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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog


from: 06 . 06 . 19


When natural disasters occur, the Tsunami, epidemic of disease, heat wave, drought earthquake, floods, hurricane, ter­rorism attacks and all of those things that claim the lives in their thousands and millions, people cry out to God “Oh God, come and help us, come and save us, come and take control of this situation”. But looking back in retrospect, in how many of those cases did you hear that God actually came down to save the situation? None. And what is the reason for that?

It is because while men were crying and calling on God to do something about a situation on earth, God in turn knowing fully well that He has handed the reigns and control of this world into the hands of men was waiting on man. He was wait­ing with a heavy heart for men to turn around and do some­thing about the situation. And in those cases except a man stood up to the situation and faced it headlong, nothing got done.

For example, the case of Bill Gates who took it upon him­self to eradicate polio totally from the face of the earth. He set about this mission using the vehicle of his foundation; Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. He partnered with the Global Polio Eradication Initiative made up of 4 spearheading organizations comprising of the World Health Organization (WHO), Rotary International, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

Together with several other partners, they have success­fully reduced polio’s outbreak by 99% and they are on course to eradicate it completely by the year 2018! As of now, polio has been totally eradicated from India where just barely few years ago they had the worst outbreak recording as much as 150,000 cases in a year.

Today, CDC Global Health reports that every country of the world is now polio free save for two – Pakistan and Afghani­stan. However, the fight is still on-going to annihilate this dis­ease completely from there as well.

To end the problem of child abuse in Nigeria, someone must arise. To end the problem of hunger and poverty in Nigeria, someone must arise from among us. To end the problem of Boko Haram, someone has got to arise with a strategy and plan to bring a permanent stop to their activities. We cannot afford to just sit down and pray while things keep deteriorating in our land.

Can you imagine that a man, just a single man like you is the one that took up that initiative to eradicate polio? What if he had also said “only God can save us from polio”? What if when the polio epidemic broke out and children were get­ting paralyzed and dying in their numbers, Bill Gates adopted the religious mindset of many Christians the world over today. What if he had also resorted to praying that God should take control of the situation? What do you think would be the situ­ation in the world right now?

Millions of children would have been paralyzed by now and many more would have been dead. The situation must have gotten out of hand and the number of casualties would have been alarming. This is exactly, why the problems of Nigeria has lingered on for this long. When men were supposed to have taken action, they resorted to crying and calling out to God to come and save the situation. When we should have all taken our respective positions in the development of industries, the economy and the country as a whole, we were busy calling on God. We make it look as though God is retarded, wicked, indo­lent, and lazy. We make it look like God needs to be reminded of His duties through our prayers!

Oh sure lots of evidence abound to the fact that whereas people are supposed to be setting up work-stations in their of­fices, schools, homes, conference halls and so on across the na­tion; they would rather set up prayer stations! Whereas people should be deliberating, brainstorming, carrying out researches and planning out what they can do to turn around the tide of events in our nation, they would rather sit in churches crying and begging God to come and fix a problem that they have in their power to fix. How convenient!

This is quite unfortunate and it has got to stop because the earth has been given into the hands of the sons of men to manage it and fix it. Come on here friends, we are supposed to dictate the tune and pace of events in the affairs of the earth and that includes our beloved nation. We are supposed to look nature in the face and tell it, this is exactly what you should be doing. We are supposed to look the sea in the face and tell it what we want to do with it. We are supposed to look the for­est in the face and tell it what we want to do with it. We are supposed to be planning and running the affairs of our world. We ought to take decisions over creation just as God rules over the Universe supremely. We should change our attitude and mindset and view everything that is created as being under us, under our power and subject to us.

To be continued Tomorrow, don’t miss it.

Excerpts from the book Only God Can Save Nigeria: What A Myth.

This book can be found on and



By Pastor Sunday Adelaja.


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