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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

Young Burkina Faso Engineer Wins Millions For Vaccine Preservation Innovation.

from: 15 . 03 . 18

The young Christian Toé can rejoice for what he has just achieved, but especially for this mark of recognition that has just witnessed Coris Bank Burkina Faso. The 28-year-old, who is an engineer, has just invented a refrigerator bag that can keep vaccines at temperature for four days.

It is clear that his invention will not only help health workers in the performance of their duties, but will also save lives because it will keep vaccines well.

With this bag indeed, health workers have a real opportunity to offer vaccines and drugs in good condition to patients living in remote and hard to reach areas.

Christian Toé had already received the pledge of 155,000 € (101,673,335 FCFA) needed to finalize and produce his invention. Seduced by the quality of his invention, Coris Bank had promised him since the 2016 edition of the Rebranding Africa Forum in Brussels, to offer him the financing. Recipient of the Rebranding Africa Awards, Laafi Bag pocketed € 10,000 (6,559,570 FCFA).

” Rebranding Africa Forum takes into account the relevance of the project to the needs. To be selected, the project must provide added value with a significant social impact for the development of African countries, “said Paule Renée Etogo, General Delegate of the Rebranding Africa Forum, which is organizing its 2017 edition on October 6th.

In Africa, one in five children does not have access to the vaccine. That’s why, according to WHO, about 3 million children under the age of 5 die each year on the continent.

Christian Toé decided to make the refrigerator bag that can carry and store vaccines and other sensitive medical products for 90 hours in the most critical areas without interruption of the cold chain.

“It was particularly important to me to solve this problem. When vaccines are no longer in the recommended storage temperatures, they become like flasks of water. And when you inject them to a child, they no longer play their role of protection, “says Christian Cédric Toé, inventor of Laafi Bag.


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