak up our minds when the need calls for it. Apart from the factor of truth, love for one’s own people also demands for one’s voice to be heard. I personally think that the deafening silence of most Igbo elite does not help the matter. At a time like this it can only hurt the cause and the fate of the Igbo people.

“Do not fear your enemies. The worst they can do is kill you. Do not fear friends. At worst, they may betray you. Fear those who do not care; they neither kill nor betray, but betrayal and murder exist because of their silent consent.” – Bruno Jasienski

Why do I believe the silence of the Igbos could hurt the Igbo interest? My argument is simple. When the rest of the nation; the Yorubas, Hausas, Fulanis, Tivs, Ijaws, Ibibios, Angas, Idomas, Igalas, Edos, Efiks, etc. are watching on TV all day long how tens of thousands of Igbo people are demonstrating, calling for a break away from their country, what do you think their feelings should be?

We all know how some of these demonstrators call Nigeria names, especially the radio Biafra broadcastings. What do you think should be the feelings of those who still refer to themselves as Nigerians? Don’t you think they could take the name calling personal?

This is the best time for the prominent Igbos to speak, especially those who still wish to stay with Nigeria. Even in the case of a Biafran secession, some of these Igbo elites would still probably stay back to live among the different Nigerian ethnic groups. If they do not speak out now, the people will definitely remember their silence which could provoke a series of reciprocal actions.

That is the best case scenario, it could be worse really. It suffices that the prominent Igbos speak now while the protests are going on otherwise the natural reaction from other Nigerians could be “if you don’t want us, if we are as bad as the Biafra radio is saying, why are you here among us, what are you doing here? If your people don’t want us we too don’t want you.”

Even this is not the worst case scenario, God forbid some zealous pro United Nigerians could actually begin a pogrom. That is the kind of thing we saw in Kenya, Ivory Coast, Rwanda, Congo DRC, South Africa, etc. Remember, we are all people. There is a limit to how long people can hold their feelings. Don’t you think other Nigerians are hearing the voices of resentment, rejection and name calling coming from the Biafran camp? That could lead to a response, as Sir Isaac Newton said, every action produces an equal and opposite reaction.

All of this could be neutralized though, through the actions of sober minded Igbo people who are a lot in this country. If at this time such people begin to balance things up by telling other Nigerians that the voices of hate don’t speak for them, it will make other people know there are Igbo people out there who don’t have any antagonistic feelings towards them. More so, if these Igbo intellectuals go a step further by letting other Nigerians know that this does not have anything to do with them, this could also help mellow the sentiments.

The reason I am writing all this friends, is that I don’t want a repeat of the massacre we have already witnessed in this country. All hands must be on deck. Everybody must play a role to help Nigeria avoid the kind of outbreak of ethnic clashes that happened especially in the northern part of Nigeria. I feel one of the major keys to this is for as many Igbo people as possible, particularly those who are living among other Nigerian ethnic groups to begin to speak out now about their stance. I have a feeling that one day this posture will become a refuge for the Igbo people.


So in concluding this article I would like to appeal to my fellow countrymen, the Biafrans and all the agitators, please for the sake of your people and for the sake of all of us, let us come together in unity and build a more prosperous Nigeria. I am aware that my people group as well have individuals who claim exactly the same thing as the Igbos claim. They claim to be marginalized like the Igbos claim; they claim that the Yorubas will be better off without Nigeria. We will always find this kind of people in every people group. As a matter of fact some of my people believe that it is the northerners who are responsible for all the troubles of Nigeria. I think it is not fair.

Most of you who have been to the Northern part of Nigeria will agree with me that the Hausa and Fulani people are suffering as much as all other people groups in Nigeria. The ordinary Fulani or Hausa person is experiencing the same deprivation and loss that we have all experienced during all these years of independence. In fact, a visit to the north will prove to you that there might be more people suffering up there than there are in the east or west. As the case is today in Nigeria, possibly only the people of the Niger Delta have the most potent argument, to agitate for a better standard of living. This is because we are all feeding off their land both east and west. Despite all their pain and suffering, they have been magnanimous enough to allow all Nigerians to benefit from their natural resources. Now that the era of oil is coming to an end in the Nigerian economy, it would be unfair to begin to separate from those same people who have provided for us all these years. Justice demands that when the oil era passes in the South-South, the wealth of mineral resources, raw materials and solid minerals from other parts of the nation, be channeled to support and provide for this region that has been our bread basket for so long.

This is the way I see the evolution of the Nigerian nation economically. It is part of our wealth. When a region of the country supports the whole country or other regions, thanks to their wealth, the next region supplies their services to the benefit of other regions in the areas where they are stronger. This is part of the beauty of diversity. Recently, God seems to be teaching us this lesson all over again, when the new minister of state for petroleum declared that Nigeria is about to hit a gold mine with oil reserves in the topmost part of our nation – in the region of Lake Chad. The irony is clear, when the oil seems to be running dry in the south, God lets us discover another oil source in the north, so it benefits all Nigerians. Now the north will have the privilege to supply for the rest of Nigeria just as the south has done for so long.

A time might come when similar discoveries of other wealth sources will be in the east or the west. The wisdom in this is that no region or people group should be greedy. We should rather manage ourselves and resources better so that all of Nigeria will gain and become more prosperous.

I therefore pray that this, my long treatise, goes a long way to open the eyes of my compatriots, especially those of the Biafran nation. I am writing this with all love, compassion and understanding in my heart. I have tried my best to purge my heart, feelings and sentiments from all sorts of prejudice and bias. I hope I managed to express this, if not I wish to tender my apologies to all offended. It is not so intended. My heart goes out to all the suffering peoples of Nigeria.

For the sake of our country I have decided to pack my bags from Europe where I have lived for the last 30 years of my life and move back to Nigeria, to join the efforts of my people to create a better future and destiny for all peoples of Nigeria.  It is my plan to do something for every state. I wish to establish something concrete and tangible that will improve the lives of Nigerians all over the nation. I am not talking about church or religious outreaches. My primary concern right now is to bring improvement to the living standard and well-being of Nigerians.

I pray and hope to come back to Nigeria with a large group of Europeans for whom I have lived and served for the last 30 years, so that they too might help contribute and uplift the suffering of my people. The Igbo people and the Biafrans occupy a special place in my plans and aspirations for a better Nigeria. Please, my Biafran brethren, don’t deprive me of this honor. Allow me to come and serve you in the name of Christ.

I know some of you would say you can still come and serve us when we are gone, but as I have said above, such struggles always end up in protracted wars and conflicts. There will be no opportunity to do any good without a peaceful environment. I therefore pray that Nigeria and Biafra will never have to go through another war again. We, the elite of this country, must try our best to avoid this at all costs.

Long Live the Ndigbo,

Long Live Hausa-Fulani People,

Long Live Yoruba People,

Long Live All the 516 nationalities of Nigeria,

Long Live Nigeria!!!


