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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog
Quotes on Love

Love is our Nature

“A citizen of the kingdom of love cannot exist without love.”



“Any sin is a spiritual poison for a person created to live in love.”



” Love stimulates all the best that God has put into people.”



” The taste of life is in love.”



” God is the source of love, the clear fountain of love that never runs dry.”



” A person cannot produce love on his own.”



” The motivation for love in the world is selfishness, but the motivation for God’s love is the well-being of others.”



“True love is expressed through giving.”



“Love without sharing is torture. Love without giving is death.”



” God created man in order to share love with him.”



” Giving opens new doors of God’s blessings to us.”



” A person who lives only for himself destroys himself.”



“Living for others will give us satisfaction, happiness, and joy.”

The way of love.

“It was love that took Jesus Christ to the cross.”



” We often prefer love for humans to love for God.”



” It is easy for us to love what we can see.”



” If we love God above all, we are tapping into the source of His love.”



” The violation of the priority of love for God leads to disruption of harmonious relationships.”



“Do not try to serve Jesus Christ with only your works — fall in love with Him!. “



“Your heart will always seek the one it loves.”



” It will be easy for you to leave the world with its pleasures if your heart is filled with great love for the King.”



“Jesus Christ wants to show His love for this world through us, Christians.”



” Salvation is revealed to people when we show and express to them the love of Jesus Christ.”

How to measure your love for God.

“The primary criterion for determining our walk with God is the knowledge of His love.”



” God began His relationship with man with love.”



” Love always gives freedom.”



” True service to God is birthed in love for Him.”



” The Bible is the book of love.”



“All God’s gifts and signs are useless if we do not have His love in ourselves.”



” It is possible to live by the works of God but not to live with Him.”



“If we abide in love for God we will be forever united with Him and with His kingdom of love.”



” Love will bring quality into your life.”



” There is a difference between faith in God and the knowledge of Him.”



” By receiving salvation, we receive God’s love.”



” Each Christian must test his life with love.”



” Love must become a practical activity. It should be the meaning and the purpose of our lives.”



” The Christian life is a school of love and nobody graduates from it before the end of his life.”

Love for God through ministry to people.

“It is impossible to establish the kingdom of love on earth without knowing the fullness of love.”



“Jesus Christ is our example, worthy of imitation of love.”



” It is meaningless to do the work of God without putting the love of God in it.”



” The love of God is not conditional, it does not depend on anything and it never ends.”



“Love that is founded on decision is stable and strong and it will endure any trials.”



” God often presents us with the test of love at the point when we ourselves are struggling.”



“The home group is a wonderful school of love and discipleship.”



“The world needs Christians because through them, it can be filled with love.”



“The absence of love always leads to conceit.”



” Only by serving people can our love for God grow.”



” In God’s eyes the church is like a family circle where each one feels the warmth of the Father’s love.”



” Christians are ambassadors of God’s love.”



” In order to be truly happy, a person needs success, accomplishments, and the relationship of love.”



” Without love, we will not be able to bring revival to this earth.”

Love is action.


“Our whole life will be weighed on the scales of God’s love.”



“We are called to spread God’s love to the world.”



“Love cannot be indifferent to the needs of suffering and afflicted people.”



” We must heal this terminally ill world with love.”



“The only reason God allowed all problems in our lives is for us to show others the way out.”



” Love is a practical action.”



” Love without expression is useless.”



” God proved His love to us by expressing it in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.”



“Christianity is the most efficacious way of life in the world.”



“The sacrifice of Jesus Christ is the proof of His love for us.”



” The way of love is the way of elevation.”



” Love allows us to conquer people’s hearts in order to win them for the kingdom of love.”

The love for people is your most valuable asset.


“Understanding our unity as the Body of Christ invariably leads to understanding the fact that we need each other in love.”



“We are called to be God’s answer to each other’s needs.”



” Love is the primary and most significant spiritual need of a person.”



” Love consists of recognition, fellowship, and understanding.”



” The church must become a place of acceptance.”



” It is our duty to recognize the importance of every person.”



” The world is “sick” with loneliness in spite of multitudes

of people living in it.”



” Only the church can provide people with quality fellowship.”



” One of great arts of communication is the skill of listening to people.”



” Trust always defeats every rebellion.”



” You need to put yourself in their place in order to understand people.”



” The only force that is able to overcome evil is love.”



” People should see genuine, authentic love in the church.”



” We the Christians are called to rehabilitate our loved ones, our cities, our country, and the whole world with love.”



“The success and the growth of the church are attained by love.”

The love that will overcome the world.


“If you touch people with your love, they will be willing to follow you.”



” It is through us Christians that the world must know the love of the Savior.”



“The people’s hearts can be opened only by the true love of God.”



“The ministry of Christ is unimaginable without the love of Christ.”



” When we were still living in the world of sin God already saw us as saved citizens of His kingdom.”



” God wants us to see all unbelievers as already saved.”



“We are not called to love our church members only — we are called to love the whole world.”



” The Good News of love must be a lifestyle, not a program for Christians.”



“Our task is not multiplying the number of our church members but making people happy.”

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