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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog
Darlene Zschech Reveals How Trusting God Helped Her Beat Breast Cancer!
Iranian Muslim Had No Peace And Kept Searching Until She Found Jesus. She Now Has A message For All Muslims!
She Died And Describes How God Raised Her From the Dead to Give This Message!
VIDEO – Man Gets Instantly Healed Of Cancer! See How He Proves It!
Despite Rising Persecution, Thousands of Muslims Converting to Christianity in Bangladesh!
Hardened Drug Dealer Gets Transformed By God’s Unconditional Love.
Male Prostitute Gets Remarkably Saved After Encountering God’s Love.Muslim Woman Who Hated The Oppression of Woman In Islam Calls Out To Jesus In desperation And He Answered Physically.
Saudi Arabian Muslim couldn’t find satisfaction in Islam but found it in Jesus and got healed of Paralysis.She Was Molested As A Child And Felt Hated By God Until She Died, Went To Heaven, Met Jesus And Came Back!
‘Jesus set me free’: Lawyer shares how her Christian faith vanquished the demons that tormented her endlessly.
11-year-old girl’s brain tumor disappears in medical mystery as her parents say its a miraculous answer to prayers14- Year- Girl Pronounced Dead By Doctors Shocks Everyone As She Rises From Bed. She says “Jesus Gave Me My Life Back”
5-Year-Old Almost Drowns and was Unresponsive To CPR, But After A Short Prayer Everything Changed.
A Drug Dealing Gay Man’s Amazing Journey To Finding His True Identity In Christ!A Tornado Almost Killed This Woman’s Family But Her Mother’s Earnest Prayer Changed Everything!Abortion Survivor ‘Gianna Jessen’ Shares Emotional Testimony In Front Of America’s Congress!Abused By A Pastor As A kid, Suicidal Atheist Gives God An Ultimatum And This Happens!Actress Flees The Oppression Of Islam and Finds Great Freedom In Christ.Adorable 3-Yr-Old Rejoices and Praises Jesus After She Prayed And Got Healed.Amazing!! Stripper Gets Saved By Jesus’ Love And Is Now Helping To Rescue Others.Arab Sunni Muslim Who Was Prominent For Defending Islam Accepts Jesus Christ As Her Lord And Saviour.Astonishing!! Pack Of Lions Save Christian Missionaries From Execution By Islamic Militants.Atheist Doctor Studied The Bible In Order To Discredit Christians But Ends Up Getting Saved!Atheist Doctor Studies Bible to Expose Christian ‘Hypocrisy’ But Finds God’s Fullness InsteadAtheist Teacher Who Never Trusted Christians Turns To Christ After Prayers Miraculously Healed Her Mother
Daniel Deliverance! God Delivers Christian Convert After He Is Tortured and thrown To Beasts In Egypt.Devoted Saudi Muslim Converts To Christianity After Encountering Jesus Christ!Devout Hindu Woman Encounters Jesus After Her gods Turned On Her Despite Her Efforts To Please Them!Doctor Are Stunned!! Teenager Says Jesus saved His Life After He Died In Their Care For 20 Minutes!!
Ex-Lesbian Finds Freedom In Jesus And Now Has A Message For Anyone Struggling With Their Sexuality!Ex-Muslim Girls Imprisoned For Getting Saved, Start A Movement For Jesus While In Prison.
Former Atheist Meets God In Her Battle Against Cancer and Gets Incredibly Changed Forever.Former Buddhist Turns To Jesus and Explains that It is because ‘there was never a personal relationship with any of the buddhas’.Former Witch And Ghost Hunter Called Out To Jesus In Desperation, The Response Was Astonishing!Founder Of Satanist Church Gets Radically Saved and Baptized.
God’s Glory In The Ghetto: CJ Blair Goes From Gangster and Drug Dealer To Evangelist.Great News!! Muslims in Malaysia Now Allowed To Legally Become Christians.