By Pastor Sunday Adelaja
I love it when arguments are based on facts and logic. This you succeeded in doing. God keep you.
The child of God wil never suffer, allow us to go, there's no oil in uk, america, japan ,china France and others, but they are richest country in the world
Thank you! Have you ever thought of holding that young guy called nnamdi kanu, will result to the protest, this administration has decided to make that guy popular by not adhere to a court order. Let the guy go and refused him entry to Nigeria. Let the FGN call the Igbo elites and elders and have them on round table talk. Nigeria is better off together, we must work on keeping it so. If the elites speak up without having to meet with the President, they're bound to loose out the angry youth.6j
Sir, that was wonderful of you.But Igbo man desires equality in Nigeria aside being allowed a space for his business.He desires a situation whereby his sin of fighting a war to be free and Nigeria's banner of victory during the war will not always be displayed to him when he enters any office seeking for job or any high profiled political office.Again,what stops Nigeria from practising regionalism so every region can develop on their own pace?What again stops restructuring Nigeria,as it stands lopsided?The brunt of every anomaly in Nigeria is being borne by Igboman because he is a second class citizen.I ask that you also write about restructuring of Nigeria and the practice of confederalism if you feel secession would be suicidal.Tnx!
Charles, I will suggest you read the article again and see the numerous political positions occupied by the Igbos. igbos had been Vice President, Senate President, Speaker of the House, SSG, Chief of Defence and Chief of Army Staff. You may also remember that the Hausas with more population than the Igbos are yet to be the president of the country ever. About Federal project, I bet to disagree. The South East have two international airports, virtually all the states have federal institutions, something not found in most other regions. If you want to mention the bad road, which I am aware of. I think it is a national issues. However, various governors handled it differently. While Fashola spent Lagos money on Federal roads, Muazu built Bauchi Jos road from Bauchi money, eastern governors are not doing same. Instead, Obiano is busy constructing three needless bridges along a very bad Onitsha Awkaroad. On school admissions. I stay in the east, and I think Igbos are the most guilty of that. You can rarely see a non Igbo in any of the eastern universities. The discrimination is so much that as a young father, I already know that my kids have no chance in any of the eastern universities when it is time. Finally, on job. There is federal character, something that is well covered. If there's any "magomago", I ll rather think it is from the Igbos who claim indigenes of most northern states to claim the slots. Thanks
Your kids can never get admission in the east cus the cut-off mark there is higher that ur region's.
You don't have to take that personal bro Eze.
While i commend Pst. Adelaja for this painstaking, thoughtful and unbiased write up, I must berate the likes of Mr Kadiri who obviously are not capable of commenting on such academic presentation as this. There are times when silence is wisdom. Such comments about the Igbo's by Kadri could distract us from the sublime facts laid on the table by the pastor. So Kadri I admonish you to keep your mouth locked since you do not seem to have the wisdom to comment on sensitive issues that borders on national unity.
you are right he kadri or whatever he call himself is bereft of basic logical reasoning
we biafrans need to go home Nigeria don't nedd us again after serving them with all our heart nomber one no international airport in south east and sooth south any plane that come from Europe must stope either lagos or Abuja or kano or kaduna so that as an Igbo man when u clear u goods from lagos takeing it home u ve to pay custom and police check point b4 u take the goods to ur land another one is that we have three sea port one is in carabar one is in warri the other one is in port none of them is working they just close it for nothing that is not even marginalization that one is an economic blockage another one is that Nigeria government said it that no any company that will bulld in east that will employ mordan fifty people so that our people will be force to go to north or lagos to look for job that one is it not marginalization look at buhari carbnet now how it is and tell me how u see it about Igbo people their my brother we ve try very well in that country hausas and yorubas chose to pay us back with killing they killed us every day in that country we ar tired of them we need to go home and worshipe our GOD the way we like it we ar not one we don't ve anything in common with yorubas or hausas GOD WILL HELP US WE GO HOME
Aku, Point of correction, Buhari's csbinet has all the 36 States represented. Nobody complained when all the cushy portfolios went to the Igbos during Jonathan's government
those positions should go to the northerners, and the President's to the Igbo tribe.
no one Ask an Igbo man not to contest... i remember Delta Igbos, more than 20 came out when they ask them to bring someone among themselves, Do u guys ever agree
Dear Brother Charlse.... Do you know the meaning of beening a second class citizen? please read this article again.... Then beg God for forgiveness for calling the ibos a second class citizens
He wrote a great article but is not aware of Northern & and Islamic propaganda against Christians in Nigeria. My hearts bleed for the church and it's leaders
John 20:21 Jesus said, ''As my Father hath sent me, so send I you''. The truth is as long as we do not go as Jesus sends us, we may never be able to COUNTER Islamist jihad. We must situate the blame on out self because we have not been obedient to Christ. They are occupying because we have refused to move. Blame yourself!
very ignorant of whats happening in nigeria,from jos to taraba.from enugu to ife .not even the press reports so sad
Thanks, you have my thoughts, I think confederism is best for Nigerian
My beloved pastor Sunday ,peace and mercy of God be multiplied unto you in Jesus name. I am a regular reader of you post on Facebook . I quite appreciate your concern and views on the Igbo Nation and agitation for Biafra Independence . But permit me to inform you that , it has been said that he who wears a shoe knows where it pinches. And also ,he who employs gives a job description . I have been to other major tribes of the country and have witnessed the degree of federal infrastructures and developmental plans for the areas. And I have seen the trend of governance in Nigeria for the past thirty years in this country, so I came to a conclusion that Igbo Nation has no future in this country called nigeria . Am so happy you're so conversant with the events in Nigeria and you know the style and pattern of leadership here , that once you are appointed into an office ,you are under the command and mercy of the president . This constitutes the struggle for where and who controls the power comes from. Although I am not in suppor of Biafra Independence , but justice and eguity must be done should the incessant cry for Biafra cease. Because ,Igbo adage says ,"when a child is crying and pointing finger to a direction , if the mother is not there ,the father must be there".
I like your analysis. I am proud of you. May God continue to bless you, increase your wisdom and protect you in life. Amen
I sincerely think that if the present government of Nigeria implements the resolutions of the just concluded National Conference, it will go a long way to douse the tension created by agitation for a Biafran State. Reading painstakingly through your analogy, I can confidently say you are writing from a spectator point of view. Let me put it this way: As a Pastor, you went to visit your member who have just lost a dear wife. You might be tempted to wonder why he is wailing and rolling in spite of being a Deacon and one of your most mature leader. You might asking him to be a man and wipe his tears. Well, you may not really know hoe it feels because you've not lost a wife before! All your saying is just theory but not practical. Pastor Sunday, I value and appreciate you deeply having followed you through your teachings on DVD's, books, Telecasts and even physically sitting in the audience where you ministered. I have also learned from Prof. Vincent Anibogu (whom you consider as your number one Nigerian protegee) first when he was a part of Leadership of a Church in the US and when he joined your movement. I still cherish and treasure you all till date. You see, if you haven't been an Igbo man, you will not have his experience in the Nigerian Society. The only thing that will drive the death blow to Biafran agitation is 1. Let everything be by merit in Nigeria 2. Allow true Federation to be practiced in Nigeria 3. Abolish the Unitary system of government we mistake for democracy in Nigeria 4. Make it possible for any Nigerian who lives in any state for up to 10 years or is born and raised in that state to be an indigene. That way proper integration will be achieved. Pastor do you know who gets quickly killed particularly in the North in the event of any crisis? Whose hard earned properties are quickly destroyed in any part of Nigeria in crisis moments? Who gets punished by all kinds of government oppressive knee jerk policies at impulse? - the Igbos's. yet it is only an Igbo man that will be willing to live in even inhumane environments and turn it into a treasure after which he will be envied, killed and pursued? Till date, which other tribe can fluently speak other Nigerian language apart from theirs like the Igbo man? So you see that it is not far fetched why the agitation cannot end. The Present Nigerian President is demonstrating the same error judging from his appointments that Igbo's don't matter. Pastor reeling out the fears and even making prophecies about the sordid outcome but the man that is experiencing pain wont think of that. It's like you are chocking and someone is asking you not to drink dirty water! In the mind of the victim, it is: Let me drink the water first in order to survive, then afterwards, I will go to the Hospital to get treated of infection. After the Civil war, every Igbo man that had money in the Bank was given only 20 Pounds which is why they couldn't buy into most nationalized companies and you think they will easily forget? Let fairness be applied. Let there be no more victimization or exclusion and Biafra will die a natural death.
God bless you my brother. You re son of the soil
God bless you richly with more wisdom and understanding!!!
Dear Igwebuike, i appreciate you understanding of the issue in question and the adage that only the person wearing the shoe knows where it pains, however, there are some things you need to bear in mind. 1.I am a yoruba man and i can authoritatively inform you that even in the west among the yorubas if your father is not known or you are linked to some big man somehow, getting a good job is a difficult task. 2. The reason Igbos feel much of the brunt of the uprising in the north is because they are the most enterprising of the tribes as indicated by Pastor, hence, if businesses are to be disrupted, Igbos will feel it more bacause of their enterprising nature, which is a blessing to Nigeria ( i believe having trade insurance in place will take care of that as it applies all over the world). 3. As i said earlier, i am a Yoruba man of Ijesha descent from Osun State. My father lived his whole life in Ibadan apart from about 8yrs he was in the UK to study, he is now in his 70s, but because he is an Ijesha man, he cannot be considered for a politically elected post even though he is very active in his political party. Where i am going is that the issue of not been considered an indegine cuts across every tribe and is not peculiar to my Igbo brothers and sisters. i hope my little contribution is of help.
Thank you so much Bode. Your contribution made a lot of sense.
Igwebuike Am so much proud of you may Chukwu Okike Abiama be with you and bless you Eseeeeee
I feel your pain.I buy into your thoughts......solution to the existing grievance must be sought, first, from the one who wears the shoe and feels the pain.Until then,every other contribution is ephemeral.
Igwebuike you are actually the son of your father,their suggestion is coming too late how many time has he as a pastor stand up and speak against all these evil been meted out on the innocent biafrans.pls to your tent oh ISREAL.
You have said it all. Thanks for understanding.
Pastor Sunday God bless you. You have been thoughtful and thorough. However you are not Igbo and so don't know what it means to be one. When I was 19 I went to seek admission in a uuniversity outside igbo land. Students from other tribes with lower scores were admitted. When it got to my turn they asked me where are you from and I said abia, the registry staff hissed and snubbed me.there are jobs you cannot get as an igbo. States were created in Nigeria by Gowon to punish igbos. That's why our kits and kin were put in Rivers and delta states to weaken us and deprive us of the oil in egbema, ndoni and ndokwa. Please sir inquire about the state of all the federal highways in igboland. The truth is that we igbos are only being tolarated. A foreigner is more accepted than the igbo.
Hello Ifeanyi, Your analysis of this worserful work and word is not the best. I am very very sure you live in the eastern part of the country. It is very important you analyse the work within a neutral platform and continuum without tribalism. Adetunji
Ade, pray tell me what is wrong with living in the east, and also tell me what is wrong with sharing my personal experience as an igbo. This is the Nigerian problem which people like you perpetuate. You don't sweep people's experiences and feelings under the carpet and say it doesn't matter. This is the reason why this agitation won't go away.
This is an eye opener sir. I pray that the spirit of this article will permeate our hearts and help us resolve to live together as one. God bless you sir.
My Pastor, thanks very much for your write-up. I will disagree with you on the aspect of how the Igbo nation will be left at the mercy of other part of Nigeria to survive if they separate. I think you also need to find out more about the origin of the Ibos, before asserting that they will be worst off if secedes. I quiet agree that the union Nigeria be sustain all cost. Imagine a country with a dysfunctional rewarding system, with no functional justice system. The presence of darkness is an opportunity for the strength of light to be displaced. Nigeria must rise to settle this issue now, as it cannot contend with this along side Boko Haram. Thanks Pastor Sunday for your contribution to the life in Christ.
Fantastic! I am from Adamawa State, a Christian from one of the minority tribes called Satte, I will be the one to say I am marginalised even from my local government. Sir I think you have said it all. A word is enough for a wise. May God bless you and increase you more and more. I took my time to read through your write up carefully. You are indeed the kind we need in any society. Remain bless sir, rgds.
Thank you Sir, I admire you alot i wish i could a reply but i knoe i may not but i will ask questions all the same; 1. why the disparity in cut off scores for admission into unity schools abia 160 adamawa 16. 2. please look at the medical exams of the post graduate cader just study the disparity 3. why would a sitting governor in a free nation evict a group from other tribes living peacefully in thier state. Fashola for instance. 4. This is supposed to be a united free nation, but look at the federal scholarship candididates just study the disparity 5. Lastly sir, look at the current political appointments, and comment I really wish Nigeria remains a united state, but we who live here dont have anything to spur our patrotism it seems there is a death of federalism. Biafra may not be a solution but as long as the factors spuring its agitation remain, sadly biafra struggle will remain.
You have spoken well my son, but i cant stop to question . Why cant there be equality in the state creation? Why have there not be a thorought investigation into boko haram activities, its possible its part of this agitation. I know i have someone who shares similar view with me, the activities of those men during GEJ era was so disturbing and was used against him in the last election ? I wish to remind you that the north was first to declare intentions to secessed ,before the independence, coup, pogrom and civil war, and somewhat finds a way into political stage after the political killings of the igbos, that is questionable too. However, i agree with you on some many issues raised being someone not totally convinced about some of my brothers wish to break away being a businessman based in lagos and ghana. I still count the cost of a likely war, human side, economically and the social impact. Nonetheless, i always maintain that each conflicting time is a golden opportunity to once more look at our unity, discuss and fasten our belt union. Fortunately, 2014 confab draft was handed to buhari- it is advice immediately that it be implented as it will douse off this madness from all quarter. Am sorry to say this, if the north eventually discovers oil, they will demand for secession. Quote me anywhere it will happen, this has always been a topical issues. Above all, Nnamdi Kanu should be released unconditionally because should be killed or die in custody of FG, am pretty sure it will give a new dimension to this fragile moment. Thanks once more.
