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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog
Quotes on Wealth


The truths of the new millennium

“It is a special privilege and calling to live in two millenniums.”


“It is easy for those who know God to adapt to new changes.”


“The standards of this new time compel us to put our work in order before God.”


“A new time gives birth to new ideas.”


“When you begin a new endeavour you need to reassess your life.”


“Everything new requires determination and courage from a person.”


“Whatsoever you are afraid of will surely come to pass.”


“Only those people that do not give up become winners.”


“It is impossible to be a true winner without the Lord.”


“Easy money always becomes the reason for tears and sorrow.”


“If your partners in business do not match up to God’s standards, then seek other partners.”


“The further humanity advances forward the faster and more dynamically it moves.”


“Therefore, we cannot reduce the speed of our progress.”


A Rich God


“God’s riches are sufficient to bless all humanity.”


“The only thing that is limiting the blessings of God is our old way of thinking and a lack of the understanding of God’s purposes for prosperity.”


“Money is not the perfect source of satisfaction. This source is God.”


“Satisfaction is the inner state of a man; it cannot be achieved externally.”


“It is impossible to acquire the joy of success without God.”


“No matter how rich a person is, his resources are limited.”


“Only God is not limited in anything.”


Qualifications for God’s prosperity


“What a person cares about most of all determines the quality of his life.”


“Everything that we have in this earthly life should serve the Kingdom of God.”


“An atmosphere of happiness is the atmosphere of the Kingdom of God.”


“Without prosperity the fullness of human happiness is not possible.”


“God entrusts His riches to mature sons and not to spiritual babies.”


“Prosperity without God is like committing suicide.”


“God wants to bless His church by blessing His people.”


“God gives prosperity only to those who personally know him and are obedient to His will.”


“True Christians do not seek wealth. They seek God.”


“If you do not sow into God, you cannot expect a financial harvest.”


The foundation for unshakable success and prosperity


“The most important thing is not to achieve success, but to keep it so that it would be stable.”


“God determines the goals of the prosperity before giving prosperity to His children.”


“God is not against money, He is against the money being used outside His purposes.”


“Christians should use their prosperity for the glory of the Kingdom of God.”


“The level of our responsibility in things of God determines our level of prosperity.”


“If you desire to be rich with joy, you have to be truly dedicated to God and His work.”


“Dedication requires sacrifice.”


“Holiness always exalts a person and brings him closer to God.”


“Wealth can only be multiplied through work.”


“In order to achieve stable success, you must be focused on God and not on success itself.”


The golden rules of success


“God guarantees success to every Christian provided they are obedient to Him.”


“Everything needed for success has been placed into us from the beginning.”


“Success requires persistent and diligent work.”


“In order to get wealth, knowledge is needed.”


“The destiny of every country is in the hands of the people who know God.”


“We are not the ones who will achieve success and put this world to shame but God will do this through us.”


“It is not the mountain that is our problem but the absence of knowledge on how to deal with the mountain.”


“There is only one limitation to our progress and that is our lack of information.”


“The reason for the absence of success is not because of lack of money but because of the absence of the understanding of the principles of success.”


“Always using the same methods is not God’s way.”


“Success does not come by itself; you need to fight for it.”


“In order to be more successful than the other people, you have to do something that other people are not doing.”


“In order to have success you have to concentrate on your goals.”


“You should not strive for your own personal wealth but for the prosperity of the Kingdom of God.”



Financial freedom and money


“God’s purpose for money differs completely from the world’s purpose.”


“A person’s attitude to money determines whom he serves in life.”


“Loving money is more of a problem for those who do not have it.”


“Money comes to those who know what to do with it.”


“The absence of knowledge of the truths about money leads to poverty and financial slavery.”


“The amount of money that a person has in his bank account is not determined by his starting capital but by his knowledge about money and his ability to manage it properly.”


“Money should never be an object of love for people.”


“Money should never be the goal. It should only be the means of attaining the goal.”


“It is not money that makes a person free but it is the knowledge of God’s truths.”


“God does not give money. He gives the power to get wealth.”


“If a person does not rule over money, then money will rule over him.”


“The Kingdom of God should be the main goal of our financial investments.”


“Money is God’s seed and Christians should learn how to properly sow it.”


“A salary does not make a person rich, but only gives him the opportunity to take care of his needs. It is not a means of becoming wealthy. It is a means of fulfilling our potential.”


