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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

7 Reasons You Should Not Live With Your Partner Before Marriage!

from: 31 . 01 . 16

Men and women have very different ideas about what living together means. Women typically see it as an almost inevitable step toward marriage, while men see it as a no-obligation “test drive.” Couples who initiate a live-in relationship under the fog of such contradictory assumptions are already in trouble

Cohabitation is a big step to take in any relationship and both parties involved have to consider a lot of factors before living under the same roof.

Couples in such relationships may grow apart in the long run if they lived together for the wrong reasons. This is one bad side of couples cohabiting.

If you and your partner are thinking of living together, here are some wrong reasons why you may want to reconsider that option:

1. To avoid or hasten a marriage proposal: This is specifically for the men, as much as living together means everything except that you aren’t married to her. Slowing down on a marriage proposal or hastening it may be a wrong reason to live together.

2. To help you discover yourself: You can never discover your true self by living with your partner. Rather, moving in together would complicate things for both of you.

3. To save cash: If you think you’ll save more money by moving in with your partner, it’s better to go get a roommate. Couples who decide to do this should have good jobs so one doesn’t become a liability to the other.

4.To avoid Being Used: You’ve heard the old expression, “Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? It’s an ugly phrase, but there’s some truth to the message. Living together results in regular, no-strings sex for especially a man, thus removing the sexual motivation that is part of a marriage proposal. And don’t worry about his proposing just to bed you — there are too many sexually available women out there for a man to propose marriage just for sexual release.

5. Living together takes the excitement out of being newlyweds: Being a new bride and moving in with your husband to start a life — and perhaps a family — with those shiny new rings on your fingers to show the world your commitment, is a wonderful experience that many women still hope for. Put the cynics and haters on ignore — their bitterness reflects their own choices and reality, not yours. Many, many couples still live “happily ever after” after marriage and you can, too. You just need to know where you want to go in life, and what choices are most likely to get you there.

6. Couples who live together are less likely to get married: Cohabiting couples tend to have a more lax attitude toward commitment and don’t work as hard to stay together. When their relationship goes through a rough spot — as all relationships do — it is all too easy to just walk away. The legal and public commitment of marriage motivates couples to work through conflict, strengthen the relationship and stay together.

7. If you have kids, they need to be protected: Very few unmarried couples who have children end up staying together in other words. Without the commitment of marriage there is no real guarantee of what can happen to your kids. Many kids end up being molested and abused by their parent’s partner just because most of these partners don’t see themselves as parents to the kids of their unmarried partners. Of those couples that do keep their relationships intact until their children are grown, 93 percent of them are legally married.

This is important, since children who are raised by both biological parents in a low-conflict home are more likely to be emotionally and psychologically healthy than children whose parents are cohabiting or divorced. They are less likely to experience mental health or behavioral problems, or to live in poverty.

9 Comments to “7 Reasons You Should Not Live With Your Partner Before Marriage!”
10q for all your advice contai ned within your help me
Thank you so much my coach and mentor.Great and very educative post.more grace sir!
Thank you sir for your words its an eye opener to a friend of mine
Dear Sir, compliments of the new month. Wishing you the best of life's goodness in every ramifications in Christ Jesus. *Pastor, my name is Joseph Elihu, 37yrs old, still single & a Nigerian. Sir, my request is more of true knowledge concerning the use of wedding rings by couples adopted in Churches world over. My question is, "Is this Biblical or just man's adoption from some place? And from where? What is the Bible really saying about this troubling issue particularly? *My reason for asking is because of your vast knowledge in the word of God and some of your posts that give meanings to me. *Please Sir, I need this knowledge because I don't understand why our women nowadays are held bent on wedding rings (even seeking & coveting more expensive ones). The details are much, but this is the little I can remember. Sir, I need light in this subject matter because I'm tired of this kind of worship rudiments. Thank you Sir.
There is no problem in using wedding ring. Use of ring is very biblical for both marriage and kingship. However, what is unhealthy is the useless money we waste on expensive rings and ring competition that brings no value. Marriage is more valuable than wedding ring.
Tnks fr Sharing sir Bless u
God bless you my mentor for sharing this sir..cohabitation in relationships is really rampant in this 21st century among people and it us not scriptural. The bible says marriage is honourable with the bed undefiled and whoremongers and adulterers he will judge.. God bless you sir I pray for more auction to function for you.. God bless
God bless you my mentor. I hope I can be as great as you in the ministry sir. I really hope to grow and I know its only by studying the word and practising it. God bless you sir
WhenJesus spoke with the Samaritan woman at the well he offered her living water. He did not address the issue of her Iiving with a man who is not her husband. He pointed it out but he did not tell to repent???

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