You said “Igbo people have their land to themselves to govern” is really true. I don’t think so, because the federation has been imposing people on us with the federal mighty. They have not allowed us, the indigenous people, to make our choice and the choice to remove who is not giving us good governance. Nigerian always talks of oil and gas wealth, even a well-educated pastor could be thinking along this line. Japan, do they have oil; was it oil that china use to make their country what is today, no. my bible made me to understand that there are wealth in the following area: • air • water & • earth We the indigenous people we have the air, water and earth. Nigeria is taping the wealth in water and earth via oil and gas by not harness it well that is why Nigeria is poor and few individuals in Nigeria are rich via this wealth. Bill gate and the Facebook owner are wealthy through air. No nation of the earth has been able to tap into the wealth God has kept for mankind in the air, water and earth. For your information we also have oil and gas in our land but that is not what we are going to use to develop our land because selling oil and gas alone impoverish a nation. It makes a nation senseless. It makes a nation thoughtless. Nigeria is an example. Nigeria was meant to impoverish the people with poor infrastructure and enrich few. You said we have our land to make whatever paradise we wish. I don’t think so, because our land is still suffering economic blockage. The economic policy was made to impoverish our area. This is what made us to leave our area to area where the economic policy is favourable. We don’t have sea port and the sea ports close to our area are made not to work by the policy imposed. The federal road on our area is very bad. The international airports in our area are not working as international airport. Why will they be play polities with the refinery Anambra state built? You said we are into importation. You said 60-70 percent importation are done by Igbos, then what stop them from building sea port for us at Oguta lake. Even if we decide to build sea port what is the possibility that they will allow it to work, when they did not allow others close to us to work. You said we were given the responsibility for 70 percent of the imports of the whole country. I don’t think it was intentional, if it was intentional I don’t think they will empower dangote and make him monopolise the market as against the Igbo men. For the sack of dangote they made Ibeto cement business to suffer. If they see a way to take everything away from Igbo business men, they would have done it. Why will they ask Igbo business men importing to get permission from a Hausa/Fulani man before you import. That is, we are indirectly working for them. You said “If you take Nollywood for example, the Igbo people control that as well. Many other spheres and economic life of Nigeria is under the control of the Igbo people”. I don’t think it was intentional because they created the industry for themselves when they don’t have equal opportunity with their mate in public offices and oil and gas companies. You said “I recently watched the world conquering Nigerian U17 football team. How beautiful it was to see that no nationality was protesting or complaining of marginalization in the national team this time. The picture of the national team was such that at least six of all the players were from the east (Igbo), Five were from South-South, two were from the west and all the rest were derived from among the over 500 tribes of Nigeria. Not a single one from the north, yet nobody complained. In a society where there is discrimination and deprivation, they would not have allowed the Igbo to control the majority of the spots on the team” there was complain, they were angry with the coach when he made his selection. Thank God he won the trophy. You said” Neither can the Igbo people claim that the other 515 tribes and nationalities of Nigeria have conspired to discriminate against them” are you not aware of the Yoruba monarchy that mandate the Igbo to vote against their wish if they do contrary; they will be throw into lagoon. Were you not aware of what sultan said about northernization believe which the northerns are practising up till today accept president yaradua , which mean if you cannot find any northern to do a thing, give it to a Yoruba man if you cannot find any Yoruba man give it to a foreigner. And if you feel we are going to suffer, please pray and ask them to let us go to our own faith. You should not pity us. Even if we go you said it will be good for Nigeria from your own analyses. Why not allow us to go, so as so reduce Nigeria expenses as regard allocation of resources to our area. I have to stop at this juncture.
Thank u for d answer can't build port at Oguta lake.......because its a lake.
Thank you very much for this reply this would be educated pastor suppose to know that Biafra is not Igbo because Ojukwu's second in command is not an Igbo man simple
Ginika, your very correct... I would have loved to lecture him face to face. He is not balanced in his submission. God bless Biafra
You are a good story teller but if you must know there is no such thing as South south in any gographical cadinal point. More so, we have nothing in common other than oil And I put it to you by asking you what do I have in common with an housa fulani man or yoruba man? The answer is nothing so no common values, Coming to your south south or Niger delta as the case maybe is simply Gowan creation to further create diversity among the igbos like PH for example were the mejority oil block in In Imo and Abia was caved out cased to ph which happens to be Ikwere people that is why they say that their are not igbos and even other tribes in PH like the igbos more than the Ikweres Finally I don't know why yorubas are always to quick to talk about south south but they will never talk about creating North North or west west shame cheap propaganda referanadum will solve all this artificial creations of contraptions you call states and regons
It is a very fine article that reflects all my concerns about this Biafra thing. However, I never believed the agitation for Biafra is real. I see it as an agitation of people who doesn't understand what they want, or have analyzed what they want to get into. I see it as an agitation of a man that wants to gain popularity by riding on the name Biafra, with miscreants as followers who are hungry and in need of food to eat. They know not what they are doing. The Biafra Ojukwu wanted is different to the Biafra the new agitators understands. I know Ojukwu will not desire Biafra if he will not take at least any of Rivers, Crossriver, Akwaibom, Bayelsa and Delta states(or whatever names represent these states then) along with him. Without any of these states joining Biafra the consequences are very dire and it will be unimaginable suffering. During the Civil war, to get Biafrans to their knees, all Nigeria did was to capture the then Portharcourt and Calabar regions. The result was economic blockade as Biafra no longer has access to the world, and no access to any sea. Thereafter Biafra was suffocated to death until they surrendered. You see you cannot have Biafra without at least one of the 5 south-south states I mentioned. Ojukwu wouldn't go for Biafra if he didn't intend to take them along with him. You see when you try to draw the map of Biafra without any of those five south-south states, you will get a map inside the Nigeria Map. It will be a country inside another country. All perimeters of Biafra will be surrounded by Nigeria. Like Adelaja pointed out, Biafra will then need Nigeria for everything they want to do. Ojukwu's quest for Biafra is different from what Nnamdi Kanu is doing. There were genuine concerns in the case of Ojukwu. Ojukwu had specific plan of taking the whole eastern region with him. He wouldn't not want to take Biafra that will not include the 5 south-south states. Nnamdi Kanu is trying to involve the Igbo people in a very dangerous and precarious situation, just to achieve his personal goal of becoming popular. He is wicked. He is not a good son of the igbo people. He need to be exiled out of Igboland and not to return ever. The activities of IPOB should be banned now. The Igbo elites should arise and stop the dangerous game now. It is an ill wind that blows nobody any good. Nnamdi Kanu is wicked and selfish Igbo son. And he is even based in London.
Queeneth u are very wrong. U will not understand what d Igbo man is going through until u wear their shoes. D writer said they do importation but the federal govt will not give them functional seaports and international airports to do their legitimate businesses. Pls don't stop Biafra. By God grace it will surely come without war.
All the Facts of the Biafra protagonists might be defended or quashed down but my personal plea to them is to raise their point and arguments in venues that people listens to , Let protest be peaceful , Scrutinized protestants no weapons, because War is avoidable both the Igbos and other tribes will be wasted and as usual the innoncents will perish and suffer more . Long live Biafra Long Live Nigeria Long live the Wise
Has nnamdi kanu disclosed to you the biafra he stands for? What do you know about biafra. Who do you think brought the idea biafra? Where does it start and where does it end?your problem is you don't read nor research but like to comment on anything you read even when you know nothing about it
This is an excellent piece that could only emanate from the Spirit of Christ. You are a blessed man of God. May the good Lord continue to endow you with divine wisdom and may His Spirit never depart from you. Nigeria must not fall gullible to the soothsayers who want it divided. The unity and diversity of Nigeria is its strength. Right on Pastor Sunday Adelaja.
Funny how you avoided the question of why the Biafrans are protesting. Why not call for a release of Kanu? Why not speak against the shooting and killing of unarmed Biafrans by Nigerian forces? Why not call for fiscal federalism? Why not speak for equity and social justice, knowing there cannever be peace where there is no justice? Are you happy there are only 5 states in SE, in a country where resources are allocated by state, and the quota system policy executed by state? You are not being sincere, Adelaja. Call for merit in every Nigerian process. Let everyone be given an equal opportunity. Let the Igbos not always be reminded how they are being harboured, in their own country! Listen, the Biafra issue will be solved by a situation of fiscal federalism, and federal presence in Biafra land. Definitely not by your issuance of subtle threats and false prophecies of doom. If you want to be taken seriously as a man of God, you must learn to speak objectively with no recourse to whose ox is gored. For your information, thoae Biafrans I see down there in the East are frustrated, and can do anything given that they have nothing again to lose. Call for a release of Nnamdi Kanu, Adelaja, and stop being hypocritical! Let us pray no devil arms those protesting youths because if that happens, Niger Delta militancy will be emboldened, and Nigeria will never survive it. My candid opinion. Bless you.
Honestly, I feel on this thread your contribution is one of the few intelligible responses here. I however fail to understand how you expect Nnamdi Kanu to be released without some questions being asked about his hateful and inciting statements. Igbos own a lot of choice properties in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria and they are part of the STATE CIVIL service. Which state in the east allows these?-When an Eastern gov sacked fellow Igbos simply because they were from other parts of the east. Some have also made points on University admissions; it is to address this that the catchment area policy was introduced with one or two Universities having the whole country as their catchment. It is indeed troubling that we are thinking of a civil war like a mere party or child's play! If you ask the principal actors of the last war they will tell you it is an ill wind that blows no one any good. While I do agree that the Igbos have suffered heavy casualties in most violence in the north and other parts of the country, I think it is partly due to the enterprising nature of the people- they have business concerns all over the country- so ordinarily they are the most susceptible due to the solid roots they often put down. I believe that all the change we crave for can be sought within the confines of the Nigerian state- has anyone sued the government based on a discriminatory act? We need to understand that discrimination is often a tool to take or keep status quo as against tribal loyalty. I reject another civil war in this country!
Thank you for your thoughts.. But one thing I would like everyone to understand is the fact that the calls for a referendum can never be termed calls for war. A referendum is a democratic exercise supervised in most cases by the UN, not a war! It really smirks of mischief when people intentionally mix this up. Nnamdi Kanu is calling for a referendum, not a war. Let the will of the Biafrans be tested via a free and fair referendum. You can't decide the destiny of a people outside their own inputs! Never! No one has any right to make our own choices for us. Allow us to make our choices, make our mistakes, and correct ourselves or as well live by the consequences of our collective will; that is what freedom is all about. I kindly refer you to Yemi Oyeyemi's article on saharareporters. Thank you.
By calling Nigeria a zoo and , inciting violence! He had the whole 6years of GEJ, where was he
In as much as i don't want to comment on this but am forced to. Let me start from your statement on Nnamdi Kanu's Hate speeches, i tell you that i support it 100 percent because no one will see the progroms of 1966 till date that will not lay curses on Nigeria, yes when you offend someone, you don't expect the person to forgive you by default even when he/she apologizes. Nigerian community has become unrepentant and bask in the euphoria that they killed innocent children in the war and will do so. More over if every tribe or geopolitical zone who feel marginalized have two options either to remain marginalized or resist being marginalized. In marriage there are times where the party members re-examine the progress and success of such marriage and where one party/both feel like he/she is not treated fairly, the need for lasting solution is sort which includes possible desolution of such marriage is not left out. The youths of other tribes have not woken up to agitate for their freedom, they feel that they are comfortable with the perceived marginalization and so we cannot force then to do the needful. Earlier I said that Nigeria is unrepentant yes we have given them 45 years to see wether they can live with us we are the only people who have integrated ourselves back to the system of Nigeria even though they made us slaves and took out properties and gave us 20 naira to start life and yet at every unnecessary provocation they keep killing us. Please we want to go, we don't wanna stay again as one Nigeria, we don't want the marriage again, we want divorce in a peaceful way. If the rest of Nigeria want to stay together, we wish them well. As for me and my Biafran Family we want to go and serve our God Yehashau, we want to serve the King of Kings. We can still do business together and as different nations, we want to manage our resources and know how its missing and not when Bayelsa or Delta Oil belongs to Jigawa, but Jigawa Yam and Cows will never belong to Delta. Let Nigeria conduct a test to know if we want to stay or go by way of referendum. Then if people say that they want to stay Biafra agitation will be laid to rest forever. But ist justice must be done, release Nnamdi Kanu he has done nothing to be detained, he's not running anywhere he has not done any harm to anybody but has voiced his resentment with the Nigerian government simple.
In fact, you took away my thoughts and research in this your writings. It's well researched and thoughtful.
Joseph, may I attempt to answer some of your questions? Disparities in cut off marks. I must say that I support u to a large extent here. I believe that at Unity school levels, all our kids should be given equal platform cos it represents the foundation. However, the argument here has been on federal character as well as educationally less developed state. These are the same reasons why Ebonyi state needed about 50 marks while Kwara state required more than 200. You talked about postgraduate medical examination. Can you be more specific please? I am a medical doctor and yet to see any disparity. The standard for West African Colleges is the same for all countries in the region while we have equal standard for all states in the National Colleges. Deportation of Igbos from Lagos: This has continually generated tribal sentiment,unfortunately, without looking at the precedent. Gov Peter Obi who started it only used it for political reasons cos the whole saga happened just before the governorship election where Ngige of APC was the closest rival of APGA candidate. Now to the precedent. In 2011, Obi deported many beggars of Ebonyi descents back to their states in one Nigeria. Akpabio deported some Lagosians back to Fashola in similar version. Heaven didn't fall. Why sensitising this? It becomes hypocritical when you look at the events surrounding the relocations. Those relocated were mentally sick, taken care by Lagos state govt, for proper integration, had to be sent to the state of origin. Letters were sent to Anambra state governor who acknowledged the letter, but did nothing. To allow for peace, Fashola has apologised though Obi is yet to apologise for deporting people to Ebonyi. Disparities in federal scholarships: Can you please back it up with evidence the way you did for Unity school? Current political appointment: I will say that apart from ministers, appointment under this new government have not been fair to the south east. I condemn it despite the president explanation that there are many more appointments. Having said that, I don't think that is enough reason to secede. The Yorubas had poor representation during Jonathan regime while the Igbos have one of the best, yet no one thought of secession. All you need to do is to restrategise politically like the Yorubas did. Thanks