He Was Given 3% Chance To Live, But Got Healed From Stage 4 Terminal Cancer!Historic Celebration Breaks Out As Native Indonesian Tribe Receive The Bible For The First Time.
Iraqi Christian survives being burned alive by ISIS 3 times: ‘Jesus spoke to me’ISIS Assassin-Spy With Insatiable Blood Lust Accepts Jesus While On A Mission To Infiltrate The Church.ISIS Leader Plans To Kill Christian Evangelist But Gets Arrested By The Power of The Gospel On Meeting Him.
Jehovah’s Witness Becomes a Christian After Questioning Their Doctrine and Seeking Jesus For Herself.Jesus Appears To Islamic Militants Chasing Christians In Dust Storm. He Asks Them, ‘Why Do You Persecute Me?’
Mobster Finds Jesus In Prison, Becomes A Pastor Preaching To Ex-Yakuza Gangsters In JapanMuslim girl converts to Christianity after seeing Jesus weeping for her in a dream.Muslim Girl Cries To God To Show Her The WAY And Suddenly A Shocking Thing Happens!Muslim Jail Official Frees 2 Pastors Who Were Being Tortured After Dreaming Of Jesus.Muslim Man Beats his Wife, Questions Allah, Muhammad & Quran then Leaves Islam for Jesus Christ.Muslim man rejects Jesus until He has a vision of his sins and Hell. He is now an evangelist!Muslim Refugee Embraces Jesus On His Deathbed After Christian Aid Worker Did Something He Didn’t Expect.Muslim Syrian Couple Turn to Jesus after He Appears in Their Dreams, Prophesying Birth of Their Baby Girl.Muslim woman comes back to life after been dead for 2 days and says Jesus did It.
Notorious Gang Leader and Ex-Convict Now Preaches Jesus: ‘I’m A Radical Soldier For God’
One Of The World’s Tallest Men Gets Saved And Baptized!Over 50 Church Parishioners Survive During Deadly Texas Tornado and Thank Jesus Christ For Protecting Their Lives.
Pastor’s Daughter Becomes Notorious Drug Dealer Facing 40 Years In Prison When God Appears In The Courtroom.Powerful Testimony: Monk Leaves Buddhism and Becomes a Christian.
Rescued From Darkness: Jesus Saves Drug Addicted and Homeless Lady After She Made a Pact With The Devil.Revival!! Former Prostitute and Drug-dealer Turns Fiery Preacher After Finding Jesus in Jail.
Satanist Discovers That Jesus Christ Makes Satan Powerless.Serial Offender and Drug Addict ends Up in Maximum Security Prison, but Cries Out To God and The Holy Spirit Take Over.Shocking Encounter! Jesus Appears As Bus Driver To Muslim Pilgrim In Mecca.Shocking! Atheist Professor Dies, Sees Hell And Comes Back. No One Had To Preach To Him Again!Shocking!! He Was Raised By Gay Parents and Went To Gay Parades but Is Now A Christian and A Pastor.Shocking!! Muslim Girl is killed and thrown in a well by her father but is caught and restored to life by Jesus!Spiritual Earthquake: Countless Muslims converting to Christianity Through Dreams and visions of Jesus.
Terrorist Trainee Accepts Jesus Christ And Is Now Training Christians To Worship.The Miraculous escape of a Christian lady who was sold as a sex slave and forced to convert to Islam by Isis.Tornado In Philippines Threatens To Crush Church During Service But members Call On Jesus And It Disappears!
Wealthy Ex-Muslim From Famous Islamic Family Had A Riveting Encounter With Jesus That Changes His Whole Life!White Supremacist Skin Head Gives His Life to Jesus And Radically Changes!Wife of Nigerian governor delivers quadruplets after many years Of been childless. [PHOTO]
Young People Leading The Underground Church Rival In China As Thousands Repent and Signs & Wonders Breakout!
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