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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog
Quotes on Pastoring

Pastoring Without Tears

Ministry without tears is possible.

“God doesn’t call you to be a minister, who worries, suffers and weeps. He calls you to accomplish whatever He’s called you to by His grace, with thanksgiving.”



” God has not called you to get agitated about His work, to get worried and disquieted on His account. He has called you to be a fellow worker, His co-worker!.”



” The church doesn’t belong to the pastor; it belongs to Jesus Christ.”



“The mistake that many people make, is that they use God to build up a ministry for themselves; they use the name of Jesus to build a church for themselves.”



” When a man takes upon himself that which is God’s responsibility, thus trying to take His place, it destroys him.”



” As you abide in rest, God Himself solves your problems for you.”



” Nothing can happen to you, unless God allows it to.”



” More than anything else in all the world, God doesn’t want you to worry about Him.”



“When a man attempts to build something in the physical realm that has not been built in the spiritual one, he will most certainly fail.”



” It’s only when you are in extreme situations, that the qualities of your spiritual, inner man become apparent.”



“The main duty of ministers is to be obedient to God, following the Holy Spirit to obey everything that He instructs them to do.”


Success in Ministry is a reality.


“The first stage of any development is infancy.”



“In order to grasp the principles of spiritual growth, you need to be filled with understanding and the wisdom of God.”



” Growth is an absolute necessity if you want to be a pastor without tears. No matter what stage you are at in your ministry, you must always continue to grow, otherwise you will start dying spiritually.”



“No matter how great your wealth of knowledge may be, it is still insufficient.”



” When you lose something and God allows that to happen, it simply means He wants to give you something much better.”



“Unless you are led and directed by the Holy Spirit, you will never be truly successful in your ministry.”



” If you encourage love to grow, then it will protect you from all kinds of internal problems.”



” In order to be successful in a ministry, you need wisdom, the wisdom of God.”



” Wisdom is a supernatural understanding of a situation from God’s point of view.”



” God always exalts the humble.”



” If you live by the grace of God and you constantly recognise His grace in your life, then your weakness turns into strength.”

Carefree Ministry.


“It’s a privilege to serve God. Above all, serving God is joy and happiness!.”



” The most important task that every pastor has is to get all his church members involved in some kind of ministry. That should be one of his main priorities.”



” Serving God brings us to a place of great honor. Putting people in ministry is helping them to find their calling and their place in the body of Christ.”



” God wants every member of the Body of Christ to be a blessing one to another; that’s why,everyone has to be involved in a ministry.”



“We want to bring the presence of God to the people, but forget in the process that only God Himself is able to do that.”



“Cast all the problems and troubles that people come to you with onto Him, and you can relax and stay healthy.”



“Devote yourself to getting to know Him better, then you will grow in that righteousness which is in you, in peace, in joy and God will look after other people and solve their problems for them.”



” If you have really given your burden over to God, then soon your ministry will bring you great joy!.”



” Whatever situation you are in, you should find an opportunity to renew your strength in the Lord, so that your problems don’t affect your joy, your peace and rest.”



” He wants us to have a ministry abiding in God’s rest. A ministry that isn’t a burden…”



” We should not “take” other people’s problems and place them on ourselves. We should point people with problems to Jesus.”



” The ministry of a pastor is not a ministry you should ever carry on your own should It has to be put into the temple of the Lord, who Himself is our Sabbath.”

Do not be anxious for God.


“Discouragement comes when the things you expected to see in your ministry don’t happen.”



“Even if you have got nothing else left, be proud of your relationship with God.”



” What we receive from God always seems to be too little for us; we get the impression that He isn’t answering us. But in actual fact God always answers our prayers.”



” God picked you up, saved you and redeemed you, not only because He needs you, but because this present generation also needs you. You represent hope for several thousands of people.”



” The devil attacks you today, because you have got a future. He wants to destroy you for that very reason, because he is scared of your future acts and exploits.”



