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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog
Quotes on Strength

Mighty Warrior

Three types of prayer


“God works on earth only through the prayers of believers and based on this basis, the destiny of this world is not in the hands of earthly kings and rulers but in the hands of prayer warriors.”



“Prayer is the breath of our spirit-man.”



“All the blessings God has prepared for us, His children, are received through our prayer.”



” The man is eligible to invite God or any spirit-being to come on earth.”



“Asking is the first level of prayer.”



” The second level of prayer is seeking.”



” If your prayers remain unanswered, start fasting.”



” The third level of prayer, which is much more serious is knocking.”



” Keep on knocking relentlessly again and again until the Lord answers.”



” Don’t think that denial is the absence of an answer, pray until you get one answer or the other.”

Three directions of prayer.


“The first direction of a prayer: believe that God is able to manage your problem and appeal to Him.”



” Your relationship with God has to be alive: Learn to be His child.”



” Our fellowship with our Father must not be restricted in any manner to a church, room or building.”



” If you don’t know the Word of God concerning your problem, then worship Him.”



” The second direction of prayer lies in us addressing our own circumstances and changing them ourselves.”



“If the mountain remains standing, it is useless to pray and God is waiting for you to do something yourself.”



” The third direction of prayer is prayer against Satan, devils and demons.”



” If you notice that the devil hinders your work or demons disturb your family etc., then address them and cast them out of your circumstances.”



“Your power depends on how much time you spend fellow-shipping with God.”


Power in your intercession.


“Intercession is prayer we pray not for ourselves, but for others — for country government, or any other person.”



” When you have to make a choice, think of the impact your decision may make on your calling.”



” We are the only people who may know the will of God for the city we live in. God expects us to become intercessors for our countries.”



” The only way for you to destroy iniquity in your country is intercession.”



” Our intercessory prayers make God’s mercy to triumph against judgment.”



“Develop your prayer language; increase your prayer coverage.”



” If you manage to organize your prayer life, then you will become extremely effective.”



” The more fervently we pray, the more the Lord shows mercy upon them that we pray for, removing the reasons for cries and wailing.”

How to pray for your unsaved relatives and friends.


“The only way you can pray with absolute faith is to be confident that your prayers are in line with the revealed will of God, His Word.”



” In order to know how to pray for people, we have first to determine: Whether, they are saved or not.”



“The devil is the god of this planet and he does anything he wants to the people therein.”



“The Lord is God only of them that turn to Him, accept Him and live according to His Word.”



“We are to show unsaved people the way out.”



” There are two ways of opening the eyes of people. The first is by way of preaching the Word of God and the second is prayer.”



“Also with His Word, we can win people back from Satan!.”



” We have to bring in captivity every high thing in people’s mind.”



” Every stronghold the devil builds in the minds of people through thoughts should be pulled down in prayer.”



” You have to bind the devil and command to set these people free. Next step: take the veil off.”



“Then we have to pray for the light of the Holy Spirit to shine in people’s lives.”


Pray in the Spirit.


Baptism in the Holy Spirit belongs to them that believe and are not of this world.”



“Tongues are a miraculous manifestation of being filled with the Holy Ghost.”



” A person is on the right track if he develops his gift and turns it to minister to God.”



” Christianity through the operation of the Holy Spirit affirms unity as well as variety (diversity) in the Body of Christ.”



“This heavenly language opens up a door into the Father’s presence, which is the only place where we can receive deep revelations right from His mouth.”



” The next object of speaking in tongues is the edification of self.”



” While edifying ourselves, we put our life in order and build it.”



” Another purpose for speaking in tongues is the edification of the church.”



” The gift of speaking in tongues enables us to experience deeper prayer and thanksgiving.”



“The Holy Spirit is given to us in order for us to be like fire, when we speak in tongues.”

Secret of the answered prayer.


“The amount of words spoken does not determine the quality of the prayer.”



“The secret of the answered prayer is not in its artistry, nor shouts either…”



” A Prayer does not need to become a ritual.”



“Our prayer should address our Father with the complete understanding of God’s fatherhood.”



” The power of your prayer lies in your knowing that God is there right beside you.”



” God is far away only from them that have never come to Him through Jesus Christ.”



” Your prayer life has to be on such a level that you will be able to say, “If I ask the Father for something, I’ll have it.””



“God is going to lift you up higher, day by day and from prayer to prayer.”



” What we receive from God is determined by what we know.”



“He that LOVES God considers the Word of God to be forever foremost.”



“Prayer is a conversation with the Father you trust.”



“If you long to be a mighty warrior, to do great things for the Lord, and to win the world for Him, then remember that your power is in your prayer life.”

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