This is a well balanced thought on the Biafran Agitation from a different perspective. This has to be kept in view. I believe however that if the Biafra dream is realised peacefully, Biafra has the potential to be a great nation inspite of the challenges it would face captured in this write-up. One thing Biafra will have to its advantage is its roots in Christianity. It would be a secular nation built on strong christian values. This singular point is enough reason for Biafra to succeed. Nigeria is under threat by Islamic jihadists. As long as this threat continues and we have a government at the centre that is sympathetic in policy to the islamization of Nigeria, the clamor for Biafra remains justified!
You don't want a revolution. You want one Nigeria with all the illegalities but you chose to stay in Europe. When we devide, you must not be Biafran. Some Igbos will even choose to be Nigerian. Biafra is not about the Igbos. It is about a peaceful revolution. We want a serious nation in Africa and Biafra is the answer
Sir, this is a classic truth you have written here.Let the ear that hears hear what the spirit is saying to the Biafra and the Nigerian people.A word they say is enough for the wise.
Sunday, I had wanted to reply you, but when I realized that you have lived more years of your life outside Nigeria than in Nigeria, I simply advised myself to the contrary. No need because you don't know Nigeria well, as to know the root cause of the problems. Simple. So no need.
Mr Adelaja, my people say that he who did not witness a burial is almost certain to commence its exhumation from the feet location. You know nothing about the pains and troubles of people of Eastern and Midwestern Nigeria. You know nothing about the cause of the civil war and its aftermath. You do not know the degree of privation and discrimination they have suffered. All you know is that they manage to eke out some living from their everyday struggles in self-employment. Ojukwu did not declare war on Nigeria. Rather, he was forced to galvanize the unarmed remnants of his people to defend themselves against a powerful force of Northern and Western Nigerian army with their foreign allies. The people want to go, whether their territorial space is big or not. You are not in a position to speak for the South-South. The East and most of the Midwest have many things in common. The artificial division created by Gowon to aid thepprosecution of the war he imposed on the East has expired. You cannot speak for the people from your region which was and still is a principal party in their conquest, subjugation and domination. You can preach to your people and the Hausa / Fulani
You, have succeeded in limiting the BIAFRAN NATION to the five States of South-East, while excluding the South-South (Niger-Delta), yet while counting the Igbo(Biafran) presidents you included Goodluck Jonathan of the Ijaw Nationality (Niger-Delta). Who is cheating who??? since you claim not to know about the Biafran territories why making assertions with authority. I thought you are well read.
the things that make nigeria better: • The best option for Nigeria is true federalism were each region grows at their own pace by weaking the power at the center and empower the region government. this will truly deversify the economy of Nigeria. • Constitution that is void of sharia, constitution that protects the citizen where they are, the constitution for secular state (irreligious). • The policies for every fair of the economy that will be fear to all • We should treat everyone equal • In fact we should implement the nation confab report • the PIB reports should be implemented • Election should be free and fair,
I don't know u, but I love u. U ve embraced every Nigerian. I've never heard a Yoruba man speak with so much love abt other ethnic tribes. Heaven is yours
A systematic analysis of nature and causes a ruthless appraisal of histories, dynamics, mind and matter. Pastor you have nailed a square hole with a square peg. may God bless You Sir. the article is rich, its written from a heart that loves God, Nigeria and Nigerians
My candid view, these people agitating for a sovereign state of Biafra are somewhat described as barbarians at the gate. Imagine if every Nigerians were Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba etc. how would the nation be like? Variety is the spice of life. There's strength in diversity. Let's value our differences by building on strengths, and compensating for weaknesses. No ethnic group is superior or inferior to the other. I believe the feeling of superiority or inferiority is the reason for this agitation. The only way we can move our country Nigeria from good to great is when we all are ethnic blind. The moment we begin to see ourselves as one Nigeria, rather than questioning which ethnic group one is from, which leaves a feeling of superiority or inferiority, we will be stalled in a web. #Long Live Nigeria! #One Nigeria!
Pastor, your work was clearly rich in research, but very poor in logic. Few questions for you: who says that without allocation from Nigeria, Biafra will not survive? Clearly you belong to the school of thought who believe survival is not possible without crude oil. Who says the Igbo must be "ejected" from the South South or other parts of the country? Pastor you clearly think that Igbo land cannot contain Igbo people. Does that not sound illogical to you? In any case, are you not aware that Nigerians live in other countries? Pastor, there is crude oil in Igbo land. On the issue of the South South, its sad that the Yoruba/Hausa-fulani alliance thinks the Niger deltans are fulfilled in Nigeria. What I expected of you, as a pastor, is to try to pacify the angry youth of Igboland, not to try to sell 1966 propaganda to us. You don't think our people will prefer our landlocked land to a Nigeria where killing Igbos nolonger raises eye brows? Pastor how many times have you called a press confrence to condemn the Hausa/fulani youth for massacring Igbos on the streets of northern Nigeria? Sir, did you speak up when the Oba of lagos threayene the Igbo with death in the Lagoon? Some of us really love Nigeria too, but Nigeria must guarsntee peace and security to Igbo people. Sir, I advice you to steer clear of politics and focus on preaching the gospel.
Well spoken sir as a hardcore Biafran I agree with you but the Nigerian government should treat Igbos very well.
Mmmmmmhh this one all of you are talking sensitive no one is insulting another well is good ooooh but if my opinion is to be seek my brothers i know it cant be easy but let Biafra be if really possible without killing any souls kudos to you all.
thanks ,you just made my day..
ARCHBISHOP RICHARD NGOZI NNOCENT God bless your effort. you have said it all.
Bishop,you are on point I support you if only they have the mind to understnd .
Well written. GOD bless you sir
I think this post is creating more problems than solving. 1. There is an igbo adage that goes if you don't know when rain started beating you, you will not know when it will stop. The problems of igbo people did not start today. It lead to the Nigeria - biafra war and the reason of the biafra war has been perpetuated in Nigeria. The pogroms, the killings, nepotism etc has always remained fresh. 2. Igbos are not considered as part of this country buhari said he will kill more Igbos to save Nigeria which means the Igbos are not part of Nigeria. 3. The last person you can fool is an igbo man. Despite the Igbos enterprising nature it is the the hausa and the yoruba that are the richest and second to richest in the country because they were able to get government support. Ibeto was doing better than dangote before government crumbled him. 4. In my own thinking you should stop this because you are creating more problems than solving it. 5. If Igbos don't fight they will be killed, so the better option is to fight. It is better to die for something than for nothing. You have not touched the root of the problem at all and as a result you are causing more harm than good. Stop this!
There is God! The God of the CHRISTIAN REPUBLIC OF BIAFRA - THE LAND OF THE RISING SUN. The Isrealis are still surviving despite worldwide hatred against them. They remain the leading light in almost all fields of human endeavor. ON THE REPORT OF THE NATIONAL CONFAB OR BIAFRA WE STAND!
pastor thanks for the article but ur intellectual ability is just average, I hv one question for u, where in d world hv u seen pple of diverse culture cum to live as one? if u think d agitation is wrong wot abt other countries dat seceded? do u think if d whole of north is to becum Islamic state dat there will be bokoharam? re dey not fighting for Islamic state..hw can u expect every one to live wit dat? nd let me ask again, the amalgamation of nigeria in1914, was it collectively, voluntarily by north, west, east and south or by force? hahaha..I laugh dis article becuz u wasted ur time on it.. pple should study well
thanks mr Adophus for your contribution. Biafra we stand
ARCHBISHOP RICHARD NGOZI NNOCENT Am really happy for your respond brother you have said it all. thank you so much.
sir. Kindly review the geographical demarcation of the former east central states and elaborate on the cleverly/ manipulating approach the rest of Nigeria employed to land-lock the so called Igbo states. Long literature of this sort always shy away from facts about obvious marginalization and lack of real Federal developmental projects/presence in those states. We must first learn to tell it as it is. He who wears shoes knows where it pinches. Have you heard about the term 'catchment area' in today's admission or employment process in Nigeria. How qualified Igbo people especially from Imo state are denied admission or employment because such zones bear high frequencies above average cut-off scores while failures of under 10% gain access! Does that happen in Canada or Australia? We must tell the bitter truth to ourselves and our children.
sir, tank u for ur writeup but I'd rather advise u to put it up in novels n sale n make some cash to take care of ur family Dan wasting ur time on speaking for us the great BIAFRANS as for national budget, does Eritrea get their allocation from the Ethiopian budget, or does the UAE get theirs from the Saudis, we have more than we needed so don't sympathise with us. GOD is with us, tank u.
Enough of this Yoruba/ hausa deceptions. We are un stoppable! Next time you talk about South south also have North north and west west at the back of your mind. Who is fooling who. You all know the truth but you do not want to face it. Leave the biafrans to go. If it means death so be it. The water which a child pours himself does not get him cold( igbo adage) stop pitying them. Biafra will never die. It is a philosophy.
Good talk pastor,but i want to remind you that a president who on his first official travel out of the country said that he will not treat the region whom gave him 97% of vote and the one whom gave him 5 % of vote the same way and goes ahead to start implementing with his policies and appiontment leaves much to be desired (as the adage says look for the black goat while it is noon cuz you will not see it when it is dark)we have seen we have no future with pmb and have decided to take our destiny into our own hands,@ least you cant for me to keep on marring me
It is indeed unfortunate that pastor adelaja thinks that Nigeria has been fair to the south east. He seems not to understand that the south east is the most developed part of Nigeria if he does not put Lagos and Abuja which are cities expressly built by the federal government into the equation. Go round the whole parts of Nigeria and you will confirm for yourself what I say. This development was wrought by ndi Igbo through their individual efforts. I am not aware of any community in Igbo land that, for example, achieved electrification of the community through governmental efforts, both state or federal. Iam also one of those who believe that Ndi Igbo will be better of being in Nigeria. But you see no meaningful progress can be made in a country that is run on ethnic considerations. If Nigeria wants to make progress, it should throw up selfless and detribalised leaders. Again, what is so special about the Igbo that they should continually be forced to remain in Nigeria. Why do we always think that it is the will of God that Nigeria should remain an indivisible country. Why does he worry himself with how they will fare should they leave Nigeria. Nothing happens that is not part of a larger design by God to achieve His own purpose. I HAVE WRITTEN A NOVEL ON BIAFRA ENTITLED: VERSES OF UNCHARTED HEAVEN: THE SECOND COMING OF BIAFRA. Perhaps if we can read the work we can gain some insights into things of life regarding Nigeria and its people. MAY GOD HELP US!!!
The Israelites lived with the Egyptians for 400yrs , yet they returned the promise land . Did they not intermarried, lived together with the Egyptians ?
We are better of together I agree with you but in the event of break-up it may not happen the way you said it because you are not God. Moreover Biafra is formal Eastern Region not Igbo people. If South -south decides to go, well is our problem not your problem. Condemning Igbo people because of few that are doing drug is like condemning all Muslims in Nigeria because of few that bombing innocent civilians in the Northern Nigeria. Now tell me if south - south people stay with Biafra how will Biafra look like?
The federal government should as a mather of urgency release Nnamdi Kalu to allow peace return to this country.
BY THERE FRUIT YOU SHALL NO THEM!!!! thank you Mr. narrator. But I think this situation would have been a thing of the past if we remember, understand and put into practice the laws which we have made by ourselves. Is there no law which specifies the limit of freedom of life,liberty and speech? To be frank with you guys,I see nothing wrong in granting the Igbo's or whatever they call themselves there freedom.If they think they have grown to the age of taking care of themselves, let them have there freedom.Believe you me,Nigeria will be more better if they(Igbo's) have there freedom. There is nothing so bad when a child tell his parents that he has grown to take care of himself. Grant the Igbo's there freedom and let have our peace in this country! Am tired of living in a country which I cannot go to other parts because of fear of safety of my life. I know people must condemn me uttering this but the earlier they have their freedom the earlier we have a complete peace in this country. They (Igbo's) keep saying we are only one Nigeria because of their only,my there we over here have a lot of things to rely on. We have our cocoa,and again don't forget we feed this nation. I think this problem started from the day of incubation of this country, let the international community and the bodies concern grant them their freedom and let hear word in thus country. A word is enough for a wise thank you.
First of all, it is BY THEIR FRUITS WE SHALL KNOW THEM, please learn how to spell. Secondly, The Ibos here are the ones that cannot go to the muslim north because they fear for their lives.
Pastor,you ve spoken well,but let me remind u that in Biafra,there is nothing like south south and south east.Biafra is just d old Eastern region .Nigeria politcal division has no effect,Col.Effiong was d second in command to Ojukwu during d civil war.Even if u are limiting it IGBO's alone.Do u forget that there are Igbo's in River state,Delta state and Akwa-lbom state,will they be thrown away?.Stop dividing us Biafrans knows themselves .
I'm a young Igbo lady and I've spent my few years on earth in Igbo land. I may not know the political aspect of this very well but I know a voice of reason when i hear one. Yes we think the yorubas and hausans hate us but I've seen enough hatred to know that the hatred within is worse than hatred without. I've been in Igbo land enough to know that an Igbo person would rather have a stranger better than him than have his brother do better than him. Like I said this is not from the political angle... I remember the morbid stories my grandma told me of the civil war,the books I've read and the movies I've seen that of course downplayed the consequences of heart and prayer goes out to nations at war and if you as much as love the igbos as we are all proclaiming to do let us avoid bloodshed on this land (we won't be any better than book haram if we spill more blood for whatever purpose) I've already lost someone to this Biafran movement and it felt like a senseless death.. let's not allow our youth to be cut off in their prime.. let's find another way to do this.. Social network opinion of most Igbo youth that are educated within the ages of 18-28...they don't care the name this nation bears whether Biafra, Nigeria or whatever-new-name-you-might-give-it-tomorrow and they are not ready to take up weapons and fight if it can be avoided. So let's not get into a war claiming we are doing it for the future generation cos there may not be any future generation after a war...Igbos our house is on fire from within.. let's put our house in order first so that if maybe you get the secession you crave for(peacefully) we will have a home to go to. I may not like what i see around me but I still love the relative peace we have in this part of the nation.