“As knowing God becomes more important to you, you will stop thinking about discouragements and persecutions; you will stop worrying altogether.”



“Start relying on God for everything, expecting and hoping to receive only His acclamation.”



“Glorify Him and consecrate yourself to Him anew.”

Let God build.


“A person who knows spiritual principles will walk confidently in God’s path, to fulfill what God has already planned to do.”



” There are many people in the world who are running after vanity. They are striving after things that the Lord is not building.”



” We mustn’t just simply pray, but rather ask God about His desires and plans. This is the prayer of inquiry.”



“If you are obedient to God and do that what He has already created and built in the spiritual realm, then God’s creative power will make your job easy, and only then will the things you build be long lasting, able to stand the test of time.”



“The secret of Jesus’s successful life and ministry was most surely the fact that He frequently communed with God and always followed His advice.”



” Don’t just pray, but reach out in prayer to get an understanding of God’s plan, of His revelation and vision for your life.”



” God always gives grace to the person who knows how to humble himself before Him and who sets his hopes on H God only gives grace to humble people.”



“Learn to wait on the Lord! That will help you to walk your pathway in life in the power and glory of God.”



” You receive a word of revelation that unveils the prototype or the picture you need to be able to perceive and understand how to build your life and what direction to take.”



” Success is guaranteed every time, when you get a glimpse at God’s prototype, and see what God is building. You just need to follow Him.”

Your attitude to small things.


“A lot depends on the small things.”



“Jesus preached to crowds of thousands and hundreds of thousands of people, in order to make only twelve of them into His disciples, He took time to work with each person individually.”



” People who want to get everything all at once, usually end up getting nothing in life.”



“If you go deeper into the details of your calling, finding out new things about it, seeking wisdom and understanding from God on it, this in itself will cause you to be successful. He that tills his land will be satisfied with bread.”



” God is quite able to send you a million people today, but tomorrow they will all leave you again, if you haven’t got a system of administration, structure, management, order and

organization in your church.”


” Start focusing your attention on the people that God puts you with, even if they hate you, even if they persecute you and speak bad things about you. Work with them and pray for them!.”


” You must learn how to extract things of value out of things that seems totally worthless.”


” God will entrust you with something bigger after you have proved yourself faithful in the small things.”


” You must learn to account for everything, even for the things, that you think are quite insignificant.”


” Accountability is the proof of your integrity, whereas disorderliness is parallel to stealing.”


” God watches over every small thing we have and over our attitude towards those thin He wants you to have a sense of order and to be responsible.”

Pastoring or Hireling.

“A good shepherd has a positive influence on his people through “inward work”, i.e. working on them from the inside.”



“A real pastor will always show respect for people.”



” A good shepherd always gives people freedom to choose; he doesn’t lay down conditions or use any kind of pretext to restrict people. This shepherd resembles Jesus and people will not even want to leave him.”



” You have to become a ladder that other people climb up in their path to success. If you are not ready for that, then you are not ready to be a pastor.”



” A real pastor — a good shepherd — is always concerned about the personal development of every individual person in his church.”



” A good pastor knows how to trust people and how to give them authority to fulfill all kinds of tasks. He tries to make himself unnoticed and unnecessary. Don’t be indispensable!.”



” A good shepherd encourages and inspires each one that works alongside him.”



” By exalting others, you will be recognized as a true leader and pastor.”



” A good shepherd rejoices when he sees those under him progressing.”



” A true pastor is always open to talk through and discuss things and to make joint decisions.”



“Only a real pastor and a true leader will be looking for ways to train and equip his people to develop their potential. A true pastor is always in tune with the hearts of his people.”



“A godly pastor thinks first of others, before he thinks of himself.”


Your Motivation.


“The main motivation for every pastor should be to serve God and people.”



” You should not fast just to get the anointing. That won’t be very effective. Fasting is rather a means of abasing yourselves for the service of God and man.”



” If you can only abase yourself, the way that Jesus did, then you will be a happy minister.”



