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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog


from: 28 . 01 . 18


“It is mediocrity that wants to cause us to follow the norm. It causes us to accept the status quo. It places before us a societal limit as the height of our aspiration…”


The Acts of the Apostle in the Bible, was called the way it is called because people acted. If they didn’t act, there would be nothing to write about. For you to be fulfilled in life, you have to always be proactive. Hard work is the way if you want to truly be fulfilled. Nothing happens of a serious consequence on earth without hard work.

“There can be no richer man or woman than the individual who has found his or her labor of love. Personal fulfillment through the virtue of work is the highest form of desire. Work is the conduit between the supply and the demand of all human needs, the forerunner of human progress, and the medium by which the imagination is given the wings of action. A labor of love is exalted because it provides joy and self-expression to those who perform it” – Dennis Kimbro

When Jesus saw the enormous harvest of souls, he didn’t ask for preachers and evangelist. He asked for laborers. It doesn’t matter what your title is, what matters is your ability to work hard. Hard work is the wealth of the poor man. If you can work hard, you are a wealthy man. It is this wealth of hard work that converts everything else into cash and currency. A hard working man is a rich man because he could through hard work discover himself and the hidden potentials in him. Hard work is the gift God gave to humanity. Through it we don’t just discover ourselves, more so, through hard work we discover the hidden resources in the earth. Hard work allows us to unearth the oil reserves. It is the same hard work that allows us to enjoy the beauty of diamond, gold and other precious metals.

Through hard work, we make the world a better place. We produce products for others. We are able to feed ourselves and our families. Hard work is an essential ingredient in self-fulfillment. It doesn’t matter what gifts you possess, if you cannot work hard, you will never come to fulfillment.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is mediocrity that wants to cause us to follow the norm. It causes us to accept the status quo. It places before us a societal limit as the height of our aspiration. That is not a place for anyone to be, who wishes to totally fulfill himself. The average pleases the crowd. So many people want to simply be an average person. Average in their goals. Average in their fulfilments and average in their achievements. These type of people’s primary concern is to please the crowd. They don’t want to be disliked by the majority. That desire not to be rejected, keeps them down in the place for the commons. That is not a place for those who want to give a good report to God about their sojourn on earth. For you to be fulfilled, you must be determined never to please the crowd.

People who are fulfilled in life would normally go against the norms. They create their own norms. Those who leave a mark in the history of their generation don’t follow the laid down standards of men. They would usually create their own standards. Traditions can’t hold back true history makers. They break out of the limitations of tradition and culture.  They create their own order. They open new grounds for themselves and chart new paths for others.

Friends, we have been through a long and interesting journey together in the course of this week’s article. It is my hope that the principles and tips that were offered here, will add to you more values than before you came across this piece. Remember you are more than you what you are right now. You are greater than what you have done. Look into yourself. Embark on the journey. Become the best you could be. Experience fulfillment every day.  Make yourself happy. Cause people to rejoice. Let heaven break forth in celebration, because of what you have been able to accomplish with your life. Go for it. Don’t just spend life, attain fulfillment!





By Pastor Sunday Adelaja.

Oh yes. Thank you. I am still in the planning process. Too many debts, I am fighting every month. Two to go. Then my car I am done. Then saving and investmenting. Since I met you Dr my thinking has changed. I dontbthink normally. Thank you sit I am planning to impart this knowledge to my people as soon as my own life starts to shines do I can have a reference.

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