Well thougth Pastor but thank God it is just your take,have you considered churches the fulani's burnt,the masacre of christians in the north?etc. I think we should consider the will of God here,if you were living in nigeria,you will understand better.
Hmmm, that was good to read. Thanks man. Hope things get well in NigerIa becos people like poor are suffering badly in Nigeria. God help us. One love, one Nigeria.
Oga pastor you cannot love us more than we love ourselves, if we are devided or not united how is that your problem? As for a civil war coming up within Biafra we reject it & send it back to sender, its not from the spirit of God! We have our weaknesses yes but we always manage to rise above them. Ife & modakeke are not Igbo clans yet they killed themselves for years so sibling rivalry is everywhere. We prefer to perish in BIAFRA than remain in your great Nigeria. No time arguing with you about 20 pounds, abandoned property, civil war atrocities & why we don’t have oil lifting licence. Its your continued pretence that you are advicing us against Biafra for our own good that irked me into giving you a response. Must you save people by force? Since we still insist on having our Biafra to our own detriment why not oblige us since its to our doom? BIAFRA OR NOTHING!
You are so funny. Well with all your write ups i discover that you are a stranger in your father land, but is not your fault.afterall you said that you leave outside nigeria. But it will be your fault when you can't close your mouth. God bless biafra
Thank you. I read aII you wrote. I will comment little and i wiII start from where you said that Biafra is for the Igbos. Biafra is not for the Igbos rather Biafra is made up of the whoIe oId Eastern Region. Igbo is a language among the following languages in Biafra Land. These are; Igbanke,Igala,Ijaw,Ishekiri,Idoma,Igbo,Izon,Ikwere,Ibibio,Isoko,IgaIa etc. All these languages started with the letter 'I' which indicates that we are one family. Again there is nothing like South-South, South-East, Niger-Delta etc. All those names are seed of discord planted by the Northern leaders to create disunity and hatred among Biafrans, while the Northerners will go behind to reap the fruit of their land in the name of government. Today Biafrans have come to their senses to understand the pranks played by these Northern Political leaders. People of the old eastern region(Biafrans) have now realise that they are one people. As for the marginalisation you are talking about, marginalisation matures via a gradual process. Biafrans are not fools neither are they cowards to stand aside to watch themselves fully marginalised to the utmost level. You are not in Biafra land to know what is happening, what you wrote entells that Biafrans are not being marginalised. May be this is the junk a non-Biafran used to brainwash you that biafrans are not being marginalised. The final say is that Biafrans are being marginalised, just that they are not cowards to stand aside to look like Lukmon till they are fully wiped out on the earth's surface. As for this biafran agitation, I want it to get into everybody's mind, heart and soul that God Almighty is behind Biafran movement. Check what have been happening right from the onset when people thought it was a joke, when the Nigerian government announced to people to disregard the Radio Biafra. Now people like you who did not believe it is humbly and seriously keeping night watch to write about Biafra for people like us to read. But unfortunately your article may seems not to be valid because you made it clear that you do not know much about Biafra. Nevertheless, majority of people who are buying pen to write about Biafra today is to let you that God's will MUST come to stay and to stay forever. Praise the Lord!
Well said,... But istill stand to say that until you come back here and spend another 30 years of your live, experience and compare,.. Then you really don't feel the reasons for the agitation,.. You just see or read pampered stories,... Do you think those that have wasted for more than 40 years ain't bring patient enough?... The point here remains that NO TWO CAN WALK TOGETHER EXCEPT THEY AGREE (Amos 3;3) .... There is no head way for people of different religion, culture, belief, food, etc have the same mindset,.. No it doesn't work The only thing we should pray for is peaceful break up which is 100% possible,.. But the break up at this time is the only true way to peace, friendship can be retained but indigenous groups should be free To their way of existence.... Thanks
Well said Sir,.... But the truth is that not until you come back to this country and spend another 30 years of your life, experience and compare, then you can have the grounds to speak on this matter as much as I'll believe,... The point remains that NO TWO CAN WALK TOGETHER EXCEPT THEY AGREE... (amps 3:3) Its really not possible for Pope of different belief, religion, culture, food, mindset, etc leave as one,.... We can be friends but not blood because GOD MAKA IT THAT WAY..... The only thing that will bring peace is break up which will enable each indigenous people with the same mindset run the affairs as one,... Then if there's need for friendly relationships it can be considered,..... As long as it's called one Nigeria,.. Things will keep being worse, UJUKWU predicted as fought against this at the ABURI ACCORD MEETING IN GHANA in 1967.... His reasons and points on why there shouldn't be a central government when there are different indigenous people is happening now.... BIAFRA SOUL AND MUST GO,..... any other indigenous people can do so if they so wish....
My dear brother: I admire your tenacity. I know you have a good heart. That being said, you must get your reality licence. Once again, It is like lumping together 4 or 5 countries in Europe France, Germany, English, Sweden, Spain and call them a nation. Isn't that illusion! How does that work!????? We are never one nation and will never be!! Nations are usually natural creation!! No matter how people vilify you, the only thing that will set them free is the truth. Let people continue to defend their nemesis Nigeria. It is now 55 years and many have died due to the instrument of slavery called Nigeria ----Nigger area in Latin . Ask the Odua children; ask the Biafra and other ethnic nations. How did our ancestors do pre colonial? How did they live pre colonial era? Were they happy? Were they able to govern themselves. I remember my history on indirect rule in my primary school days in Nigeria. Sentiments apart! What is a Nigeria? Is Nigeria a nation? Is it natural or artificial? I repeat, the meaning of a nation is a large aggregate of people united by common descent, history, culture, or language, inhabiting a particular country or territory. So, is Nigeria a nation? When things are natural, they are existing in or caused by nature; not made or caused by humankind. They are of or in agreement with the character or make-up of, or circumstances surrounding, someone or something. When things are artificial, they are humanly contrived often on a natural model : man-made. Young people of all ethnic nations lumped together by the slave masters in Britain should understand that there is no future for them with any artificial creation. There is no way anybody can be self fulfilled and realized in self denial. Frantz Fanon it was who said that “every generation must out of relative obscurity discover its mission, fulfil it or betray it”. In the aftermath of corruption and mass killings in the North, our generation must as Frantz Fanon said confront the unique mission of our time which must be fulfilled through the choice of freedom over slavery and of self determination over internal colonialism. It should be clear to all and sundry that the freak contraption known as Nigeria is not sacred, it is purely and simply a British creation designed first and foremost to service her imperial interests and not for the benefit of those who inhabit the geographical space. Given the history of Europe, which not surprisingly is the bloodiest continent in human history with the 1st and 2nd world wars originating from Europe, the later ending as recently as 1945 and the many nationalist battles fought across many generations on ethnic lines including the recent ethnic conflicts in Bosnia, Herzegovina, Serbia etc, the British knew they were creating in Nigeria, a tinderbox of contradictions and endless conflicts, but never bothered because the servicing of her imperial interests was more important than the cohesion or unity of their colonial subjects. To date the European Union has refused to let Muslim Turkey join the EU because they want to avoid creating religious contradictions within the European club. Nigeria is a nightmare. We need to finally confront the reality of it’s impossibility as a viable nation and break-it up. The Scottish had independence referendum last September 2014 after centuries of union with Britain. In 1991, the Soviet Union, a nuclear world power disintegrated. In 1947, Pakistan seeking a separate nation for Muslims seceded from India. In 1993, following a referendum, Eritrea seceded from Ethiopia. In 1992 Yugoslavia disintegrated leading to more than 8 new nations. In 1993, Czechoslovakia disintegrated. In 1971, Bangladesh seceded from Pakistan. In 2002, East Timor seceded from Indonesia and in 2011 South Sudan seceded from Sudan. There is thus a long precedent of self determination by many nations around the world. Most importantly, none of the new nations have ever regretted their decisions to separate from their former nations in spite of whatever challenges they might be facing. There is no reason why the aftermath of Nigeria’s breakup scenario will be different. Wake the fucking hell up people!!! You are all dying and time is not on your side.
I am not surprise on all what you said. because its 30years of being in Europe so you don't really know what is going on in Nigeria now so just come home and spend at least a year in Nigeria then you will know your country better.
So long a letter my dear man of God. Its awesome that you had enough time to conduct a lengthy research and capped it with this article. When men of God goes down the rung of the ladder to ''preach'' on politics in Nigeria, it is a sign of decline in their ministry. I had a school mate who was in eastern Europe for a study a couple of years back, i heard from him about you and your ministry for the first time. Few months ago, i was boarding a cab near Assumpta Cathedral at Owerri, a vendor was keen on selling one of your books to me but could not access ''change'' before the cab left. Since then I have admired you only to bump into this article of yours this night which does not tally with the notion i had about you. I am of the thinking that someone else is behind this with your name appendaged to it. The summary of your writing is for the Biafrans to ditch their struggle in view of uncountable woes that must follow the continuation of the struggle. Sir, point of correction - the current agitation is wrongly understood by you. You are focusing on the imagery of the messenger can do and not the message he came with. The current agitation is for the release of one man Mazi Nnamdi Kalu whom the Nigerian government has kept in detention when a law court has given him bail. I hope you know better now. But why are Nigerians afraid of the Igbos? A close friend in a leading Pentecostal church derisively gave me a lecture why Igbos made the most grave mistake by not voting the ruling party. She went on to enumerate the losses accruing to us, the Igbos for that singular line of action. We ended our parley when i asked her - were you doomed since you left the Catholic church against your fathers wish to a Pentecostal church? Her answer was No. Then i informed her that as her case with change of church, so will it be with Igbos with their choice. As a man of God you preach faith, all i can say is that Igbos are in this struggle by faith. If faith has worked as you preached for once in your church, should the Igbos opt out of Nigeria with faith, success is theirs. Such articles like yours are trending today. But why has every writer who is against the idea of Biafra term it mission impossible? All i see is the limitation that runs in the blood of non-intelligent, resourceful and creative minds. Is oil the only source of national income? Are Nigerians not aware that there are thousands of other intellectual means of mass producing income? Does Switzerland export oil? UAE today is one of the destination points on planet earth, although they have oil in large quantity, it is mere tourism that made the country popular. From the history of Dubai available to me, when the incumbent king was drawing his plan for Dubai, the then Sultan of Saudi Arabia opposed his vision. He never gave him his blessing as his spiritual father. Today, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is no match to the splendour of Dubai. You lived in Europe, is our tenets here in Nigeria comparable to what is obtainable over there? Immigrants who have contributed their quota to the development of western nations are given the legal unfettered rights to aspire to any given position there is. But In Nigeria espcially in the west and north Igbos are seen as outcasts to the extent that a high class traditional ruler like Oba of Lagos, Oba Rilwan Akiolu, in open glare threatened Igbos to drawn them in the Lagoon if they voted against his candidate in Lagos gubernatorial election. Months later, the Deji of Akure singled out Igbos for once another round of ethnic ridicule. You also joined in the same wagon to remind us that Igbos have investments more outside Biafra land. Sir, how many northerners and westerners own businesses in Igbo land? How many of them own houses in Igbo land? Do you want to tell me that all of them living in Igbo land is too poor to invest there? I smell a lot of calculated attempt in such acts. Yet in Rivers state which you some how referred to as Igbo land occasionally, they own oil wells. Can you do a research on that and publish your findings. You made a good attempt on marginalization but thank goodness for the word dynamics. Have you come across this word called merit in comparison with federal character? Why is it that access to educational slots are based on state of origin? Why do we have six geo-political creations in Nigeria and only the east have five [5] states - is it fair? Why is it that in Nigerian census, tribe and religion is excluded - i will tell you why Nigeria is afraid of the Igbos. Why is History as a subject stylishly removed in Nigerian educational system? And why is it that Gowon and his range of leaders that fought the civil war has kept mute on the history of Nigerian-Biafra war? Yet, we know more about apartheid in South Africa, Hitler of German, the Williams of Uk et al Before you singled out Biafra again for ridicule, may i refer you to lyrics of Bob Marley .......................everyone is crying out for peace, but no one is crying out for justice.....................! be continued.
Dear fellow Nigerians, this write-up will give us more practical idea if we can share it with people all over the world than fighting each other on the pages of papers. This problem were created by past leaders. It is now our time to build friendship and unity through the love of God, so that our next generation will inherit unity from us and not separation. Love your neighbor as you love yourself. God bless you all!
My brother, your argument here is substantial and scales ideological consideration. Yet its an argument based on self analysis. I can say that you left certain vital parts that would have make your article palatable for all. You fail to raise the issue of what led to the Nigeria- Biafra war! You only talked about the acceptance and integration at the end of the war. Has Nigeria government addressed those issues that led to the war? This makes the article myopic and one side with a lot of leap holes in my own eyes. You did not consider the conspiracy initiated against the Igbo nation during the war, when the then finance minister, Awolowo sold the idea to Nigeria government to block the entrance of food to the Biafra land. My brother, if Nigeria nation was kind to the Igbos they wouldn't have take the part of the devil to punish Biafrans. Do you know how many innocent children that died as a result of that harsh decision against the Igbos? Also, your article was silent on the massacre of over 1million Igbos in the North at the eve of the war because as a student of history you shouldn't forget the vital parts of your analysis for a good mark. least I forget, what do you say about the issue of abandoned properties, because I read where you mentioned "no victor, no vanquish"? How then the Igbo man's properties were taken from him and he has to forgo his millions in the bank with 20 pounds in return? In your judgement, do you really believe that no side won or lost the war? let me not comment word to word. How do you see the present composition of the government of General Buhari? In the 23 security council, did you see an Igbo man in the composition? what does that mean to you? Also, look at it again, in the government cabinet, President- North, Vice president- South West, Senate president North, speaker - North, Secretary to the federation- North, Attorney general of federation- North...Brother in your own imagination, Do you think Nigeria is fair to Ndigbo. You mentioned about the challenges Igbos will face if they separate from Nigeria. I want you to know that the Igbos have the nature and transcendence to survive in whatever condition they found themselves. Countries like Singapore, Dubai, Malaysia are merely deserts but today they are the world tourism centres. If Nigeria break the Igbo man will turn his geographical entity into small heaven on earth. While I don't encourage the on going protest for separation, I caution Nigeria government to address these injustice meant against the Igbos and release Nnamdi Kanu immediately if they do not Nigeria to boil soon! Follow me on Twitter: Ezekwesiri B.A Otti.
