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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog


from: 08 . 04 . 16



Indeed God’s honor for man is absolutely incomprehensible. We don’t even honor fellow men like that. What a God we serve! Can you imagine your president honoring you as much as to come and visit you at home? Some of your bosses would not come and visit you at home and in some cases some of your Pastors would not either. But here comes God, so mindful of you and me that he actually takes His time, to come pay us a visit on daily basis.

Friends, do you realize you are as important? You are so important that God has made a provision to visit you in diverse ways on regular basis. Did you ever take notice of him coming to see you? Oh yes, he comes to see you regularly. Unfortunately, we are all often too busy to even take a notice of him. But thank God there is such a time as when we cannot be busy. As in when we are sleeping, for that is the only time most people ever notice that God comes visiting them in their dreams and visions.

In actual fact though, God is trying to visit us twenty four hours daily. Those who are mindful of God, those who care for him, those who tremble at his presence would tell you, it is real to see God, hear God and fellowship with God on daily basis. God seeks to visit us daily, in our devotions, in our daily activities and engagements, in our life situations and circumstances, in our studies, in our growth process, etc.

Friends, God is not bluffing. He is indeed mindful of us. Do you think He is doing it just for fun? Not really, He has a goal. For God is not chaotic in anyway. He does everything with an intention. And the bottom line of his thinking is to help us become all we are meant to become – A personality that can make a difference in his or her world. A personality that would emulate God in all things. A personality that would carry Gods image. A personality that would act like him. A personality that would rule and manage the earth for the king. A personality that would bring heaven down and cause the principles of the kingdom of God to be revealed on the earth.


To us men, angels are a big deal. Are they really? According to that scripture we read, we might not be extremely far from them. It says we are only a little lower than the angels. In some other translations, that actually translates to being equal to angels. Yet in some other Bible interpretations, it says angels are lower than men, as the case may be. Can you begin to compare in your mind the respect and honor you have for angels, to that which you have for yourself or some other men?

I don’t think we nearly respect ourselves as much as we respect the angels. Sometimes, our low self-esteem, is such that we don’t even attempt to think we deserve any form of recognition, honor or authority. But God does. This is what makes the difference between personalities and ordinary men.

“Today’s church wants to be raptured from responsibility.” –  Leonard Ravenhill

Personalities know who they are! They know who God has made them to be. They believe in Gods words concerning them. Some despite the fact they are unbelievers. Most of all, they believe in themselves. They believe in their dignity and in their roles as the crown of creation.

Friends, if you indeed believe that you are of the class of angels, I am not sure you will still be afraid of taking charge of your sphere of influence. You cannot believe these words and be intimidated by anything on the earth. You can only believe that everything is possible for you. And that means you would go for it.


What an amazing exposition. Come to think of it, the God of the universe, creator of heaven and earth, decided not just to honor you, but to enthrone you as well as the kings and rulers upon the earth. In the midst of it all, to prove that your kingship is not simply ceremonial, he sealed your authority with his crown. This crown is two faceted, on one hand, it is a crown of Glory, and on the other hand it is a crown of Honor.

Glory is defined as magnificence or great beauty, worship, adoration and praise, radiant beauty or splendor, heavenly, the bliss of heaven. A state of great gratification or exaltation.

While honor is a source of credit or distinction: high respect, as for worth, merit, or rank: high public esteem; fame; glory: to hold in honor or high respect; to revere.

Friends come to think of it, all these descriptions, are all talking about YOU! Now, Here comes the challenge, how much do you believe in them? If we could make you to believe who you are in God, there is nothing you cannot be. You will easily rule and reign on the earth. You have already been made so. You don’t need to pray it through, you don’t need to fast it through, and you don’t have to confess it through. It’s already made for you in heaven. Prepared for you. All that is needed is for you to believe and act it out.

“The most important thought that ever occupied my mind is that of my individual responsibility to God.” – Daniel Webster

 People who believe this truth about themselves, are the personalities that are managing and ruling our world today. It doesn’t matter if they are Christians or not.

To be continued tomorrow with the following points:

  • God’s striking ideas
  • What our preoccupation should be


By Pastor Sunday Adelaja.


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