“The Lord only praises the person who multiplies what has been given to him.”


Giving is the guarantee of prosperity


“Giving is a quality of God Himself.”


“A lack of giving in the life of a person will bring him to poverty.”


“The principle of giving should become a mandate for action for the Christians of the last



“A giver will never suffer defeat.”


“The most reliable method for acquiring wealth is through giving.”


“The best way to become poor is to give nothing.”


“The prosperity of a person is directly proportional to the level of his giving.”


“God will definitely multiply back to you even in greater amounts what you have sown.”


“True children of God experience pleasure in giving.”


“Everything that we have in actual fact does not belong to us, but to God.”


“It is important to be a giver not only to those closest to us, but also to our enemies.”


Management is God’s principle for success


“Every work needs proper organization.”


“All spheres of life in society are mission fields. They are the “Promised Land” where the Lord will lead us to.”


“A prudent ruler is distinguished by his ability to manage.”


“Progress is impossible without accurate planning.”


“Never become a slave to tradition, learn to foresee new things.”


“A lack of planning leads to failure.”


“Management should have goals.”


“The leadings of the Holy Spirit will help you to achieve your goals in the quickest way.”


Your achievements and success is dependent on a well thought through plan of action.


You cannot lead someone, if you cannot organize your own life.


If you are not planning for success, then you are planning for failure.


Without a relationship with God, it is not possible to have order in your life.


A life without a plan is a life out of control.


The right priorities in planning will help you to avoid fuss, tiredness and overwork.


“It is impossible to be successful and prosperous, if you cannot organize people to achieve maximum results.”


The protection and security of prosperity

“God’s principles work whether we believe them or not.”


“Good things quickly become habitual and we often stop valuing them.”


“Establishing the Word of God defeats our spiritual enemies and protects our prosperity.”


“God always protects what He considers to be a blessing for a person.”


“Righteousness gives a person the right to God’s protection.”


“Friendship with the world removes God’s protection and His covering from us.”


“God is interested in preserving the resources of His Kingdom.”


“Your business will be secure, if you rely on God.”


“God is the guarantee of our security.”


“An understanding of our position in Christ gives us security.”


“Take your sandal off your foot…”

“If you are focused on God, then all “mountains” are under your feet.”


“The level of our submission to God will determine our success and prosperity.”


“If we are not submitted to Jesus Christ, then the forces of darkness will not be subject to us.”


“Many Christians are like servants with “shoes.””


“By confessing Jesus Christ as Lord, we give to Him all the rights to our lives.”


“Jesus Christ is the Master of the business we are doing. We are not the master.”


“The wealth that we acquire with God’s help will not become a source of tears, if it belongs to God.”


“Everything that we give to God, we preserve, and what we keep for ourselves, we lose.”


“Everything God has given to us is “for rent.” We can only manage what we have but the

right of ownership belongs to God.”


“Our problems will melt away, if we surrender to God.”


How to be fulfilled in life

“A dream is the reality of a future that exists in a person’s imagination.”


“The ability to dream was given to us by God.”


“The opportunity to see the future was placed in us by God through dreams and visions.”


“God will continually reveal new details of your dream to you.”


“The gifts of God that are hidden within us are designed not only for our own needs but also for the needs of others.”


“You need to get all the information that is related to the work that the Lord has called you to do.”


“We should “feed” from all sources of wisdom to be filled with knowledge.”


“You cannot be both prosperous and illiterate at the same time.”


“The knowledge of God gives a person the opportunity to not be a slave to wealth.”


“The search for knowledge requires effort.”


“God does not promise that He will bless us with wisdom, He advises us to acquire it.”


“The most important thing in life is wisdom and not money.”


“It is necessary to learn to turn your falls and misfortunes into God’s power and might in order to have prosperity.”


“A lazy person will never grow wealthy.”


Called to success

“The resources of the human mind are unlimited.”


“It is impossible to be prosperous without God.”


“Money is only a means to serve God.”


“Doing the same things all the time leads to ineffectiveness.”


“Never look back on yesterday’s success.”


“Good preparation destroys all obstacles.”


“People of success are not going to settle for the average.”


“Our potential is determined by God’s potential. His potential is unlimited.”


“God’s way of thinking should become our way of thinking.”


“Success begins with self-discipline.”

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