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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog


from: 11 . 06 . 19


Welcome to day two of this series. We are sure going on a very interesting journey. I am going to start with a statement I believe most of us are familiar with and might have used at one point or another.

What exactly is this statement?  “If wishes were horses all men will ride”.

It is a fact that most humans live in a world of wishes. They are always wishing for one thing or the other. What are you saying? What exactly do you mean? Do you mean to say it is wrong to wish for something? Not at all, nothing is wrong with wishing but everything is wrong with wishes without action or hard work.

If your wishes are not pushing you to work hard to achieve what you wish for, then it is a total waste of time to seat down and be wishing. Day dreaming to have what will never come to pass.

“Whenever He answers prayers, God usually prioritizes those by people who, instead of their mouths, have prayed with their hands and/or feet.” ― Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Let me make this clearer to you. Wishful thinking cannot and will not make you rich. For you to be rich instead of just having that wishes, what you need is a strong desire to be rich. It is your strong desire that will push you into hard work of harnessing your latent wealth and converting them to tangible products and services. Desire is what will keep you working through the night while others are sleeping. The same desire will keep you going even when you are tired.

Wishful thinking only throws you into a dream land of fantasy and expectations that some sort of luck and miracle might just happen to you and you will automatically become rich. No! That will not happen.

It is high time you woke up to the world of reality starring at you. You need to know and live the consciousness of the fact that riches will not just happen to you one day. Rather you have to make it happen if you thoroughly desire riches.

Who doesn’t wish or want to get rich? Almost every person wants to be rich. While some may say it openly and others may dream of having tons of money secretly. But if you do a little research you will find that a lot of rich persons are self-made millionaires and billionaires and not those who have inherited money or won the lottery. So you see, just wishing to have money or to be rich will not give you the money or riches you are wishing for.

“We all know dogmatists who are more concerned about holding their opinions than about investigating their truth. … if they are mistaken, they will never discover it; they have condemned themselves to perpetual error. Human beings (including myself) sometimes use their beliefs for wish-fulfilment. Too often we believe what we want to be true.” ― David L. Wolfe

It is nice to say that I want to have lots of money; or I want to be very rich or I want to be a millionaire. But that is a weak intention. You need to put your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual energy behind the intent. Hence, it is better to have a strong desire than a mere wishful thinking to be rich.

The next logical step in the process is to be specific. You need to set clear goals for yourself.  That is, how much money do you want and in what time period. It is like going from one city to another. Say you want to go to Chicago from Detroit. There are many options. The flight will take about one hour, the public transport will take you there in about 6 hours and perhaps you can drive 283 miles in your car in about 4 to 5 hours. Hence, you need to have clear goals.

You may want to specify how much money you would like to earn every year and the time period to reach that income level. You will also have to decide about the activity you will engage in to achieve your goal.

Convince yourself that success and money will have to be earned. Riches don’t just fall in the lap of someone. There could be some exceptions in the form of unearned money. But even then, the so called lucky person will have to work hard to keep that money and manage his finance well to make the money grow.

To begin with, you may have some money but mostly it is your time and sweat equity which you will have to leverage to earn handsome returns on investment.

To be continued Tomorrow, don’t miss it.

Excerpts from the Book “Money, Wealth and Riches”. #DSABOOKS

This book can be found on and



By Pastor Sunday Adelaja.


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