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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog


from: 29 . 07 . 19


“You can’t look at the problem and say, ‘I want them to do more, better, faster miracles—and not invest in research, not invest in development, and have those miracles delivered to me free.’ It’s unrealistic.” — Dean Kamen

This quote by Engineer, Inventor, and Businessman Dean Kamen touches on a subject that saddens me greatly. Whenever I think about the millions of people investing their time, their money, and sometimes, their lives in the “unrealistic” pursuit of miracles, I can’t help but feel sorry for them. When I think of their ignorance, their naiveté, and how much they have been taken advantage of, I struggle not to cry out in anger.

You see, millions of people have been brainwashed into believing that miracles hold the answer to every question. When faced with any problem or challenge, the first thing they’ll think about as regards solution is “miracles.” When they fall sick, they hope on miracles to make them well; when they have marital problems, they pray for miracles to help get their home in order; when they need jobs; they pray for miracles to get them employment; they depend on miracles for financial prosperity; they depend on miracles to save their country from underdevelopment and corruption. They depend on miracles for everything.

Am I saying miracles are not real? Yes, miracles are real, but we are not supposed to depend on them as you will be learning the several reasons I said so all through this week. The quotation above makes it very clear that hoping for miracles without putting in the required work is unrealistic; it won’t work. Miracles will not help you get a job if you do not have the necessary qualifications. Even if you get the job, miracles will not sustain it for you or give you a promotion. Miracles will not save you from obesity (and all the health complications that come with it) if you don’t eat healthily and exercise regularly; miracles will not develop your nation if you don’t utilize the dignity of labor; miracles will not keep you in marriage or train your children. NO! Miracles will not do so many things for you. Then, why is it that people are making miracles the essential pursuit of their lives?

The idea of miracles has been so oversubscribed that in countries like my beloved Nigeria today, people hardly put in effort anymore. All they want to do is fast and pray for miracles. The propagation of the gospel of miracles has made people so lazy to the extent that they just sit around waiting for the miraculous divine interventions that will bring all their heart desires to them.

Rather than chastise their members and show them the folly of their ways, many leaders indulge their members and fill their places of worship with millions of miracle-hungry members. Because they want their membership numbers to swell (and in some cases, because of the inherent financial gain), they allow these people to go on believing that miracles hold the solution to all their problems. Some of them even go as far as using the promise of miracles to keep people in their churches. The concept of miracles has been grossly and extensively abused; this isn’t supposed to be so.

It is even more saddening when you consider the fact that in many countries of the world where the people are not so miracle-dependent, the quality of life is significantly better. All the things the people in Nigeria are hoping on miracles to provide, people in other countries have them in abundance. They didn’t get them by miracles, NO, they got them through tangible work (using time-tested principles).

While we pray for miracles that will give us security, they built security forces that keep their country safe; while we hope on miracles for development; they worked on themselves and came up with ways to develop their country technologically and economically; while we hope for miracles that will help curb corruption; they enforced laws that did so for them. The list of things for which we’re hoping for miracles, and for which others have gotten through their own effort is almost endless.

I’m not trying to say that miracles do not work, or that miracles are useless. No. Miracles happen, and they are from God, but God didn’t create miracles so that people will depend on them on 100% and stop working.

“When we constantly ask for miracles, we’re unravelling the fabric of the world. A world of continuous miracles would not be a world; it would be a cartoon.”— Douglas Coupland

Canadian Novelist and Artist, Douglas Coupland paints a picture of a world where all pleas for miracles are granted. It would render the need for hard work useless. Principles and processes will become obsolete, people will just ask for anything, and it would appear. The world would be like a movie, a cartoon. The purpose of this week’s article is not to show that miracles do not have the power to change your life, because they do. However, you cannot depend on miracle for everything, especially things that you can get through work. God, in his infinite greatness, has given us all that we need to live a life that doesn’t require a perpetual dependence on miracles. It is now up to us to tap into the resources we have been endowed with, and make great exploits (like many people in the developed world are doing).

 “Men create real miracles when they use their God-given courage and intelligence.”— Jean Anouilh

God created the ultimate miracle when he created men. He gave us the brains to come up with processes that will solve our problems, and the power to actualize them. Alexander Graham-Bell didn’t invent the telephone miraculously, and Thomas Edison didn’t stumble on the schematics for the electric bulb while sitting idle. The Wright brothers didn’t hope for miracles to help them fly, they invented airplanes. God has given us the ability to make our own miracles; He doesn’t expect us to come to him begging for more. He wants us to take the initiative and stop crying to him for every little need. It is high time Africans stop limiting and frustrating their lives because of superstitions. I doubt if there is any other preacher alive who has witnessed as many miracles as God has used me to do in my lifetime. Yet, I do not make anyone depend on miracles. I am a very firm and an unyielding advocate of principles. I have become who I am because of principles and not miracles. And this applies to you, my reader, as well. Whoever you will become in life will happen by principles that you have understood and applied.

This week, I will discuss kingdom principles that will help you shed your over-dependence on miracles. You will understand why miracles should not be your first response to any situation. For nearly every situation you’re scampering about looking for a miraculous intervention for, there are real-life principles that you can apply to a great effect. As you go on, you will start to realize the folly of a miracle-hungry lifestyle; you will see why you didn’t need to spend days fasting and praying on that mountain.

Once you start to incorporate the principles you are about to learn; your life will be better for it. Once you start applying them to your way of life, your society will be better for it. If enough Nigerians take these principles to heart, our country will get better for it. Gone will be the days when you will be at the mercy of “anointed men” who seek to keep you dependent on them.

These principles are not speculative. They are tested and trusted. Abiding by these principles, my ministry has grown in leaps and bounds until we built what is today the largest church in Europe. God has empowered me to raise a lot of Kingdom sons and daughters who are doing great things for the King of kings. These people are not at the mercy of miracles. They are instead causing transformation of lives and the society.

To be continued Tomorrow, don’t miss it.


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By Pastor Sunday Adelaja.


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