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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog


from: 06 . 07 . 19


The reason most people do not want to become workaholics is because, sometimes we think that to be a Workaholic is negative. Well, there might be some negative aspect of it but if you are not a Workaholic in this world, you will suffer more negative effects and repercussions. At least before you attain your breakthrough, you must be a Workaholic for a certain period of your life. Maybe a period of one, two or more years but you must become a workaholic to achieve anything great in life. You will need to be a Workaholic now so that you can relax a little bit later but only after you have attained your dream. But if you have never once been a workaholic, I urge you to urgently become a Workaholic now. If you don’t, I am afraid you will regret it all your life.

Is it a bad thing to become a Workaholic? Well, I will leave you to answer that question by the time you finish reading this article and the book. Even if people say that it is bad to be a workaholic, I can tell you for sure that it gives you more good things than bad. The result it offers you is more positive than negative and if you are not a Workaholic, the results are not very good. If you really want to know if it’s bad to be a workaholic, ask Thomas Edison how he became one of the greatest geniuses that ever lived through hard work. If you think it’s bad to be a workaholic, ask all the great men in history who became successful thanks to hard work.

You know Jesus equated work to teaching. All through his years of ministry, he was moving from place to place teaching people. He said once “I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work” He understood the need for work and he worked all through his years of ministry. If being a workaholic was bad, Jesus would not have become one himself

To some extent, Jesus could have been regarded as a Workaholic. If Jesus was a Workaholic, what then is your own excuse? He had all the anointing, blessings and direct access to God himself but he still worked. He never dreamt of not working unlike some of us who do not have direct access to God. There are so many people who are dreaming of not working. In fact most people in Africa especially in Nigeria are dreaming of not working but dream of becoming wealthy and influential in the future.

If you don’t become a workaholic, you will regret the consequences. What then are the consequences of not being a workaholic? Well I will be glad to share some of them with you

The consequences of not being a Workaholic are:

1. You Will Be Put To Forced Labour

Proverbs 12:24 says that the slothful man will be put to forced labour. This means that anybody who doesn’t want to work will be controlled by others sitting on their neck, forcing them to work. So if you are not a Workaholic, you will be a slave. People will not pay you your salary if they don’t make sure that you are working. You will be working not out of joy or for satisfaction but out of compulsion because you are being paid a salary. You are going to be subdued to do the kind of work you don’t want to do. If you refuse to become a workaholic, People will be ruling your life and you will be a servant which is disgrace.

2. If you are not a Workaholic, whether you like it or not, you are a dependant person.

You will always be dreaming and praying that someone will come and help you. You will always be hoping for a miracle. This is what the church is asking us to do, to be hoping and asking for miracles and wait for some help to come from somewhere. This is a symbol of laziness and it means that you have the culture of slothfulness. Hard working people take their destiny into their own hands and do not wait for some miracles. The results of your life depend on the amount of work you do and you have to tell yourself the truth that “if I don’t work, I don’t deserve to have it”. If you are not working for it, you shouldn’t live in deception that miracle will come from somebody or somewhere. These things can happen but even if it does, you will still be a slave to that person. Therefore, a lazy person will be put under control.

To be continued Tomorrow, don’t miss it.

Excerpts from the Book “Why You Urgently Need To Become A Workaholic”. #DSABOOKS

This book can be found on and


By Pastor Sunday Adelaja.


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