“The more you strive to help others become successful, the faster you become successful yourself. By helping to build other people’s lives, you build up your own.”



” The problems of your church members need to become your problems.”



“It has to be the desire of your heart to let the whole world know about the love of God, about His sacrifice and our salvation.”



” Do not seek popularity or self-affirmation; just show people God’s love and mercy, and help them to prosper and succeed. Simply serve God.”


“You have to work on it. You have to meditate on God’s Word, which itself will change you and transform you into the image and character of God.”



“Spiritual renewal and the transformation of a nation, country, or a city cannot take place unless there is first renewal and transformation in the individual.”

A church of quality and quantity.


“Prayer has to be fervent, intensive, passionate and from the heart.”



“If you want to get results, then you have to pray a lot. You have to pray passionately, fervently, whole-heartedly.”



” But just as quantity wins respect and honor for a church, it is quality that provides a church with safety and protection.”



“When God dwells in a person, the color of his skin is not relevant; it’s not the most important thing any more. The main thing is that God is living in a person; then people will see God’s glory shining forth.”



” You have to work at having quality in your church, because people that are influential in your city may be God’s instruments for resolving all kinds of problems that will most surely come up in the future.”



” If you want to have a big and strong church, then you need to build a prayer wall of defense in the spiritual realm.”

The Pastor’s team.


You have to create your own mighty men, because without them you won’t be able to accomplish anything.”



” The person who has no deputies or assistants has no future.”



” God needs people like this in the church, who will perform feats amidst their own generation.”



” Make a decision to perform something great, something that requires skill, something special for the Kingdom of God.”



” God needs courageous people to conquer not only a nation, but the whole world!.”



“If you cling to your life, you will lose it. But if you give it over to God, He will start using you.”



” Be prepared to die to self and to give up everything for the Gospel’s sake, even to give up the most precious thing you have, your life.”



” You will never become a mighty man of God, unless you give all you have got for the Lord.”



“Nobody can truly become a leader, unless he has performed feats for God. It is only possible to ascend to spiritual heights in the Kingdom of God, if you fully exert yourself.”



“You will never become of any significance for God, unless you give all you have to perform some tremendous work for Him.”

The art of being alone with God.


“God has called us to minister and anointed us to serve Him and not ourselves.”



” Everyone that wants to fulfill God’s commission and His ministry in their lives has to know how to wait patiently, how to wait for God. Only when He then appears can success be guaranteed.”



” It’s not possible for a person who has one to one fellowship with God, someone who breaks through in prayer and who knows how to wait for God not to have open success. It’s just not possible!.”



” God didn’t call you to be a failure. He called you to be a success.”



” More often than not it’s this fear of losing people and this attempt to keep people in the church that causes pastors to neglect seeking the presence of God.”



“The friend that you’re with makes you the friend that you are!.”



” We as pastors, as God’s ministers, must have right priority. Only then we will become successful in ministry.”



” When God comes in His fullness, then our ministry will become easy, it will be a blessing and a pleasure, not a load and a burden.”



“Spending time alone with God gives us victory over the flesh.”



” There is also a third blessing that comes from spending time alone with God. When we spend time alone with Him, this releases all God’s potential, His power, grace and anointing, all of which are so essential for doing work for the Kingdom of God.”



“There is only one thing that can guarantee our having a long term ministry — that is the ability to cut ourselves off from all unnecessary hustle and bustle and outside pressure and to unite our spirits with Him, with the Lord who loves us and delights to bless us.”



“Your ministry will only stand as you learn to spend time alone with Him who is Himself the Author of your ministry”.

Called and anointed.


“The anointing is what enables us to labor, without having to apply any special effort. The anointing is what overcomes every difficulty that would beset us, that we in our own strength and with our own abilities would normally not be able to cope with.”



” When the anointing of God is upon a person, it changes that individual from being a little ordinary person into being a giant.”



” Believe that the anointing of God will find a way — even where you yourself don’t see that there is a way. The anointing of the Lord will show the way — whatever the day and age, situation or country you may be living in.”



