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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog


from: 09 . 06 . 19


On the 9th of October 1928 at about 12 o’clock he was by his steamroller by the river Ariran, it was here he heard a loud voice from above like the roar of thunder which called his name thrice saying: “Joseph! Joseph!! Joseph. Leave this job you are doing; if not, this year you are going to be cut off from the earth.”

Again on October 11, 1928, while trying to repair his machine, he heard an audible voice from the Lord to abandon the job and start preaching. That was how he received his calling and thereafter he began fasting and praying. The turning point in his early ministry came when he was commanded by God to go to his hometown to warn his people against idolatry, fetish practices and evil works.

“According to him; The Spirit told me to go to my hometown, where I was born. The Lord said I should rub my face with ashes and to carry palm leaves in my hand and to buy a bell, which I was to be ringing the moment I entered the town and I obeyed. The voice told me to tell my people that unless they repented, evil beasts would enter the town to destroy them.

On that same day I entered the town with a bell in my hand and there was a great stir and consternation as people fled when they saw me. The moment they set their eyes on me they fled. The voice told me to ring the bell in my hand round the town and I obeyed”

His people however refused to repent or change their ways they instead summarily beat him up and his family was subjected to heavy persecution by the people of the town. In de­fense against the prophesied invasion of the town by wild beasts the people of the town armed themselves with guns and cutlasses. However, God told His servant to tell them he would not bring beasts again but instead would bring epidemics and it would start within forty- five days.

At the expiration of the prophesied forty-five days an ep­idemic of small pox broke out and within 3 weeks about 300 persons had died. But those who repented and those who came to the man of God after contracting the disease were spared.

Ayo Babalola was sent out of the Anglican Church of his vil­lage by his Bishop because most members of the Church saw visions; spoke in tongues and prayed vigorously.

Oh, this makes me wonder what our country will be like if only our churches demonstrated such real gospel influence. Imagine that every church has such an influence on just one sector of our country. Think of what will happen if Church A demonstrates God’s influence in economic matters and Church B does so in political matters while Church C does the same in our educational sector. Who will be left to say that “only God can save Nigeria”? For real, Nigeria would have gone past being saved and she would be the one saving other nations who ha­ven’t seen the light now, but it is better late than never. That is why I am bringing all these information across your way.

The power of God is not for making people fall down in church. The power of God is not for delivering those who have already been delivered. It is time we took that deliverance power to the sectors of our nation that need this deliverance desperately.

Almost every sector of our nation is currently cloaked in darkness. The political sector, educational, entertainment, industrial, media, banking and finance, economic, medical, judiciary, housing and every sector that makes a society thrive.

Yet God’s children are busy singing “Oh Lord, come down and manifest your power” Really? For how long? For how long will we sing the songs of bondage? For how long will we murder our peace and sanity? For how long will we lay a foundation of agony for our children and generations yet unborn? For how long are we going to wield the guillotine around our own necks and be the murderers of our own dreams? Oh I ask, for how long are we going to be our own slave masters oppressing and repressing our chances at happiness?

For goodness sake, He has already come! He has already manifested His power. As a matter of fact, if there is any manifestation left to be done, we are the ones to do so. We are the ones that the whole world is waiting and groaning for our manifestation right now. All God is doing is waiting on us to take up the responsibility that has been committed to us.

This is just a snippet from from the book Only God Can Save Nigeria: What A Myth. To read more please get the book on any of the platforms below

This book can be found on and



By Pastor Sunday Adelaja.


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