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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

Buddhist Monk Died For 3 Days And Was Shocked to See Buddha in Hell! He Now Believes in Jesus!

from: 27 . 06 . 16
49 Comments to “Buddhist Monk Died For 3 Days And Was Shocked to See Buddha in Hell! He Now Believes in Jesus!”
This is bull shit, listen to the first 4 mins i know its crap, why would the king of hell be so freaking free? Also too mich details was given to make this trustable, this dude actually count the horns? Also how does he know its 3 hrs he walked?
The devil is casted down to hell when Jesus returns to Earth. Since you said that this is b*** s***, you will be judged by Jesus one day and be casted down to hell. As my God says:"Those who believe in Christ will not die, they will have eternal life."
That's your god said... FU**ING idiot...
It's fine. It doesnt matter if buddha would go to hell. I still believe in his theory. Go to hell with him? It's my pleasure! Why lots of people are afraid of hell. Just live with your tolerance.
This article already has a big problem in the first place. This article isn't even about the moral rights and disciplines of the religion, it's simply an article to discriminate and disrespect other religions. All through false claims and made up stories. To the author, shame on you, and I hope you will repent on what you have said to disrespect other religions, how belittled them, and what you have falsely claimed.
Yeah,it wasn't true. Blasphemy
That is me speaking on the video and I actually deleted the video because I could not verify if the Monk who gave the testimony was being completely truthful so I had concerns about leaving up he video. Now people are reuploading it and posting it with a big fat donation button next to it. And in the original video I made clear that I made no claims that this was true and that it was simply the testimony on the monk. And I originally made the video because the story was interesting to me and at the time there was no other videos about it so I decided to make a youtube video telling the story.
Dear, in buddism, there are thousand millions of buddha and buddisawa around the universal helping peoples, animals, ghost in all dimensions including hell. There is the "Di Zhang buddisawa" willing to stay at "Hell Dimensions" for millions years to help souls / spirits at the "Hell Dimensions ". Please do some studies before make any comments or stories.
Disgusting that you have to this to further your agenda. putting down other religions to preach yours? jesus would be disappointed in you. disgusting fuck.
This article is pathetic to say the least. It seems that delusion do goes hand-in-hand with some religion...
If your religion teaches you to hate or discriminate others religion, it's time you think about changing.. The problem is not the religion!its the ppl !! Now u guys know why there are so many terrorist Ard the western country ...
I was once a buddhism back then, eventually I turned myself in to Jesus Christ. As for what I've know, Jesus does not allow his disciple and followers to FUCKING DISCRIMINATE OTHER RELIGIONS U FUCKTARD.
It is so obvious that it is a lie. Who is the monk? Give us actual evidence. U should really be ashame of yourself. Putting other religions down just to glorify yours? Is this how you uphold jesus' teachings? if there is God, the key thing is your intention. Obviously your intention is negative. You are definitely not going to heaven. Hahahahahahah
I bet Christians believe this...
Oh, shut up.
Not everyone is stupid!
Sure they do....its nothing extraordinary considering that they believe that a cosmic Jewish Zombie who was his own father can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh and telepathically tell him you accept him as your master, so he can remove an evil force from your soul that is present in humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree.
You're stupid.
Bob i have not seen a fool like You for centuries! Dont worry eyes Will open very soon
Bob, if you're going to try and insult someone else's religion, at least come up with your own jokes and not copy and paste what you find online to make yourself look clever. It just points out your stupidity even more.
It could be true. In mahayana Buddhism. One buddisatva vow to stay in hell to help people. So what this monk saw could be this buddisatva. This buddisatva as mentioned in one sutra, has transformed into countless self to reside in countless hell spread across the universe galaxy. He vow to help everyone leave the hell before he attain his own final Nirvana.
Wow! I wasnt aware of this.
This is why religious wars happen; this is EXACTLY how the apocalypse happens. Advancing one's religion at the expense of other religions, distorting the truth to make your point; this is the utmost disgusting behavior one can have. I am extremely appalled that there still exists people like Sunday (might as well change your name every day of the week). For all the good that god does (if he exists), "Sunday" Adelaja is probably a huge mistake. May you burn in hell and see "Yama" and the 10-horned being. P.S. May you enjoy being poked in the ass by the spear of the 10-horned being too. P.P.S May you never find peace.