mr joseph sir, in respect to ur forth question. sir, one cannot have it his way all the time. all the govt cant favor a particular ethnic group all the pls. while we are helping you to check current political appointment, pls look at the past last administration. The igbo pple benefitted even more than the niger deltans that dia son was the president. And pls may i remind you that beside the three so-called major tribes, we have all over 300 other ethnic nationalities pls.
I share your views Pastor, that we stand to gain more as a united country than when we are separated, be that as it may, you failed to balance your views on this matter, you came so hard on the Igbos. It's strange Pastor that you didn't notice the abnormalities in our federation which has favored certain group of people to the detriment of others, why do you think that the Nigerian state has turned deaf ears to the calls by well-meaning Nigerians for true federalism? it is not true that the Igbo elites have not said anything regarding the agitations for sovereign state of Biafra, both the Ohaneze Ndi Igbo and South East Governor's forum have taken a stand on the matter, check the national dailies. You came up with strange definition of marginalization to justify the unfair treatment of the Igbos by the Nigerian state. You gave us a case study of people experiencing marginalization, must we wait for things to be as bad as that before we cry out? There are other issues you raised which I don't think is necessary to comment on. The truth is that Nigeria needs restructuring, let's come together and talk to each other as a people and put in place a method of governance that will be fair to all.
When I started reading this article (book), from the caption must read, I knew that someone is trying to rewrite the book once again. Pastor started by narrating how he left the shore from his village somewhere in Yorubaland maybe thinking he is the only brain in the universe. Unfortunately, he met scores of brains who have been travelling long before he ever ventured into lagos. I bet you this pastor must be one of the beneficiary of the rot called Nigeria. He narrated how many igbos that have ruled Nigeria with a well crafted analysis. But being economic to his analysis, he failed to mention which federal ministry is in the east. He mentioned 2 international airport in the east, my dear pastor, you are economical to the truth. After the brutal war, Nigeria/Awolowo used what they called systematical displacement against the Biafrans. These include, there will be no international airport, no seaport, no railway and never will have a link of good road to the north and west. Up until today, these 3 factors are there for everyone to verify. Now Pastor, you want me to believe that Biafrans are better off with the forced marriage? Mbanu Pastor. Pastor, Biafrans left home because we do not have seaport. Biafrans left home because we not have airport, Pasor Biafrans left Biafraland in drove because your father/uncle in collaboration with Hausa fulanis blocked us from these 3 major means of livelihood. Imagine if there were no APAPA/TINCAN seaport and MMA in lagos. Imagine if there were no rail, 4 international airport in the north. Imagine if these 3 main factors of Biafra nightmare were in Biafraland, who would have been talking of succession? On the south south joining Biafra, Pastor your division worked with your parents not we that are parents now. Our children knows better than when you use media to meddle all sorts of lies just like you did here. Who told you that there is anything like south south? Who crafted south south? Was it not part of the strategy to dismember Biafra people? Growing up before you found yourself in the hands of Biafrans who have been tarvelling long before you came our from ogun in the airplane, was there anything like south south? You claimed to be well red, fine, did you not read that there were eastern Region, Western Region, Nothern Region? Who created this division amongst the Bite of Biafra? The answer is your fathers in collaborations with the british who have swore that Nigeria will remain their slave until the world ends. When you talk of Biafrans been the people to suffer when this mistake collapse, I ask, why the pity? Why not let Biafra go and die? Why holding on to lies when you know the bitter truth? Why the sermon? I bet that this Pastor has never been anywhere close to the east. I bet that this pastor does not know what international airport is. I bet you that this pastor went to Europe with my forefathers money stolen by his fathers. In conclusion, I want to ask a fair question, Why is Nigeria holding on to the people they hate so much? Why is the Yorubas fighting to be in one country with the Biafrans? When has it become force that the marriage that is not working must not be divorced? Until I get this answer, I bet that this Pastor is one of the beneficiary of the N20billion earmarked to brainwash some brainless Igbos who mainly live in Lagos and Abuja and not the real Biafrans living in the Biafraland.
Pls check out Obey and Osadebe's music on disagreement even in the Church where we think there should be more unity, pastors disagrees which sometimes lead to breaking up why? Its had time we start calling a spade a spade and stop painting a black white. I don't understand something here if a country emergeis from another so the world will send the indigen of that country packing. Now everybody is saying "we suffere the same thing" is it that those of you that are suffering the something are comfortable with the suffering? Nigeria's new slogan now is CHANGE I think change is applicable not only in government but for as many who desire change.
All my thanks and good wishes goes to my above brother Mr. David you got t right even very much learned or experienced than this Pastor scrip writer, Mr David you have just said it all Pakistanis out from India and South Sudan, and Biafran land is very much better than all those divided nations, my question is why does he believed that we Biafran can’t make it by being on our own nation? I strongly believed that we can and Biafran nation has come to be and it’s sooner, yes Biafran republic can be and survive it with peace.
Everybody is now showing concern for Nigeria because their candidate buhari is now president. All this write up is to cover up for buhari's catastrophic inadequacies. Suddenly, they have become patriotic. You prophesied that buhari is the Messiah that Nigeria needs and since your prediction is not coming through you have decided to do as much as possible to save your face, including doing the doing the job of National orientation agency by proxy. All I can say is, this agitations are only aggravated by your buhari's tactics so your article should be directed at your beloved buhari QED
May God Bless You
Know amount of good Biafra man and woman will do to make Hawusa / Furani and Yoruba to love him is better divide Nigeria,let everybody go and rule then self's one Nigeria is a sin before God if you truly a man of God ask God to open your eyes to see how innocent People is dying in that evil empire call Nigeria even God is very angry with the name call Nigeria pray God will open for you to prayer all days and night is division if Nigeria nothing more that is only true miracle that can happen to each and everyone of us .Nigeria is hail fire on earth
Dear Pastor Adelaja , You need to find answers to all these 'begging questions being raised. It is not enough to have oratory and command of English . Real answers are needed here! Real answers!! Or is this a paid advertorial?
He is just attention seker,we want to govern our self,Chinese dont have oil,look at their economy.we biafrans will not only depend on oil but technology,there is nothing Biafra nation can not produce,just give us Biafra and we will turn it to Japan of African...take a leave to Aba and see to ur self what is happening there
We want to govern our self,Chinese dont have oil,look at their economy.we biafrans will not only depend on oil but technology,there is nothing Biafra nation can not produce,just give us Biafra and we will turn it to Japan of African...take a leave to Aba and see to ur self what is happening there
Thanks a milliom man of God for ur well articulated treatise on d need for national unity and cohesion. To my mind, Nigeria's unity is sacrosanct and nonnegotiable. What I strongly think is that the present political leadership in d country, should as a matter of urgency, look into d various genuine agitation by various groups in d country with a view to addressing them. Moreover, efforts should b made to restructure d country so as to give equal opportunities to various segments of Nigeria; this time around, not only focusing on d three major ethnic groups of Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba. This is because what is good to goose is equally good to the gander. God bless u pastor and God bless Nigeria
God bless you Pastor Adelaja for this wonderful article.
My friend go nd sit down for u dnt know what u are saying, firstly those igbos dat have been to d apex positions in dis country how far were they allowed to rule, secondly what year was dat? Is it in d recent democratic dispensation? As for ur write up concerning d concequences of trying to gain our own freedom, we are not asking for ur help or sympathy because u yorubas have always cojoined with d hausas to see to d failure nd unsuccess of d igbos so keep ur sympathy in ur pocket for we dnt need it, we are ready to die for our freedom, one tin u dnt knw is dat theres neva a country dat got freedom without d sheeding of blood, in d other vain u said every body is cheated how? Why have they refused to give d igbos six state while d north west has seven? Why did they channel d three Rs scheduled to take place in d south east nd south south where d war was fought to the south west? Dis is d onli two questions i have for u now thank u.
Why can't yoruba people talk about yoruba(oduduwa), why can't you people yoruba mind your own business,or is it because you people yoruba are natural caword and that is why fulani conquared kwara state, let me tell you people, we BIAFRAN are tired of this fraudlent entity called nigeria,if nigerian is heaven we BIAFRAN is no longer intrested in it, we want to go to our promise land, the land of rising sun, the land that filled with milk and honey and we want worship our creator CHUKWU OKIKE IN OUR LAND, and let me tell you or warn you hausa/fulani bokoharam and yoruba coward, nothing will stop BIAFRA, no BIAFRA no peace for nigeria,take it or leave it. LONG LIVE REPUBLIC OF BIAFRA, LONG LIVE THE HOME OF RISING SUN,MAY CHUKWU OKIKE ABIAMA GUIDE AND PROTECT BIAFRAN.
God bless you sir for the write up, I believe in one United Nigeria, I wish my igbo brothers and sisters would reason, just last week my classmate insulted me because of Biafra. The truth is that they believe they can stand alone, but forgot they are landlocked without south_south states.
Your entire family lacks vision
My dear pastor thanks for ur concern, I don't have much to say than to tell the world that it has gotten to the stage that the government at center determines our leaders, eg ; obj came to Anambra in one of their gorvernoship canpaign and told anambarians catigorically that he is paying Andy Ubah off by making him to be the next gorvernor of that state which he later did, is that not an insult to Anamberians? Yes! Igbos are helpless because even in there land u impose leaders on them & call them there leaders, most of these agitators did not witness the war but they read tru history that 1966 pogrom took a vary good care of there uncles & relations, there houses destroyed in the war, they cannot go to school, they are turned to emergency traders in aria-ria market & co and the body language of gorvenment of de day is telling them that they can go to hell with the 5 states given to them. If u 're to be a beneficiary of that what would u do?
Dear Man of God, Have you forgotten so soon that Wole Soyinka once described the Igbos as "a specie of Africans who can squeeze water out from the rock" ? You probably forgot about Indegenization policy? Why is Nigeria requesting for Foreign investors when they once forced them out thinking that it had succeeded in relegating the ibos to poverty? I thought you will advocate for the present government to probe the indegenization policy because it remained the major problem of Nigeria and not the ibos. I also thought you should have read the report of the last National Conference and dwell more on its provisions. May I remind that that single document did provide for solution to all the major problems in Nigeria. It fought corruption. Anybody alleging that he is fighting corruption in Nigeria without reference to that document is pretending.
Some of u are making mistake, Biafra is both south-south and south-east, they are people we hv the same tradition, culture, name with, let me ask, pst Sunday have u ever joined together in ur church sis, and a bro, without their concent? We were not one before the white man came, is white man a god to creat a country? If D oil is nt from Biafra land am not sure we would still remain as one county till now, imaging we are been treated like this when d resource is from our land . One Nigeria but a Yoruba cannot let Igbo to hold any position in his church, they don't even attend church of an Igbo man, they are the worst set of heppocrites I hv ever seen. Go and look for Article writing by Sanusi Lamido u understand what am saying, I am a member of CAC, no Igbo man is holding any post or even as a member of goving board. All d oil well is own by Hausa and Yoruba, this our brothers in d south-south, please tell me any of u that owns oil well? Oil in ur father land is managed by another person and u are happy shouting one Zoo, if Nigeria is a country pst y don't u bring down ur church here let's stay together , Nigeria my foot.
I read your article, although is very educating and factual ;but not with some little misconception and political trick. First is that even if Biafran secedes today, they will still serve the teeming market population :even if Nigeria desist from doing business with Biafrans, which I do not see as been possible ;the African nation will not. igbos business connections and enterprise cuts across the entire African. I also wish to remind you that Igbos, on like Niger delta has oil too :so survival will not be a problem. Furthermore, I want to correct you on your assertions :that Igbos are free in this country and had never been shortchanged or restricted their efforts to better their region :to me that confession sounded so myopic and had convinced me further that you knew little or nothing about world economics and policies as it affects nation's building. What do you know about "exclusive, residual and concurrent list" in Nigeria infrastructural development? What do you know about a nation's fiscal and monetary policy, on how it effects their species of ethnic and tribal divides? What do you know about a country civil service equitable enrollment to balance the various ethnic differences? I could go on and on, but the bottom line is that: you can not pretend not to know that a country that chooses to operate on kwasi federalism from the true federalism which is supposed to be the norm ;has something to hide. Why has Nigerian been much more divided among ethnic and religious side, no matter the efforts we put in place? I guess you need more holistic studies of Nigeria political settings before you cast blames on the Biafran agitators.
I carefully followed your points in your write-up and I agree with you that we should remain a united Nigeria. You took your time to point out all the negative effects to Biafra should they secceed from Nigeria. Though you really tried to avoid being seen biased in your writing. The point still remains that, there were still areas you failed to point out to Nigeria being unfair to the Igbos. One of such is that, you failed to tell the whole truth about what led to the civil war. That the Igbos were properous in every sector of Nigerian society, not just in trade but that they were more educated before independence and occupied top positions including the army after independence. That the major champion of the Nigeria independence was an Igbo man, Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe. Secondly, that the Hausa/Fulani committed pogrom against the Igbos due to a coup plotted by some Igbo and Yoruba officers. The jealousy that the Igbos occupied the various top positions in the newly independent Nigeria was let loosed by other tribes which, the Igbos had no option than to declare their own independent nation of Biafra which led to the war. Thirdly, you also failed to tell everyone that after the war the 20 pounds given to the Igbos was out of their thousands of savings in their bank accounts. Despite the huge amount anyone had only 20 pounds were given to him/her. The idea came from Awolowo of your tribe. However, I am still of the opinion that it is good to remain as one united Nigeria. I want to say that the Igbos have remained the only tribe in Nigeria that wants a united Nigeria, this is because we don't discriminate, we take any place we go to as our home, we build to develope such places but no other Nigerian tribe does that. A Yoruba man cannot build in Igbo land likewise the Hausa and other ethnic groups. If other tribes continue to hate us the they do, it is better for us to go and God will see us through. Though as you rightly said, it will not be easy but like our Jewish brothers in Isreal we will surely make it. God bless
