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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog


from: 03 . 05 . 16


We could say that a personality is a person who has abandoned the mundane lifestyle of mere mortals. Someone who has gone beyond the concerns for his daily bread and personal survival. Someone who now lives for something of a higher cause. Someone that wants to make a difference in his world, environment and generation.

According to this description, a personality would be somebody who has decided to dedicate himself to a higher purpose. A man on a mission, not just to improve his own life and wellbeing. But, someone so consumed with the passion to make a difference in his environment and world at large.

It is for such men that God has always been in need of. Whenever you hear God searching for a man, he is talking about men who have formed their personalities. Men who have made their choice. Men who have burnt the bridge. Men who have decided not to look back. Men who have decided to leave their footprint on the sand of history. Men who have chosen to forgo comfort for the larger good of others. Thanks to their decision, they have become personalities. People whom others emulate. People who live an exemplary life. To me, these are the real people more than anything, who deserve to be referred to as personalities.

It is in this context therefore that I would be using the word personality, man or person in this article.

Again let me reinstate that a personality in my interpretation of it, is the real man, the real person as expected by God. Unlike the ordinary person who bases his decisions mainly on how he feels at the particular time. A personality rather bases his decision on his value system. A personality is primarily driven by his goals. While an ordinary person is always driven by his needs.

A personality is not attached to things or people. At the same time an ordinary person has his whole life mingled up in the labyrinth of needs, problems and soul ties. While a personality is entangled into his vision of the future, an ordinary man is not sure of what awaits him tomorrow.

A personality bases all his decisions on the principle of pragmatism, while ordinary people base their decisions on the principles of expediency. Values play a major role in both the actions and reactions of a personality. On the other hand, most people would rather be focused on their present emotions.

 While a personality puts the care and welfare of the community over and above his individual needs, most people would mainly put the needs of themselves and their families as the center of their lives. A personality would be willing to risk his life and comfort to prove a point of conscience. While an ordinary person would first of all consider his welfare and safety.

If a personality is always disturbed by injustice, lawlessness and the collapse of truth around him, the ordinary biological masses, would simply embrace the comfort of their lifestyle.

At this point my friends I wish to give you a list of concrete qualities that differentiates a personality from ordinary mortals. It is my hope that you will join the league of men and women who are tired of living a mediocre lifestyle and upgrade yourself into the company of history makers – PERSONALITIES.


Unfortunately, most people don’t see. Most of the people you see around you, only think about themselves most of the time. Even though we all sometimes wonder what people think about us, some go to the extreme of getting worried and depressed just thinking about what people have been thinking about them. The truth of the matter though, is that most people you see are actually not thinking about you. They are all already too preoccupied by their own fears, worries and problems. It is because of this mainly that most people don’t get to notice the apparent challenges of their immediate environment.

“…that seeing they may see and not perceive, and hearing they may hear and not understand; lest they should turn, and their sins be forgiven them.” Mark 4:12

In most cases however, true personalities have been able to effectively deal with their inner struggles and challenges, enabling them to now have a seeing eye. That ability to see normally results in the birth of burdens, passion and pro-activeness in a lot of these people.

Friends, I pray that you would eventually become one of the few men of our generation whose eyes have opened and now can see. I pray for you my dear readers that you will leave the company of those who have eyes, but lack sight. It is only such people who stand a great chance of making a difference in our broken world.

To be continued tomorrow with the following points:

  • Why becoming a trouble seeker Is a positive thing
  • Understanding and living by the law of difference


By Pastor Sunday Adelaja.


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