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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

Chris Brown: “I am Tired Of Worshiping The Devil , God Spoke To Me” #prayforChrisBrown

from: 26 . 02 . 16

The renowned American Hip-hop Singer Chris Brown implicitly stated that he is tired of serving the devil, and having the devil ruin his life.


Chris Brown in the studio

Recently, in a post on instagram, the artist blamed the devil for trying to ruin his life. He talks about suicide  and also claims to have heard God speak to him for the very first time.

When u tired of the f***ing devil ruining your life and you hear God speak for the first time.

No one knows what I deal with on a day to day.

The average man wouldn’t to blow his f***ing brains out but that’s the cowards way out”- Chris Brown

A lot of troubled Hollywood stars have tried to turn their lives around, but sadly very few have succeeded. It is important that believers Pray for Chris Brown as he looks  to find Jesus. No doubt he make for an incredible kingdom Servant. #prayforChrisBrown

14 Comments to “Chris Brown: “I am Tired Of Worshiping The Devil , God Spoke To Me” #prayforChrisBrown”
I am very happy for his change in his life. No other way to live, unless we have JESUS in our lives to strengthen, guide, love us. But we must CHANGE our way of living,as in CHANGING our walk,actions,presents,language, personalities, company, places we use to go,...he said WE WERE A SEPERATE PEOPLE. WE CAN NOT go, do, day act the way we use to. We are a light set on a hill and suppose to let our light shine to others. MAY HID BLESS YOU CHRIS BROWN.
Good For Brizzy
The truth is, when the spirit of God takes over our lives, we no longer struggle to live right, He walks in us to will and to do of His perfect pleasure. You don't have to change your ways to accept Christ, His spirit in you brings about the transformation. You are welcome to Gods kingdom anywhere, anytime. Jesus paid for your sins, don't pay for it again. God bless you!
When you except christ as your personal saviour you gain protecting from the blood of christ and the devil can do you no harm.
God bless you ma man Chris Brown.....
That's the voice of his spirit speaking, he is saved in Jesus name if he truely yearns for a new life. I pray that God visits him, amen
I pray for Chris Brown as d Lord live and his spirit live he shall be delivered totally in Jesus Christ name
Praise the Lord, Enough of living the life outside the world Jesus is coming again sooner than we think. ❝Repent and be baptize ..❞ ❝call upon the name of the Lord and you will be saved❞. Workers of iniquity have no part in God's Kingdom.. We are praying for you brother!
Chris Brown welcome to the Everlasting Kingdom of King Jesus Christ.Let Him reign in you forever.May God bless you. Never looks back and forward ever. Amen?
I pray that he will see Jesus Christ before his grave. Amen
Is this really true?? If it is,i'm certain that the devil cannot sit down, fold his arms and watch it happen. Remember How M. Jackson died while trying to leave the wicked music industry by his own ability .This is a kingdom war and we must fight to win . God is raising end time generals.
I pray that You find Jesus before you go to the grave, Jesus is the only one how well save you and you well have peace. May the God Lord bless you and take control of you life as you take the first step. Remember He loved you before you where born and he knew you and he has greater plans for you and he well never leave you nor forsake you.
i pray for you to conquer this and continues to shine mentor in Jesus name amen. it is done chrys
father! please in your infinite mercy save him and those of us who had already known you and those who are yet to know you to the very end and help us to finish strong and well in Jesus name. (amen)
Goodaftetnoon chris and yes i"will pray for you even more now and you just made jesus so happy wanting to do this because loves us all and he want us to need him so he can lead us the right way and not into damnation plus he feel your pain of wanting different now and he will help you come to him because he look at your heart to know whether its genuine or not and you sound like you"re so tired and begging literally to be saved and like they sat be careful what you ask for cause you just might get it so chris without a"shadow of a"dought jesus has saved you already you just have to know it yourself cause your life is about to change again but this time in the spiritual matter so man will not control your life anymore god will from this day forth.Amen!!""!!
God will see you through any difficulty time there is noting to hard for God in Jesus name. Praying that you CB will change
I am happy for you Chris as long as we are alive all things can be fixed through Almighty God.

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