“The anointing will release help, the anointing will release resources, the anointing will release finances, the anointing will release the people you need to stand alongside you.”



” Do not expect a harvest if you haven’t sown anything! God loves people who are hard- working, who are always doing something. He helps doers.”



” There is time for you to pray, and there is time for you to fight!.”


” God requires us to give ourselves over fully to serving Him and to do everything to the full.”


Going forward and forward only.


“God has got everything worked out; He has everything set and in place to make us successful.He knows that if our life is going to progress, we need to keep moving forward, and not go backwards.”



” God gave man an undeserved ability to do what He had planned for him to do.In God’s sight everyone can become successful to some degree, in proportion to that which he has received from God.”



“The Bible is instruction, it’s light, it’s the Word of God that predicts future events, warns of dangers and holds us back from falling and getting hurt.”



“The deeper you go into the Word of God, the more light you will receive for your life and the wiser you will be in your actions.”



” God is concerned that you succeed, that you make progress, that you keep moving forward.All you need to do is understand and do His will.”

A Pastor is a servant.


Your success in life is determined by the extent to which you can humble yourself to serve others.”



“Serving others is a high honor in the spiritual realm.”



” Right from the beginning, we were born into a world where the ego rules, but when we came to God and received the new birth, we entered a world where love rules.”



” If you give people happiness, then the happiness you experience will never end, but will be filling you incessantly.”



” Do good deeds and serve people, because nobody is too unimportant not to be served by you.”



” The less you obey the Word of God, the more you distance yourself from God in the spiritual realm.”



” People respect those who know how to admit their own mistakes and see their own weaknesses.”



” If your heart is as transparent as crystal, people will respect you.”



” Don’t be a shallow person. Do everything with zealous devotion, as you would do it for Christ.”



” If you have sown in love and tried to do everything as unto Jesus Christ, then you will reap happiness and joy and will be able to enjoy the everlasting presence of the Lord in all you lay your hand to, and do.”


Organizational structure in the Church.


“If you want to work with people, then you have to know how to administrate, that is to organize them and lead them.”



” If you want to have a well-ordered church, then you have to become well-ordered yourself.”



” The main thing is to learn to pray regularly, to do it systematically.”



“Wisdom is knowledge correctly applied. Therefore you should gain knowledge!.”



“With every calling comes the anointing you need to be able to stand firm in the situations that you will have to face.”



” God calls each person individually. He said that a man and his wife were one flesh, but not one spirit.”



” God is able to really use a person, who puts all that he has got into his work, who works hard, sweating his guts out to the point of complete exhaustion, using the last of his strength.”



“If you are still not dead to the opinions of other people, and it is important for you not to offend anyone, then you haven’t even started ministering.”



” Administration and order are essential for your ministry. They are a stepping-stone to your being a success.”



” Success in ministry depends on having order in everything.”

Ministering supernaturally.


“Change comes from a process of trials and wilderness experiences, problems and difficulties— it’s a process of transition from one quality level to another.”



“It’s only when you are meek and lowly that you can find rest for your soul and be a pastor without tears.”



” The key to being a successful pastor is to be able to minister supernaturally, be a pastor without tears, in learning of Him, learning from His life.”



” When we learn of Him, we see the things that we do wrong, we see what things need to be corrected in our way of thinking and our way of living.”



“The best and only way to minister supernaturally is by being yoked to Jesus, just making yourself into His servant, walking in His ways and imitating Him. Allow Him to change you!.”



” The person who understands that God is the only One who builds, becomes His beloved. And to that kind of pastor God will give sleep.”



” When someone has learned to minister supernaturally, he will always be abiding in joy, in peace and in rest; he will live righteously, because he knows that the Lord is the One who builds all things, and not man.”



“The sole key to these large-scale successes in the work of God and the staggering results you see in the ministries of anointed men of God has been their ability to hear the voice of God and be obedient to it.”

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