Thank you Man of God. A well thought, researched and presented Article. We your fans await your arrival and we are ready to support you in whatever capacity you may want to serve. Remain blessed
I thought this was an illuminating and informative article. Written with depth of information, evidence and also with passion. It shows the policies of the past where large numbers of scholars were sent abroad for a wider education were effective. Now it is time for those students from all over Nigeria return and take up the mantle of running efficiently one of the most diverse and rich nations of Africa. Pulling together will give strength, which will in turn provide unity and security. I enjoyed my trip to Lagos which was admittedly over 15 years ago, but I never felt safe there, which for a nation as developed as Nigeria is a real disadvantage. Nigeria I wish you well?
that your opinion .but if the truth must be told biafra existed before nigeria. as a yoruba man u have nothing to loss in nigeria .owo took advantage of biafra war to punish the biafrans .using food as weapon of war to fellow human like. am asking u where is the love .the warmth n brotherly you are talking about. your father never tell u the truth . as an ibibio man i will ever continue to support biafra .note sir biafra is not igbo nation .
that your opinion .but if the truth must be told biafra existed before nigeria. as a yoruba man u have nothing to loss in nigeria .owo took advantage of biafra war to punish the biafrans .using food as weapon of war to fellow human like him. am asking u where is the love .the warmth n brotherly love you are talking about. your father never tell u the truth . as an ibibio man i will ever continue to support biafra .note sir biafra is not igbo nation .
Long live Biafra. lovely write up but in a crafty way. Yo should be given an award for that. Anyone that is hearing of Biafra for the first time would easily believe that. Now, as you claim you are more of a foreigner, and for that no one will blame you for your write up. Only people in the middle class and below based in "Nigeria" (non-biafrans) can clearly see the evil "one Nigeria" has brought to Africa. Long live Biafra.
But why are the Yorubas taken panadol extra on another mans headache are they too weak to stand on their own i heard that they are conspiratorial by nature maybe that is what this so called man of God is trying to exhibit, pls you should forget Biafra focus on your ministry and your tribe Biafra is for Biafrans and for them only to understand because you cannot understand it. pls stop all this ur niger delta south south propaganda bcos it is no longer working let Nigeria try and conduct referendum and see the tsunami that will happen even the yorubas are aware that is why they are trying to use the media to write rubbish.
1. For your information Igbo is not a people but a language. Igbo is one of the languages been spoken in Biafra. Biafra is our nation country., 2. Nigeria is more geographical expression, zoo not a nation.3. Our value system are different in the zoo called nigeria yorubas are 75% muslim , 24 % native believe, 1% is Christian. 4. BiBiafrans 99% Judo Christian our value system are not the same, so your nigerian can work. After all you are living in Ukraine that pull out from soviet union. 5. Please speak for your Yoruba people we biafrans don't, need your help, go and deliver your people in hands of fulanis, also Benin republic.
Sir I think you're right what you publish on your page is true so sir what you are trying tell me is you believe in one nigeria your right in some of your saying in some cases your wrong I think I enjoyed some of your writing thanks
Adelaja is a pastor that I respect but highly disappointed at his insensitive comments.Be it known to you that we are agitating for Biafra not bcos of d oil in d south south. Besides we have untapped oil presence in IMO,Abia and Anambra. These 3 States have joined d oil States in Nigeria. We have nothing in common with Hausa people, no similarity in religion, dressing, culture, reasoning,food,speech, history and's better to die in Biafra than suffer in Nigeria. Your speech is a show of hatred towards d Igbos. How can you say that d Igbos will suffer if Biafra emerges, let's watch what will happen.
You ended your article well. Thank you for that. But, what I want to say is based from the beginning of your article to a point I found it worth saying. That thing is this, May the Lord be the judge between your mindset, write-up and what Nigerians are doing to Igbos or what Biafrans are passing through.
There are some of your decisions that i do not agree with at all. The iss of Yoruba being 21 p/cent, Hausa 20 p/cent, Fulani 9 p/cent, Igbo 18 p/cent, Ijay 10 p/ cent. There is another area, you mentioned refering to yellow Nigerians. You also spoke about being landlocked with no access to the sea. Just to mention a few are baseless facts, that cannot be substantiated. My i use to have that premonition before. Now, you cannot travel to the northern nigeria with security guaranteed. So what are you talking. Pharaoh let my people go. Thanks.
The most important thing in Nigeria as at the moment is having a constitutional conference where all issue partaining to injustice or lopesidedness will be addressed.If not I see no solution to the lingering and multifaceted problems calling for address in Nigeria.Tackle the root cause.Lets call a spade a spade.
Dear pastor, I sincerely do acknowledge your regard for the Nigerian nation and our different ethnic nationality's.I humbly at the same time appreciate your vast knowledge historical but one might still question your source of knowledge. But not withstanding Pastor,we thank God for how much well you have done to the kingdom expansion i believe that you have done,but for an indivisible Nigeria you spoke not well,you only did so emotionally because family seperation,for you have spoken not prophetically which is the fundamental of every house of God considering apostle Paul's advice. As a divided nation, visitation to the place of your in law can never be a problem .A divided nation won't bring you a divided love. You have have found a soul mate in an Igbo woman,glory be to God .Key in prophetically and be a partaker of the blessing. (prophetically).
Nigeria is fraud, let's embrace the truth, coz we better die with our freedom in our hands than stay in a country DAT is hold no future 4 our coming generations, come to think of it as longs as nigeria is concern we cannot stop tribalism. Here are some of my points:- 1. You can not put a cat and a rat in one cage. Islam and christianity, the Hausa's and Igbo's can not coexist in peace. 2. Looking at this article and comments below it you will see that Its full of sentiment and baise oppinion. Tribalism surfaces in every area of our opinion. The Hausa and Yoruba's will want to justify there stand while the we the igbos will stand on our ground for freedom or for equality in d governance of dis fraudulent entity called nigeria. Pls dis is my plea:- Nigeria letz go our seperate ways 4 peace to reign, let's do it 4 our future generation! We are biafrans of christian descents We are not Muslims We love freedom We are peace loving people Even if we separate today, nigeria will still be in our heart! Pls let us go and try this biafra There's no harm in trying I LOVE BIAFRA I LOVE MY IGBO BROTHERS I LOVE YOU THAT IS READING THIS. give us what we want and let truth prevail! Remember the souls of the 3.5 million children DAT died of hunger and starvation during the war will never rest till Biafra is actualised. I believe in Biafra there death will never be in vain. The soul of my grand father will Neva be in vain. BIAFRA MY HOME THE LAND OF THE RISING SUN THE ISREAL OF AFRICA THE PLACE OF MY BIRTH ALL HAIL BIAFRA UCHE NWA CHUKWU OKIKE ABIAMA(THE GOD OF ABRAHAM)
Dear biafrians,I ve few ?4 u :u said that we shd not force u 2 be a part of Nigeria,yet u re forcing South-south 2 join u're not d Same u know why GOD is chukwu or chineke in Igbo language but it's OGENE ORISE in ijaw Language hence,tell me the correlatn water is called Ame in ijaw/urhobo but called nmiri in IBO so,tell me d similarities if Igbos want 2 secede they're free cz,Nigeria as a country has bee victim of bad leadership 4rm every part of the country. Secondly, does the name Adekunle fajuyi means anything to the biafrians if u're good student if history as u claim.He was the man that volunteered himself to be killed along side with Aguiyi Ironsi so that the Igbos ll not think that he's the one that arranged for him 2 be captured in his house so that there won't be any fight BTW IBO's&yorubas in the future that. to any one is a heroic move the truth,is,as Yoruba's we think of tomorrow than today .GOD bless us all IN JESUS NAME.
I deeply appreciate you for the quality of time you have spent on this hieroglyph. My appreciation is borne out of my understanding of what time is worth for a busy pastor like you. I have read your thoughts dispassionately and would have commented if all the information you gave were true. I know you could have had some challenge with your source of information. I would not want a dismembered Nigeria for reasons outside all you listed in your write-up. But,your information is not sanctified and is not born again! Thank you once more for sparing some precious time out of your very busy schedule.
Thanks for this piece. But let me ask you, apart from your brother or uncle marrying an igbo lady, how many Yoruba and Hausa-Fulani have houses in Igbo land. The Igbos contribute meaningfully to wherever they find themselves but what is the contributions of other ethnic groups to the development of the Igbo land. Even as minister of the gospel, do you have your headquarter in Igbo land? If you are sincere with yourself, you will find out that the answer to these questions is simply; NO-NONE. Until there is equity in Nigeria with respect to how ethnic nationalities are handled, there will still be problems. Thank you.
Thank you sir for this very elucidating lesson. I however don't quite agree with your assertion that Late Gen. Murtala Mohammed was a Berom Man. I am from the Angaz ethnic group of Plateau State and has failed to discover any documentary or oral evidence that points to the fact that the late General was from Plateau. I will appreciate your reference to any links where this fact was sourced. Thank you. For the love of church and country.
I so much like ur article bt wen i read deep into it, i saw reasons nt 2 go further 1. U said you left Nigeria about 30yrs nw, 2. U said you dont know much about biafra history. Then tell me what you think you can write about the issue you ventured into? You are only writing what you heard and not what you know, in this kind of issue pls knowledge is most paramount and lack of that really affected your write up, i culdnt continue cos @ a point you started blabbing simply cos u dnt hav knowledge of what you re writing. That does nt condemn some areas where absolute truth where told, but however you need 2 knw much about what you re writing.
For me this article lack merit.. First Nigeria is an unholy marriage, secondly if you think that abandon properties will happen again, its a big lies people are well educated now than in 60's and the last thing Nigerians can tell an Igbo man is to leave their territory is a violation of human right, Nigeria is a member of United Nations you don't need to remind them the rules. Thirdly the issue of south-south to join Biafra is a thing of choice it has been said openly to them the are Biafrans but if they think that they don't want the door is wide open for them. It is a thing of choice. Lastly Biafrans are not leaving Nigeria because of oil but let me remind you Abia and Imo are among Niger-Delta also Anambra is currently producing oil, google about Orient Oil they don't want to join Niger-Delta issue. Freedom is what we need. As a Pastor you are! you should know that freedom is Paramount many have died in the course of Biafra and the only thing that can keep them to rest is FREEDOM.
A father's heart.bless u sir!
My Igbo Brothers and Sisters i salute you, and i pray that progress will be achieved for the nation by this outcry in Jesus name. I say the nation because we all make the nation, and whatever pain a part of it is feeling, one way or the other, the whole nation feels it, even if we want to deny it. My brothers and Sisters i am not as versed in history as many of us neither i'm i as widely read. However, there is an old saying of the elders that says "Charity begins at home". Kindly hear me out before offence is taken. One of our brothers mention divide and rule as one of the weapons the government is using to have his way and also it has been mentioned severally that someone is been forced on the Igbo community and states. It has also been mentioned that the eastern region had not been well developed like the other regions of the nation despite the region been the most enterprising in the nation. Hmm, i agree with the above to a great extent, however, going back to the saying of the elders i quoted previously, could it be that this is because it was allowed by my Igbo brethren. Please do not get me wrong, i am a Yoruba by birth, however, i am a Nigerian and an old yoruba saying goes that "if the eyes is in trouble, the nose is also in trouble" and that is my stand point in this matter. I said could it be that the issue we complain about is allowed. Now this is where i am going, have my brethren considered that it is impossible for me to demand respect when i do not respect myself. I believe that my brethren need to firstly question the Igbo leaders and by this i mean the community elder (I give respect), the councillors, chairmen and women, members of the different houses all the way to the federal level and the Governors,. Have we question where their priority lies, to their pocket or their people. I am not in politics neither i'm i in government but we all knows that these people are given allocations, voted funds ( whatever we want to call it) for the development of our communities, what is happenning to the funds. Why don't we question them, why don't we query the reason for lavish parties at goverment expense while the civil servants go months unpaid and if we do not get the answer we deserve why don't we refer them to EFCC and protest untill our voices be heard and then (thanks to democracy) vote them out with the same one voice, raise our own candidiates and vote them in. The population of the Igbo community are stronger together than some self centered politicians who only want to satisfy their party and their pockets than do what is right for the people. We can't blame the white man for taking our fore fathers as slaves, as it was our own leaders that sold them out in the first place. I believe that only after we have taken our leaders to task and we know that they are working for the people that we can then shout out to the government and be heard but not just heard but something done about it. The bible said if the foundation be destroyed what can the righteous, it also said a house divided against itself cannot stand. I believe the agitation has a cause, although i do not agree in break away, because an old yoruba saying says "cutting off the head is not the solution to headache", i believe that if the community leaders and the elected officials to do what is right by the people, then they will have the gut to face the central government to make demand for the people, but if the leaders that should protect the interest of the people are the ones selling them out, don't we think we have an uphill struggle to be heard by the federal government. As it had been said severally, he that wears the shoe knows where it pinches but if he keeps bearing the pinch then comfort cannot be enjoyed and to get the comfort he needs to get the shoe adjusted and if the shoe does not want to adjust the shoe needs to be changed and that is the opportunity afforded by democracy. If the regional leaders know that we are not playing poker with them they will sit up, when they sit up, they will then be the ones to be doing the fighting for us because they will know that they are still coming back home to meet the people and they will better be performing. when this basis is dealt with, then we can enjoy the independence and resources that God has blessed us with. The Igbos are known for their enterprising nature and that is a blesing to Nigeria but let us not make this blessing into what crude oil has become to Nigeria. I'm looking forwsrd to when i will be able to buy my first Innoson Transport Bus, i just wonder why the states in the country had not started buying it as the default official cars. God bless the Igbos, God bless the Hausas, God bless the Yorubas and God bless Nigeria. Thank you.
Nice write - up, we'll researched, very fair and well intentioned I believe. However, you certainly have not been to the South East in at least the last 15 years. Pay a visit and you certainly will write from a different perspective. There is deprivation and there is deprivation. However, that of South East cannot be qualified. That is the root of the agitation.
The deprivation you are talking about is everywhere you go in Nigeria. you haven't gone to other places in Nigeria Neither. from Ogun state upward u will find the same thing, people living from hand to mouth, even worse than i'v seen everywhere in the southeast, from Obolo-afor to Onitsha and aloogi(Aba) to Nnewi etc... Go to Cross-Rivers or even the Niger-delta. it is not a federal Govt problem, but Local political problem, all politicians in Nigeria are the ones depriving there people of the basic benefits in democrazy, All the states in Nigeria have receive over 2trillions in allocation, Budgets and constituency project grants.. who is fooling who is the case here.
