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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog


from: 02 . 05 . 16


This week, I wish to address the topic of qualities that make a personality. Thanks to the expository teachings of our contemporary theologians, we have come to establish beyond every reasonable doubt that a man is made up of spirit, soul and body.

In a total departure from a layman’s understanding of man, it is now clearly established that man is not just a body. Even though the body is what houses the real man, which is the spirit, we are now sure that our body is not us. Unfortunately, too many people still live as if to say the body remains the paramount part of the man.

Apart from the spirit and the body, it is now also established that the most functional part of man is actually the soul not the body as once largely thought. The soul is the command center from where the man operates his mind, and mental prowess. The soul also is where we have the operational center for our emotions and feelings. The soul houses our will, the power by which we set everything else in motion.

All I have said above though is only describing the composition of the man. Even though a human, yet that does not qualify man to be a personality. To a large extent, many people do not give this a serious thought, that you could be a man and not be a personality. Fewer will even dare to challenge themselves as to what it would take for them to move from the common stage of being a man into being a personality.

Not too many would pay the price to find out what characteristics or qualities, makes a man qualify to be called a personality. That is what we are going to be examining in this article.

However before we go further into the list of qualities that qualify a man to be called a personality, I feel it might just do you my dear readers good to get to know my understanding of the term PERSONALITY.

The dictionary definition of the word personality are basically three as seen below:

The combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual’s distinctive character, lively, engaging qualities, a celebrity or famous person.

These definitions of the word personality, are not quite in agreement with the meaning I am attaching to the word in this article. I will take my time however to explain to you, the difference between my own use of the word personality and the common dictionary layman understanding, we are all used to.

From the above dictionary definition, the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual’s distinctive character, basically deals with describing a personality according to his or her physical features. It deals with what makes an individual the physical person that we can see. It is the natural distinctive features for different individuals. This definition is not by any means faulty or wrong, it is just what it is, what differentiates people from one another, using physical parameters.

According to the second definition of the word personality, which says a personality is a lively and engaging person. This definition talks more about the sole distinction of individuals. For liveliness, engaging qualities of an individual flows from a man’s soul. This is also a legitimate definition that differentiates individuals from one another by their qualities of the soul. Some are jovial while others are moody. Some are engaging while others are aloof. People are different. In this case we say individuals have their distinctive personalities.

The third definition of the word personality as seen above, is probably what has come to take the center stage of our modern vocabulary. We all probably owe this to the emergence of Hollywood and the American subculture. Such is this influence, that whenever you use the word personality these days, most people tend to think, that we mean celebrity, superstar, VIP, glamour and extravagance.

Since this understanding of the word personality has become an accepted norm in our modern world, we cannot but accept it.

But, I and you dear reader, are into another journey into the word personality. Yes, a journey. A journey in discovery. What you will be discovering in this article might be best described to some as an adventure. An adventure into a new meaning of the word personality. An adventure into how such personalities are built. An adventure into qualities that form, the kind of people we are going to be talking about in this article.

My own definition of the word personality is an attempt to put into use a modern vocabulary to describe an old truth. The truth I am seeking to describe through the word personality is as old as the planet itself. Its root could be traced to the heart of God.

I will therefore describe personality as a person or an individual, who has successfully formed in himself qualities that now make him to be looked upon as a deliverer of some sort.

To be continued tomorrow with the following points:

  • The kind of people God is actually in need of
  • The difference between a true personality and others


By Pastor Sunday Adelaja.


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