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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog
Quotes on Calling, Purpose and attaining of Goals

Preparation is the Key to Success


“God desires that Christians would avoid repeating the disobedient mistakes of the Israelites.”



” God uses all the problems and challenges of life for divine purposes.”



” If the creation is separated from the Creator, it dies. “



“When we stop pursuing God`s purpose, our gifts and talent are misdirected.”



” When we prepare not our hearts for the things of God, evil things take over.”



” When we neglect God`s priority, we become God`s secondary.”



“The more time we spend with the Lord, the more we are transformed into His image.”



“When a person loses his purpose, he subjects himself to a free fall.”




” Joy is the ultimate reward in life.”



” To accomplish your goals and purposes in life you must be constantly refreshed by Him.”

Faith for Victory.


“Success is a possibility and a reality to its true seeker.”



“God created you to be a success, don`t settle for less.”



” We can all reveal God wherever we are.”



” Faith precedes all great accomplishments. “



“The truth should never be hoarded; it must be disseminated to all. “



“We can all become God`s agent of change by the power of God`s truth.”



” Everything we need is hidden in God.”



” When you reach out in faith, God backs you up with manifestation.”



“Through faith we can reign in every area of life.”



” God can turn your weaknesses into your strength.”



” God requires our obedience. “



“To truly obey and submit, faith is inevitable.”

The joy of Harvest.

“Harvest time is a time of joy.”



” Joy of harvest belongs only to those who endure the pain of sowing. “



“The first shall be the last. Humiliation precedes elevation.”



” Gloom and darkness are temporary. Joy comes in the morning.”



” Jesus Christ is our spring board to promotion and prosperity.”



“History makers recognize the shift in times and seasons.”



“The destiny of your nation is in your hands, waiting for your actions.”



“You are distinguished in life by your ability to recognize and follow God`s voice on daily bases.”



“God’s passion is to increase and multiply.”



“Joy is the ultimate reward in life.”



” When Jesus enters a place revival fire begins.”

Being focused on the calling.

“Nothing is as important as your calling and purpose in life.”



” If you don`t have any problems, it means you have stopped being of interest to the enemy;you are not dangerous to him.”



” Your assignment is very important and precious.”



” Maintain focus on what God called you to do.”



” Focus means being diligent.”



” Diligence always leads to wealth. “



“A man`s success is hidden in the place of his labor.”



“To take risk means to succeed.”

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