I love this article to a fault and all of you that have commented on this ; you are wonderful people. Please continue to demonstrate maturity in your submissions.
The cause of the Ibo race was just! I began reading your essay with great enthusiasm and anticipations, as the caption came across as yet another rare, unbiased view on the present state of the ProBiafra agitations by the sponsors of the initiative with their sympathizers. While I commend you for the effort of your work which in itself is a display of patriotism, I wish to verily state that there was a failure at maintaining an unbiased standpoint, which would have earned you the position of a desentimental umpire, the result would have been; more credibility and instructiveness for the piece (especially, coming from a cleric). Noticeable however, were a few slips amid the many salient truths here presented. The fight of the Ibo race was Just! It must be stated for the records that the concept of Biafra was a brainchild of need; the necessity of a people “justly uniting under adversity” to protect and preserve their essence and posterity from flagrant inhumanities and near annihilation, a response to an impunious crowned authority’s attempt at bringing to an utter end the existence of a section of her citizenry. That sort of impunity displayed by Nazi’s Hitler, when he convinced himself that Jewish race was not fit to exist… this time however, it was on a smaller scale; Countless Igbo’s were hunted down in the full glare of the day like game (my uncle, a then officer in the Nigerian Army and several other relatives inclusive), in a country they called theirs, without redress or retribution of any kind. The defense of the Ibo race was Just! The response of this race was just, timely, prompted and well courted by the perpetrators of the dastardly act (majority of whom are still today big fishes in the waters of Nigeria’s politics; never having been arraigned before any courts of arbitration nor have they ever answered to any of their crimes… a neglect by the international watchdogs!). All these make their agitations Just! And different from other references of civil wars drawn against the Nigerian civil war. As cause and reason are two inextricable factors to consider when analyzing and evaluating any occurrence; it was the genuine yearnings and aspirations of this sect of the Nation state under such terror, trepidation, trauma and demoralization expressed by Odimegwu Ojukwu, and none hesitated to rally round to amplify the voice of the gentleman, in whom they had found a restoration of their waning cries against the dismays and unattended Injustices. Indeed, the fight was Just! A fight against what the race feared will interrupt her destiny and truncate her progress, as it eventually did, interfering with the decent life and enviable status the Ibo man had earned in the nation through industry and diligence. It left them with frozen assets (part of which the highly celebrated Awo facilitated), humongous loss of human capital and vast degrees of stigmatizations of distrust; a tacit suspicion borne by the other tribes in Nigerian politics towards the Ndigbos, excused by such reasons as their lack of internal unity and accord, and political cunning, which in itself is true… the Ibo man should indeed begin to learn to be more institutional, shedding her “individualistic survivalism”; the heightened survival instinct, a syndrome which is again the fallout of the post war sufferings. He should also learn to live above the “might is right”, “money is king”, “politics of audacity”, and many other principles that detract from this great people. The position of the Ibo race in the civil war was Just! And I am of the opinion that it is the voice of retribution calling out today; the soldiers on the Nigerian side who fought the war, less than a decade ago got some compensation in payment, but who has visited the losses of the Ibo man: his properties in the Southern and northern parts of the country he could never reclaim, the huge sums of his monies confiscated by the Country’s finance ministry headed by the “Great Awo!”… Patrick EU
I have not read your write-up, Pastor. And I'm not Nigerian; I'm Ghanaian. So I may not really appreciate the issues even if I read it. But I must say that taking time out of your busy schedule (and I believe you're a very busy person) to write this is an indication of your love for your country. And for that I say, "Kudos!".
I though I saw spiritual fact, but I saw hypocrisy. Open ur eyes and see religious ratios of the world, u will realize that Biafra is a Prophesy, not just an agitation. Print this words of mine and keep it safe... Someday u will refer to it. Thanks
my answer to your question why can't Igbo's produces more in their own States is because the federal government are cheating on us the money that they used to developed Lagos and abuja is it from there they make our own environment to not be conducive for us in those days if you are talking of commercial cities in Africa you will count aba and Onitsha but but they came to destroyed them to developed Lagos and abuja remember that we are importers during obasanjo regime closed calabar seaport and ordered us to be coming to Lagos to be clearing our Good's and transport it down to east with another money so that we will be enriching Lagos state economy my dear God is watching
Bravo! The much awaited article against the agitation for Biafra. But it is pertinent to know that a government centered at Abuja cannot get Nigeria to the promise land. We started well from the 1960s where regional government was ran. Nigeria should go back to that system, natural resources in any region shouuld develop the region on the obligation to only pay tax to the center of power i.e Abuja. Abuja is too powerful, wholesome and juicy, most politicians run to Abuja based on the emptiness of their stomachs and pockets and the tribes they represent. Regionalism with a weak center at Abuuja will solve this current political and economic miasma Nigeria is expercience even the United Nations supports this opinon. To the UN, Nigeria will continue to be failed nation based on the system of government been practised in Nigeria.
Yemisi. Just a quick reminder former governor of Rivers state Rotimi Amenchi claimed he is of Igbo origin, Donald Duke former governor of Cross River state also claimed he is Igbo extraction, current director of NNPC Kachukwu from Delta claimed he is Igbo extraction. Very simple before the civil war in Nigeria their was nothing called south south the whole region was known as the eastern region under the governor of Ojukwu. To reduce the control of the eastern region by Ojukwu after the declaration of Biafra the south-south was wrestled away from him by Gowon strategically to curtail the use of the, sea, oil and its wealth to prosecute the war on the Biafra side. This strategic move by Gowon caused the tactical defeat of the Biafra army. Now back to the history i learnt from my grand father when he was alive the people of the south south are banza Igbos, just like we have banza Hausas, like the berom, Tiv and others majority of the people of the south south according to the caste system in Igbo land are ozus; the outcast whom our fore fathers had pushed to the riverside from mixing up with the majority of free born Igbos in the five states of Igboland. Left by d riverside to die, these people used resources in the rivers i.e the fishes, crabs, perwrinkles, and snails as a means of livelihood thereby coming in contact with their brothers far on the mainland Igboland through buying and selling, the igbos grew mainly yam and tuber crops in exchange for the fishes of the Igbos banished to the riverside of the south south. With banished Igbos parent of south-south mostly at seas and river to meet with the high demands for fish by their main land free born Igbos abandoned the teaching of their cultures to their young generations mostly the Igbo language. There after their Igbo language became adulterated and wuth the influx of the white men especially the Portugese in the south south, they were the first to use European names, took their culture, the way if dressing no wonder an Ijaw, Urohobo, Isethkiri man wears an european hat no matter the traditional wrapper and shirt he wears. What i want to point out that 80% of people of the south south are of Igbo extraction but most do not like to admit that when i tell them this history taught by my grand father, but a few willingly admit it . No wonder an Ijaw man Goodluck Ebele Jonathan former president of Nigeria got and added an Igbo appellation Azikiwe to his name to be more endeared to the Igbos to survive politically been a minority before i forget Ebele is an adulterated Igbo language from Ebere which is mercy. In conclusion no federal politician from the south south will survive politically without the Igbos that they saying they are not part of Biafra is mere rattling. The word ozu in Igbo means slave the south south don't want to be slaves to Igbos again. It is not far from that.
I guess Igbos are slaves of Benin my cousin then! because the whole of the now south-south were part of Benin controlled areas. so before u igbolies everything abeg read between your claims. Jews of wayo.
Thank you so much Sir for your immense contribution to our great Nation. This is not just a thought this is THE SOLUTION for Nigeria. The Biafra sect need to sit down and carefully read this and have their understanding straightened up. Sir, pardon me but I feel in my spirit you should write a book titled NIGERIA THE WAY FORWARD. It will surely be a BLESSING. Actually this write up on itself should be a book. Thank you so much, I and My Family Love YOU GREATLY.
What a light you have troan up here sir,my people for d lack of knowledge perish d bible says, Note He didn't say for d lack of,millitary,economic or social power perish but for d lack of knowledge. Because some of this people agitating for d sovereign state of Biafra them selves ,didn't even witness d previous war so dey don't have d experience, and therefore do not have d knowledge required to know that in peace& unity we prosper d more&emerge as a powerful force to be reckon with. In divided we fall but in unity we stand. Is one Nigeria and nothing can divide us.
Dear Sir, No offense as you rightly said but i find your arguments also following the same thought patterns as the members of your tribe. if is very bad that as learnered as you are you categorize igbo land as just the south east, we all know that ndigbo cuts across all the eastern region and those lands are and will continue to be igbo lands till tomorrow. however, igboland is not landlocked, but lets just say it is there are far more other countries that are landlocked that has thrived and is even living better than nigeria. on crimes, in a society that has highly enterprising people will also feature prominently with people engaging in crime, ndigbo do not carry drugs more than the columbians or the mexicans or the south american nations. i do not have the time to strike down most of your arguments but most of them are standing on faulty grounds. has it not occured to you that there is nothing like niger delta and the akwa ibom man would rather go with the igbo than an ijaw man? with all the fault lines the igbo have, they are the more united among the three major ethnic groups. for sure the north would be worse off, because they will immediately decend into civil war(religious war), the yorubas are also not left out in the civil war scenario. so for me i would advice that your next piece should be how to build a better biafra, giving advice on the initial steps to take not to repeat the mistake of nigeria. thank you.
The write up was economical with the truth and selectional in references. First the killing of Igbos in northern Nigeria pre-dates the independence, the hatred for Igbos due to their doggedness and industry pre dates the civil war, there is an interview clip of the then Sir Ahmed Bello which is going viral on facebook recently in which he was asked of the Igbo question, in response he accused the Igbos of being domineering in nature and are the kind that always wants to be at the top in every thing. it was on record that prior to civil war Igbos excel in all areas of Nigerian economic life from commerce to transport, from education to artisanship, in military they are there. they are envied from the north to the west. so the Igbo question has been a big puzzle for other tribes in Nigeria. The coup of 1966 provided the other tribes in Nigeria a golden opportunity to deal with the Igbo question once and for all. the coup that happened among the military was generalised, the coup was plotted by virtually people across the country but it was quickly termed Igbo coup. innocent civilians were slaughtered without mercy. Properties belonging to Igbos were decimated. then the civil war was fought on the ground of self defence. the aburi accord would have aborted the war and keep Nigeria united with mutual respect but the Igbo question wouldn't have been solved going by aburi accord. so Nigeria had to abandon Aburi accord to pursue the Igbos question relentlessly. Making sure they do not rise up economically and otherwise. After the war the policy of reconciliation, rehabilitation, and reconstruction was initiated, sir, in your analysis i would want you to tell us the reconstruction that took place to restore the Biafran land as part of Nigeria. All the rebuilding were done by Igbos on individual efforts and collective efforts. Igbos got all there finances seized and was reduced to 20 pounds irrespective of what they have in the bank. in your candid opinion as a cleric was that reconciliation or reconstruction or perhaps rehabilitation. but you said they were not marginalized. i think you should research more and be more objective. shortly after the war and the seizure of properties and finances belonging to Igbos, nigeria embarked on indigenization policy were they allowed Nigerians to buy up equity in foreign owned companies. the question is did Igbos participate in that exercise with all their money and property confisticated. the Yorubas your brothers got the bounty, same goes to the North. the Yorubas your brothers were happy since the Igbo question has been solved they can now comfortable fill in the gap left by Igbos in government, academics and military and share the bounty with the North. just recently a bill was introduced in the national assembly to create southeast development commission the rest of the members mostly from the north and west shouted it down. it is on record that southeast has the worst federal roads in the whole federation. is it the responsibility of governors too to build federal roads? southeast has the least federal presence in the whole federation, all these were not mentioned in your write up and you said you did research. foreign investments were directed away from southeast by the federal government. companies in southeast are the ones industrious Igbo men had managed to put in place unlike Lagos that has daily inflow of foreign investment. recently a national rail project was designed and the federal government sort approval to borrow a whopping 30 billion dollars to execute it. it will interest you to know that the rail project did not cross any southeast states. the international airport upgraded by Jonathan administration was denied the status of cargo airport just to kill its usefulness in the region that produce the highest number of international merchants. are all these coincidence or orchestrated plans to keep the Igbos at bay. i would want you to know that the boundary adjustment commission instituted by your brother former president olusegun obasanjo during his military era was to cut off igbo lands that has oil deposits and push it to other states to make sure they have nothing to gain in their own resources. i believe you do not know much about Nigerian history. why is it that all regions have at least 6 states but only the southeast has five states? they also have the least number of local governments. i hope you know the importance of those parameters in sharing national cake. why was Mr. Festus Odumegwu removed as head of national population commission because he said that Nigeria had never had any credible census since its creation. population census had been manipulated to the extent that Igbos are now the minorities in Nigeria. i also hope you understand the role of population in sharing the national cake. should i also remind you that Igbos are being killed in the Northern Nigeria for any useless religious reasons without the authorities making arrests or prosecute anyone. i personally i lost my shop in the North twice just because Buhari could not win election and secondly because christians say no to sharia during the civilian administration of Obasanjo. in the current Buhari administration there is no Igbo man heading any security apparatus in Nigeria. with all these you believe that Igbos are treated fairly in Nigeria like every other tribe. the list goes on and on. the fact that some politician got some political post does not remove the injustice against Igbos in Nigeria. the system as so designed was purely to make sure nothing economical is happening in Igboland so that Igbos will continue to troop to Lagos, Kaduna, Abuja, Kano in search of Jobs when they could have been at home enjoying those things in their land. i believe you need to go back to your research. Thanks.

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