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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog
Quotes on Ministry to God


Devote yourself to Jesus

“If you know that God may soon be entrusting you with a particular ministry, then it’s important that you look ahead to what may be awaiting you in the future and see how you can prepare yourself for it.”



“You must know what God is expecting from you in the ministry that He has entrusted to you.”



” Jesus living in you makes you different from everybody else.”



“Problems, obstacles and difficulties are in themselves not a sufficient reason for a person to suffer defeat. It is possible to overcome any obstacle.”



” Organize your life the way God wants it to be. When you pray, ask God for counsel on matters and you will get the wisest advice directly from heaven.”



“When you become ministers, teach your people how to think independently without relying on you for instructions. Don’t be a leader who tries to control people.”



” Do not limit your people, but provide a creative environment for them to take the initiative.”



“Your life must not be static; you must keep on moving forward towards the higher goal. No obstacle can stop a man who is committed to a single calling or to a single prize.”

Personal holiness through the holiness of Jesus.


“Be determined to live a pure, holy and godly life; decide to honor, love and value other people, and to live a life that reflects Christ to others.”



“The man that God will use must live a holy life.”



” A large tree never falls alone.”



” You can choose to become an engineer, a teacher, a journalist or to pursue any other kind of profession. But when God calls you, you do not know what He has called you to do or what ministry he has in mind for you.”



” God has appointed the place where you are at the moment for you. Be strong and be of good courage, and know that if God finds you faithful in small things, He will then place you much higher in the spiritual world and will entrust you with much.”



“The moment you, as a spiritual person, stop growing, you simply die. Your ministry will grow as a consequence of your dedication, faithfulness and persistent desire to move on.”



” The thing that you refuse to uproot will ruin you. The thing that you refuse to fight against will kill you.”



” Do not use worldly methods or apply human force to prevent sin.”



” Your life “behind the scenes” must correspond to your life “on stage” What you preach must correspond to how you live.”

Prayer-the key to radiance of God’s Glory.


“Anointing does not come without prayer. The closer you are to Jesus in prayer, in the Word and in fellowship with Him, the greater His character, His anointing and His abilities will be manifested in you.”



” To be protected at all times, you have to pray systematically. If your prayer time is a minimum an hour a day, keep to it; the main thing is not to go below this mark.”



“Prayer gives you a supernatural boldness that you cannot get by any other means.”



“Do not permit social, public or human obligations to rob you of your prayer life!”



“Learn how to pray with all your heart, applying all your energy to concentrate on one specific goal.”

The Word of God-the key to Knowing God.


“The Word in your head is the Word that you know, but the Word in your heart is the Word you live by.”



” The man that God will use has to be absolutely filled with the Word of God.”



” Believe everything the Word says about you.”



“Your faith enables the Word of God to work in your life.”



“If you have problems in your life, take the Word and delve deep into it. It will show you what to do and will help you get free of problems and oppression, because the Word of God is quick and powerful.”



“The Word will help you get free from bad thoughts, if you meditate on it and let it fill your heart. The Word of God will help you to make clear division between your soul and spirit.”

Anointing of the Holy Spirit-the seal of successful ministry.


“The spirit of a man knows more about him than anyone else. Likewise God’s Spirit knows more about God than anyone else. When you commune with the Spirit of God, He will reveal the secrets of God to you.”



“To be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit and to be directed by the Holy Spirit are the most important requirements for serving God.”



“If you feel that the level of your fervency is getting low and that God’s fire in you is going out, then know that you are losing the anointing.”



“Only the anointing of the Holy Spirit can destroy the yoke and take away the burden.”



“To be led by the Holy Spirit and to be totally filled with Him is a privilege reserved for every believer.”

Learn to conquer by faith.


“God respects men of faith. By faith you can write your name into the history of this generation.”



” Only those who believed what God had promised them inherited the Promised Land.”



“The spirit of faith is an inherent characteristic of any person that God is going to use.”



“The level of your faith determines the level of your position in the spiritual world.”



” Your faith should go ahead of your prayer.”



“Fear destroys faith.”



” The man that God will use has to be a man of faith that trusts God in everything.”



” Your faith will manifest itself as you set your goals out clearly before you.”


Spearheading National Transformation.


Life in the world of delusion.


“Most people living in the world are confused about life.”



“It is an illusion that money brings happiness.”



“Happiness is a spiritual concept and its source is hidden in God.”



” A society living by the laws of the world is moving towards a global crisis in all its spheres of life.”



“The answer to all questions of human society is in the lessons of human history, which are revealed in the Bible.”



“The church is God’s remnant in a country, able to change the life of the nation.”



“Spiritual regeneration is a change on the inside of a person or nation as a result of coming to Jesus, and a change of value system in his life.”



“The transformation of a nation is impossible without God’s grace.”

In whose hands is the destiny of our Country?


“People and nations cannot be happy, if they do not acknowledge the Lordship of Jesus Christ.”



” People who know God truly change the life of their nation, and not the government.”



” It is time to change the paradigm of the church and of every Christian.”



