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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog


from: 04 . 06 . 19


In all our attendance to church and our devotion to the mosques, we haven’t been able to give birth to enough jobs to affect the unemployment rate in our country. We haven’t been able to keep away children of school age from the streets where poverty has kept them. Young and promising chaps end up hawking for survival while we attend our sanctimonious services.

Isn’t it surprising that armed robbery, fraud and corruption, the deplorable state of our roads, the electricity problem and every single issue that bedevils the Nigerian state seems to be progressing in the midst of our praying and waiting on God? It is really difficult not to ponder on the kind of God it is we really go to worship.

Every year, thousands of Nigerian Christians travel to Jerusalem and Rome on pilgrimage. Of course, the majority do so with financial support from the Government. Likewise, thousands of Muslims travel on pilgrimage to Mecca every year and the Government at both state and federal levels provide billions of Naira in support of these religious trips. Ours is such a country of religious folks with little to no development!

Is it that we are not being taught the right things or is it that we have taken up the character of those Paul was writing to Timothy about when he said “… Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.”? (2 Tim 3:7)

The question we should be asking ourselves is “how have all these affected our socio-economic life as a country”? The countries we envy and often holiday in, was this how they were built? Did they also wait for God to come and save their land or is it that our own case is so special that we have to wait on God and for God?

Then we wonder why the Church and Mosques haven’t been effective in affecting the nation? We then turn around and utter our consolatory lingo “Only God Can Save Nigeria?”

Don’t get me wrong here. There is really nothing wrong with prayer. It is just important for us to note that prayer is not the only requirement for a positive change in any society. Prayer alone is not what it takes to transform a nation.

Come to think about it, how much of those prayers and church attendance have translated into national development? How much of that attendance has affected the state of things in our nation? While we have faithfully maintained the top spot as the highest churchgoers around the world for more than 23 years in a row, our economy and all that we stand for has consistently taken a nosedive.

Things have moved from bad to worse and from worse to worst for our dear country over time. Now, to make matters worse, we resort to the idea or philosophy that “Only God Can Save Nigeria!”

Come on here, which God are we really talking about? Which God are we waiting on? Was it the same God that helped nations like Japan, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, the United States and so on to build their countries? Was it the same God that helped turn Dubai from a city best described as a desert into the eye catching, world attraction it has become today? Was it God that turned Dubai into the fastest growing desert city in the world?

Actually, it is more interesting to know that the majority of these developments the world celebrates in UAE were put in place between the years 1990 and 2003. That is just about half of the period over which we have been named the country with the highest church attendance!


To be continued Tomorrow, don’t miss it.

Excerpts from the book Only God Can Save Nigeria: What A Myth.

This book can be found on and



By Pastor Sunday Adelaja.


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