I'm totally disgusted by the author, he is worst than a beast, even a piece of shit had more integrity than him!
First, Buddhist People will not care about this. Second, Same history said Jesus come to India learn about Buddhism when he around 13 - 30 years old. So??
The day I die & see the light To heaven it leads I'm sure its right With pure elation I move to goal To find the exit of another vagina hole... (O.o)
Hahaha christian so pathetic until can come up with this bullshit! Those who believe this are retarded. These people who came out with this are so shameless
That doesnt seem like something the king of hell would say
I don't agree nor disagree with what he's trying to say. Tbh I've been in both Christ's view and Buddhism view. But the reason why we become monk is not because we want to go to heaven and it doesn't mean after accepting Christ you get a one way ticket to heaven too. The reason why Buddhist follows Buddha's teaching is because we want to get out of the Samsara realm by knowing the 4 noble truth. And so what if we really go to 'hell' in this cycle ? This shows that our 'karma' are not complete yet. And yes, we do share merits etc etc. And if by all this that you're saying , you think you can ev more ppl to christ ? I guess you should be ashame of yourself for such lie. Guess you're still going to hell.
hmmmmm........ it is sad to see an article where where 1 religion has to "insult" another in order compete for a bigger must realise that there can never be one religion for our world. Its up to each individual to choose the religion of their choice.
Damn hilarious. Buddhism is not really a religion but a set of good practices that is passed down. Buddha is just an icon not even a God. He is just a human that gained enlightenment. In Buddhism you practice the good cause, good deeds, Wellness of life. You don't worship an icon.
Man,You now know the only way to Heaven.Jesus son of the living God
I m a Christian but i doubt this. Because they dont mention or show the Buddhist monk who go to heaven and hell. If u r christian u should speak the truth. But if u speak lies, God will punished you to eternal fire.
Good story telling of the year. ...I am not buying it. Afraid he is retarded now !
Religions are for weak people that need something to look up for and constantly not abiding their "rules"
On behalf all buddhist thanks the church for accepting this person as their own. For a monk to go hell, he must have done alot of bad things and probably didnt restrain himself. If he believed that it is buddha that he saw. then he truely has no faith.
Everyone was given equal choice for his own religion. Actually there is no heaven n hell in this world. Only have is when u died u turned up to be ash.
Died for 3 days? Seriously? The only man who has ever was Jesus. This man didn't die, and isn't '2nd risen from the dead'.
Of course the story is pure crap But i Dont understand what kind of religion believes other people to go to hell We Hindus always pray for the well being not only Hindus but the entire universe . I do not a religion that is hell bent on wishing others to go to hell Even among the Christian denominations there is no concessus as to who goes to hell and who hoes to heaven
I am sooooo disgusted by these types of accounts I could spit brass tacks! There is no hell! Hell is based on the concept of separation from source (God) which is impossible. The closest thing to hell would be life on earth where the idea of separation is fostered. Thus religious extremism.
I'm so shocked that many of the dear commenting there don't believe that Buddha is in hell. I don't need to read this before I should know that. I pity many of you religious folks. If you don't repent of your sins and accept Jesus you will join Buddha, and his colleagues in hell! The founders of different religious movements are roasting in hell now. Read John 14:6. Even Charles Russell of Jehovah Witnesses is there. If you don't believe, then wait till that day.
Sabbe sattā bhavantu sukhitatta सब्बे सत्ता भवंतु सुखितत्ता May all beings be well or happy.
Stupid comments!
I believe many go to hell regardless of your religion.Simply repent and believe in.any relgion wont help unless you practice your religion accordingly.Hell or heaven is a choice you make.not a place reserved by any religion.
There is so much garbage on the internet. This is a perfect example. Hey, instead of making up offensive crap about other faiths, why don't you just focus on your own better?
You realize this is some kid reading? He doesn't even know what religion is.
Once who become nirvana never born again.bcz he free from every thing.Thats called assta (8) loka dharma.The logic is if any one become nirvana never born again in hell,heaven,or earth.
Thank you, just send money.

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