” The prayers of Christians are in vain if they do not plan any corresponding actions.”



“Sometimes when God wishes to activate the position of the believers He allows them to be trapped in the wilderness.”



” The church needs to raise up the Moses’ and last days deliverers.”



“God will always turn trials, national and personal, into the manifestation of His glory.”



” The people of God are the driving force of every nation.”

Identifying with the will of God.


“God can only work through those who have totally identified themselves with His will and purpose.”



” Our body is the sacrifice that God requires at this hour.”



” The only way for God to conquer the world is through the human flesh and through His Spirit.”



“Humility and brokenness before God is the key for Him to dwell in us.”



“By becoming the embodiment of His will, we make God real in the world.”



“God wants to be seen on earth through His devoted servants.”



“The one who has not changed himself cannot change a nation.”



” Our intimacy with God broadens our influence on earth”

A new mindset.


“A Christian’s mentality should be radically different from that of others in the community.”



“A Christian’s mindset should be a victorious mentality.”



” Our thinking makes our life.”



” Intimacy with God is what determines our exploits.”



” A victorious life is a result of a correct way of thinking.”



” Only people who have solid faith overcome the world.”



“After every dark night comes a glorious morning of a new day.”

How do we react to persecution?


“God’s blessing is like a coin that has two sides, favor and trials.”



“Success causes others to be jealous and hate.”



“Testing time is the time for an increase in praise.”



“Whoever is willing to sacrifice his life for God will always be under His protection.”



“Your first reaction to any attack should be joy in the Holy Ghost.”



“Those who praise God abide in victory.”



” Only ignorance makes people put up with defeat.”



“Christians are called to be victorious.”

Gods path to changing a nation.


“Righteousness is God’s path to elevation for an individual as well as for a nation.”



” Without righteousness people and nations do not have a future.”



“The church needs to multiply righteousness, and then the country would be blessed.”



” Only truth is a firm foundation for the king’s throne.”



” We need to have a sense of patriotism like Jesus Christ, to the Kingdom first and to our nations second.”



” Christians have the spiritual mandate to establish the Kingdom of God in their own lives and in their society.”



“Most TV programs are aimed at destruction. We need to resist this by establishing the truth of God on air.”



” The only strategy to protect and preserve a nation is to establish the golden rules and principles of the Kingdom of God in the society.”



“Only the power of God’s presence can truly revive a nation.”



” A new nation needs new people — people who take an active civil position and social responsibility.”



“God’s principles of national transformation will give the opportunity to make positive changes in the country, overcoming crisis in politics, economy, social services and other spheres.”


Your civil position determines your country’s future.

“An active civil position will make you become the hero of your time.”



“The children of God are His instruments on the earth.”



“Christians are the carriers of truth that the whole world needs.”



“Believers will become active if they fall in love with the nation that they are called to conquer for the Kingdom of God.”



” All our actions, if not motivated by love, are pointless.”



” Only love can inspire us to sacrifice.”



“The light of God’s love makes us unique personalities.”



” God desires to free our country from darkness through our active civil position.”



” Every spiritual action manifests itself in the physical world by bringing concrete changes.”



” A new millennium requires new methods of ministry.”



“The civil involvement of the church is a spiritual tactic aim at defeating the forces of darkness.”



” Through positive civil actions, the church can influence the society.”



“Christians are called to be history makers on the earth.”



” The destiny of any country is in the hands of her church.”

Building the ultimate team to attain your goal.


“God’s goals are great and grandiose.”



” A man needs a team in order to reach God’s goal.”



“A team goes through stages of birth, childhood, puberty, adolescence, maturity, and aging in its development.”



“God created all people good.”



” People are the most important resource in the world.”



” God approves our life if we attain His goals.”



“The strongest and most successful people in the world have a strong united team backing them up.”



“Right preconceptions about people bring success in working with them.”



“Only the one who invests in people can be prosperous and successful.”

The team of Jesus Christ.


“The leader must be focused on the goal.”



“The best method of sharing your vision is your personal example.”



“Live by God’s standards and people will follow you.”



“It does not matter who is in your team, what matters is who they will become because of you.”



” You cannot love God without loving people.”



“Materialistic perception of life makes us spiritually shortsighted.”



” Harvest is more abundant on untilled land.”



” Without long-suffering, it is impossible to be a successful leader.”



“Patience is underscored with forgiveness.”



“If you carry offense in your heart, it is too early for you to start your team.”



“Spiritual maturity testifies of one’s level of patience.”



” We need to learn to give people a second chance because Jesus gave us a second chance.”



” Learn to see people according to the Spirit instead of the flesh.”



” We need to treat people according to who they are in Christ because in Him we acquire God’s character.”

How to attract people to your team.


“When building your team look for people who are disciplined even before they came to the Lord.”



” When building a team always rely on God.”



“Your character determines how many followers you will have.”



” In order to work with people you must have a skill.”



“When building a team you must inspire people to attain goals.”



“The process of training never stops.”



