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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog
Quotes on Dominion

Kings and Judges of the Earth

The Belt of Dominion.


“The most important spiritual law is that all of our actions must be accompanied by or mixed with faith.”



” Refuse to accept anything negative, which you see around you. Declare in the spiritual realm what God is saying.”



” The greatest sin is doubting God’s truth.”



” Faith is the key, which opens the door into the Kingdom of God.”



” The church of the Twenty-first Century will have the belt of dominion and will have the leading role in every area of society.”

Kings and judges of the earth.


“We are called to destroy the works of the devil and to dominate the earth. We are the kings of this earth!.”



” Knowledge is very necessary for us to dominate the earth.”



” If we not acknowledge ourselves as Kings of the earth we cannot justify the trust of God.”



” It is absolutely necessary that we live a righteous and a Godly life and be an example of a virtuous man to other people. Our authority and power in the spirit realm will be unlimited if we will fully put ourselves under the laws of God.”

The world needs us.


“In order to successfully lead people to salvation, it is necessary for you to be righteous and free from sin, living by the spirit and reject the works of the flesh.”



” We are God’s people and our purpose is to become the light of the world and the salt of the earth.”



” The level of our knowledge of the Lord determines our exploits.”

Revelation of the sons of God.


“It is in our authority and power to stop torment and sickness and deliver people from vanity when we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.”



” Each person must experience himself is the revelation that our old man, sinful nature, is dead and now we are living the life of the resurrected Christ.”



” It is that we must manifest Jesus Christ to the world.”

Born to be great.


“We are chosen by God, it was not by coincidence. We have been accorded the dignity of kingship and we are called to take the Kingdom to the world. The destiny of millions of people depends on us.”



” If we will just believe and act accordingly, all circumstances and situations, no matter how hopeless they appear, would change.”



” Hearing the Word gives birth to faith, which in turn causes action that will bring about a change and transformation of our circumstances.”



” Our calling is to exalt the name of the Lord above every other name. God has translated us into His Kingdom and revealed to us the way to greatness so that we can glorify Him.”

The blessing of work.


Work is the gift of God to man for him to discover himself. It is only through work that a man can discover the hidden abilities, power, potential, talents, gifts and knowledge that are in him.”



“Work is the key to the realization of your potent Hard work and industriousness is the guarantee for productivity, success and self-fulfillment.”



” Failure in life does not mean a lack of gifts, it only means the failure to put the gifts to work.”



” Anyone who is not working is not only disgracing and dishonoring himself, he is stealing from the wealth of those whose labor he is eating from.”



“If you are not using the resources God placed in you, then you have no right to use the products of the labor of other people.”



“Those who are living at the expense of others are breaking and disobeying the law of God.”



” Successful people are those who are working for the good and comfort of others. Work therefore is service to others.”

Genuine freedom.


“Genuine freedom means the ability to control one’s spirit, one’s thoughts, one’s actions and one’s behavior, the ability to behave oneself in a decent and an orderly manner in any situation, and at the same time not to compromise with sin.”



” Genuine freedom, with which God has blessed us, allows us to see ourselves the same way God sees us, and people cannot help understand our value and importance.”



” A free man does not pay attention to world’s opinion or view, traditions, customs, formulated

by man, but lives by spiritual laws, and not according to the laws of this world.”


” Genuine freedom is to be above the world’s or people’s opinions or views and above religion, customs and traditions.”


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