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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog


from: 10 . 04 . 16



God has put everything under the feet of man. Whenever the Bible talks about feet, especially in the Old Testament, it refers to authority, possession and ownership. When Naomi advised Ruth to lie at the feet of Boaz, it was a symbolic act, telling Boaz that he now has the ownership of Ruth. If God is saying he has put all things under our feet, look, we shouldn’t be asking for permission any longer to take nations back for God. We should not be struggling to reclaim our cities, because they are already given to us. We should move into reclaiming every sphere of life because they are already under our feet.

Sometimes Christians behave as if we needed to fight, do warfare, pray and struggle often without success. To be able to do this things, we only have to believe God and go acting on our faith. That is what leads to personality formation.

Everything is put under your feet brethren. Remember the story when Moses saw the burning bush? He was instructed to remove his shoes from his feet because the land he stands on is a holy ground.

As a Jewish man, Moses knew the implication of that lesson. It is a way of letting him know that the owner of the earth, the land owner is standing right before him, so he must submit or give up on his own rights to ownership. That is what should happen when we arrive in territories, cities, countries, spheres of life. We are the true authority, under whose feet the earth has been given.

The all temporary owners, that are occupying cities, nations and spheres of influence, must vacate their ownership rights. All tenants must give way to the landlords. This they must do with honor. Remember that what Moses was instructed to do was to remove his shoes because shoes in ancient Israel stood for a sign of ownership. Only slave owners wore shoes. And only land owners walk in sandals and shoes upon the land. So when a higher authority came, Moses had to remove his shoes to honor the real owner.

That is why in Israel, when you go visit other people’s houses, you have to remove your shoes at the door before you enter, thereby recognizing the authority of the house you are in, you are not the owner there, so you have to remove your shoes. That is what should happen wherever we go in the earth, people should remove their shoes. Because we come with faith, confidence and with the knowledge of who we are in God. We are personalities.

When Jesus attempted to wash the feet of his disciples, his disciples refused to let him because normally it is the slaves that wash the feet of the master. Because slaves didn’t wear shoes themselves. They were owned, they were possessed. So by symbolically washing the feet of the disciples, the master himself was releasing them to go possess the earth for him. So we don’t have any option my friends, we must go to the end of the earth, reclaiming and possessing the whole earth for God.

“All sheep and oxen — even the beasts of the field, the birds of the air, and the fish of the sea that pass through the paths of the seas.” Psalms 8: 7- 8

So brethren are you a personality after Gods heart? Is your life right now in conjunction with how God intended it to be? Are you taking charge of the earth? Are you acting as the crown of salvation? Do you bother yourself about returning the glory of the earth back to the master? Are you paying the price to become a personality? Do you have a global vision? How far would you go to make sure God’s dream concerning you comes to pass?

Thank you for joining us on this series on what a personality are you, we hope your mindset has been greatly transformed for the better. Please share this with your friends so that they can have as much testimonies as you do. Another exciting and highly informative series starts tomorrow. Don’t miss it!!


By Pastor Sunday Adelaja


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