“The biggest criteria in choosing people for your team, is their love for God and relationship with Him.”



“The character of people you choose for your team must be according to God’s standard.”



” Do not rush when choosing people for your team.”



” Only a spiritually mature person can be a leader.”



” The people who you are choosing for your team must be in the same spirit with you.”



” Look for people who are committed to God for your team. Test their commitment.”



” Your team members must be submissive and willing to get any job don You need people who are faithful in little in your team.”

A team is a reflection of a leaders character.

“You can make a vessel from any type of clay, but how it will come out depends on the master.”



“A team is a reflection of its leader.”



“Do not pursue what you cannot keep.”



” A servant leader can always come down to the level of the one he is serving.”



” A true leader is someone who can turn people from followers into leaders.”



“Only the one who recognizes his power in Jesus Christ can build a strong team.”



“When building a team do not look at people’s weaknesses, instead look at their strengths.”



” A spiritually mature person is capable of admitting his mistakes and sins.”



” The most important priority for every leader should be building relationships based on the principles of love.”



“A leader can lose his people if he does not know the problems they are facing.”



” People should always find support and understanding in you. Then they will support you 100%.”



” It is important to share with others the problems you have already overcome.”



” More than anything else, your people want you to listen to them.”



” Compassion brings people together.”



” Be an example of commitment to others, and encourage them to be committed as well.”

Mentoring your team.

“Mentoring means not only acquiring knowledge but also learning how to practically apply that knowledge in life.”



” Training is imperative for raising a team.”



” People will follow what they see, and not what they are only told to do.”



“To build a strong team we need to become strong leaders first.”



” Faithfulness to one’s word is one of the principles of discipline.”



“You cannot build a strong team unless you teach your people discipline.”



” Slavery and a controlling spirit are not God’s methods of training and teaching people.”



There is trust, love, and understanding in freedom.”



“If you are controlling your people because of the fear of losing them, then they will eventually leave you.”



” A true leader will always encourage the initiatives of the people under him.”



” The people who chose to be in your team are not perfect.”



” A true leader will always encourage his people to think freely.”

Raising followers.

“Your project cannot move forward if you do not have followers.”



“A wise leader always sees the best in people even in difficult situations.”



“The servants of Jesus Christ are His representatives on this earth.”



“To give yourself to people means to dedicate your life to them.”



“Your commitment must be full, and then you will see fruit.”



“Lack of commitment — is the main reason for failure among Christian leaders.”



” Before you start mentoring people, decide what you want to see in them.”



” A strong team consists of people who know how to follow a leader.”



” The success of a team depends on interrelationship within.”



” Teach people to be successful in everything they do.”



“Demand maximum effort from people.”



“All members must have a chance to shine.”



” The pace of a leader determines the pace of his follower.”



” People always judge according to the fruit.”



“When you care for people, it shows your genuine love for them.”



“If you lift people up God will lift you up.”



“If you serve people, they will gladly serve your vision.”



” The level of a leader is determined by his sphere of influence.”

Difficulties in Working with the team.


“A team leader will have to deal with difficulties that he needs to know about in advance.”



” Prejudicial attitude toward each other in a team is an obstacle in the way to unity.”



” A leader should accurately discern deceit.”



” Unfaithfulness of team members is a difficult test that may bring disappointment to a leader.”



” A person’s fruit is more important than having the gifts of the Holy Spirit.”



” A man does not have the character of God if he does not have the fruit of the Holy Spirit.”



” Never think that you know everything and you do not have anything to learn from your people.”



” A leader should not be a dictator.”



” Suspicion ruins the atmosphere of trust in a team and makes it ineffective.”



” We are not to be judges but mentors for people.”



“A leader should have the same attitude of God’s love toward people.”



” The love of power is either due to low or overly high self-esteem.”



” People with bad self-esteem usually do not want to obey their leader.”



“The team leader should show his true colors to his people. He should show them his strong characteristics and not be afraid to speak about his faults.”



“A lone ranger management is ineffective and even dangerous. It limits the growth of the team.”



” It is much better to take care of problems as they arise.”

The secrets of building a strong team.


“Your team will be either a major problem or blessing for you.”



” To build up people teach them to be administrators and managers.”



” Do not just teach people things but also teach them how to share their knowledge with others.”



” Build up people by broadening their knowledge in different spheres of their lives.”



” You will not be able to bring people to places you have not yet been.”



” By building up people, you build up your own image. However, this should not be your main motive.”



“Every team member is equally important, that is why there should not be any favoritism.”



“Mutual understanding and help are the foundation of a strong team.”



” A strong team is a group of people that feel like one nation.”



” An important factor for team success is helping every team member become successful.”



” A defining factor of team success is trust in God.”



“The process of the growth of a team is the process of changing people.”



” Every team member has to be sure that he is in the right place and in the right time.”



” An important factor for team success is preparation for trials and attacks.”



“It is best to start a new project with new people from the scratch.”



” Always set high goals for your team.”



” The strength of a team is in making up for each other’s weaknesses.United they can attain a goal in time.”

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