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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog
Quotes on Wisdom

Hear the voice of wisdom

“Wisdom is the means that God has chosen for the Church of Jesus Christ to transform the world and put to shame all the principalities and powers of hell.”

“If you have wisdom, you will be able to reign in every area of your life.”

“Wisdom justifies a person in the face of any opposition.”

“True wisdom is hidden in the fear of the Lord.”

“If you don’t walk according to the Word of God, then you are on the way that leads to self-destruction.”

“If a person has wisdom, then he will also have the anointing. But sometimes a person with the anointing may not have much wisdom.”

“The future of the Church is in the hands of wisdom.”


Dominion restored

“One of man’s major purposes is to have dominion over the earth, in the same way as God has dominion over the universe.”

“Having power and position in the spiritual realm still doesn’t mean that you are reigning in real life.”

“In order to reach his destiny and have dominion over the earth, man has to get wisdom.”

“Every Christian has the chance to become an outstanding person.”

“Unless a person understands God’s laws, he will not have long-lasting success.”

“When you gain maximum knowledge in any area of work and put it into practice, no power will be able to hinder you achieving your set goals.”

“Without wisdom man’s position does not differ in any way from that of a servant.”

“The spirit of counsel enables a person to look for something new and to search further and deeper.”

“When you get wisdom, failure and discouragement will get behind you.”


The availability of wisdom

“The more the problems in a society, the greater the chances of success.”

“You will not become wise at the wave of a magic stick. Wisdom is the result of tedious, hard work.”

“Life gives everyone equal chance to become successful and prosperous.”

“God reveals to humanity, through His Word, the shortest route to success, prosperity and well-being.”

“It’s mostly during times of wilderness experience, that people are willing to accept the lessons that wisdom teaches.”

“God wants you to always have a hunger in your heart to learn something new.”

“Nothing you hear or read will be of any benefit to you, unless you meditate and digest it deeply.”

“Life without defeat is a reality for everyone who has learned to walk in the wisdom of the Word of God!”


By wisdom a house is built

“Our calling is connected to our area of dominion.”

“The foundational stone for any business, enterprise or project has to be wisdom.”

“God allows us, through thoughts, ideas, words and revelations, to imagine things in our conscious mind that He has already created in the invisible spirit realm.”

“Before you rush ahead and start implementing God’s plans, you must have a coherent plan of action.”

“Never stop developing and perfecting your abilities, even if you have already achieved significant, visible results.”

“A man’s main purpose in life is to find his ground, till it and care for it, bringing the Kingdom of God there and establishing the Lordship of Jesus Christ over it.”

“God’s secrets are revealed to us through the inter-communication of the spirit of man with the Spirit of God.”

“The degree to which we are able to understand God’s revelations depends on the level to which our mind has been developed.”

“Spiritual regeneration removes every kind of human limitation.”

“If you want to be successful in any area of life, you have to work on developing your soul.”

“Knowledge only becomes wisdom, when it is utilized and produces fruit that makes it possible to reach the goals that God has set.”


Wisdom is better than gold

“The most precious things are always invisible; they are always kept hidden.”

“Things that are valuable are not just for anybody to take.”

“The value of a person’s life may not be determined on the basis of his material standing.”

“The main yardstick for measuring life and its essence is quality of life.”

“If a person is saved, and still continues to live according to his former worldly way of life, he is not only destroying himself and his salvation — he is also destroying his whole life.”

“Life in the Kingdom of God is accepting and knowing Jesus Christ, it is studying and applying His teachings to your life.”

“If we want to abide and move in the Kingdom of God, we have to become obedient to the principles of the Kingdom.”

“When a person acts in accordance to God’s standards, he gets God’s wisdom.”

“Wisdom gives you the understanding of how to live without being dependent on circumstances in this life.”

“The principles of the Kingdom of God make it possible to live life at its highest level.”

“If a person doesn’t serve God, he will lose whatever else he serves.”

“Seek knowledge, getting as much of it as you can and meditate on it, then you will become a happy possessor of wisdom.”


Wisdom’s wings

“God’s wisdom makes Christians different from other people.”

“Wisdom has two wings. One wing is the ability to see the final goal and the ways of reaching it. The second wing is working unsparingly to fulfill that vision.”

“Only through work can a person succeed as an individual.”

“Everyone’s main aim should be to find his place in life and succeed as an individual.”

“It is impossible to get to a position of authority without hard work on your part.”

“Everyone has to work where he is able to maximize what he has been given to the fullest.”

“Any work you do should be a step on the road towards reaching the purpose God has set for your life.”

“We are to work not to satisfy our own needs, but rather for the good of others and for the purpose of establishing the Kingdom of God here on earth.”

“Dedication to work is the key to effectiveness and fruitfulness.”

“To attain your goal, you must know how to overcome battles and challenges.”

“Work gives a person the chance to become a blessing to other people.”


Where and how to find wisdom

“Wisdom dwells in the heart of God.”

“The first step towards obtaining wisdom is to acknowledge the sovereignty and authority of God and to be subject wholly to His will.”

“The fear of the Lord is to honor God and to be broken before Him.”

“Unless a person actually hates sin, he will continue to practice it.”

“The wisdom of God becomes active when a person out of the fear for the Lord throws himself completely into God.”

“The more the Word of God abides in a person, the more strength and wisdom he will have.”

“If we want to obtain the wisdom of God, we have to be capable of fellowshipping with God on a spiritual level.”

“You will never be able to live a victorious Christian life, unless you learn during your times of praying in tongues to understand the depths of what God’s Spirit is revealing to your mind.


Walking in wisdom

“Every person has to answer for his personal walk in life, not before men, but before God Himself.”

“God rewards a person not for the deeds he does openly, but according to the thoughts and actions he has in secret.”

“Wisdom gives us the understanding that God has given us commandments for our benefit.”

“Absolute freedom means absolute lawlessness.”

“The person who keeps God’s commandments will always abide in peace and rest.”

“Man is made out of love and for love. To live in love is to have life, this is God’s wisdom.”


Go and establish the Kingdom of God

“Success is guaranteed for any person who does the will of God. Success is fulfilling God’s will on earth.”

“Success is a process of learning, growth, progression and faithfulness.”

“The position of dominion comes as a result of getting wisdom.”

“For many people the way to success is long and hard, because they do not understand Biblical principles and the laws of the spirit.”

“God wants to change the world through us Christians.”

“If you think money is an obstacle, that shows that you still lack wisdom.”

“It’s only wisdom that enables a person to keep and maintain a position of success.”

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