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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog


from: 02 . 07 . 19


Work is related to life. Without work there will be no life. It was because God worked that you were created. You are a product of work. Everything that exists is a product of work. Without work nothing can be given birth to. Without work you will have no food to eat because someone is working to produce the food you eat.  Without work you will die of sickness and diseases because there will be no way medicines and drugs can be produced. If there are no doctors working in the hospitals, children cannot be given birth to in the hospitals, patients cannot be treated by doctors and surgeries will not be performed.

Without work, there would be no electricity, no Internet, no phones, no laptops, and nothing will ever exist. Even the earth itself is in existence because God took six days of work to create it. Therefore, to say you don’t want to work could be taken to mean that you don’t want to exist. This is because without work, nothing exists. You are as good as dead if you are not working. It is only natural to work and be a Workaholic.

Can you imagine what would happen to you if your heart stops working? Let’s imagine that your kidney cells decide not to work or the hepatocytes in your liver choose to become lazy. I want you to envisage a scenario in which the brain cells and all other neurons in your body refuse to work and send nerve impulses to all other organs in your body. What would happen to you? Will you still be alive today?

Dear friends, you will die immediately your organs decide to get lazy and stop working. The reason is because, without work there is no life. Just the way your organs must work hard to sustain your life, so should you also work hard lest you die. Hard work will protect your life and keep you from the harmful effects of laziness. Work is a saviour and provides sustenance for life. No greater explanation could be given on the saving power of work than that offered by Voltaire when he said:

Work keeps at bay three great evils; boredom, vice and need

To simplify what Voltaire had said above, I would like to interpret it in its simplest form by saying that work protects or saves us from boredom, vice and need. This means that when you decide to become a workaholic, you are deciding to shut the door against boredom, keep vices at a distance and never be in need or lack again. If however, you decide not to work, you are opening up your life for the evil of boredom, inviting the evil of vices and troubles and signing up a friendly deal with the evil called poverty.

You endanger your life when you refuse to work. The reason for the vices in society is boredom which is born out of a refusal to work. If people are busy working, they would have no time to be involved in the evils of armed robbery, theft, drug addiction and all other societal vices. The major reason for the needs that exist in society is the refusal of people to work. Poverty is a menace in society which is born out of a refusal to work. A lot of people have died because of poverty but that could be traced to its root cause which is a refusal to work.

Dear friends, I believe you can see now, that without work there is no life. Without work there is no sustenance. This is the reason I urge you to urgently become a workaholic. Urgently become a workaholic so as to protect your life from poverty, sickness and diseases. You can enjoy a life of wealth and financial abundance. You can become successful in life but only thanks to your degree of diligence.

To be continued Tomorrow, don’t miss it.

Excerpts from the Book “Why You Urgently Need To Become A Workaholic”. #DSABOOKS

This book can be found on and


By Pastor Sunday Adelaja.


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