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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog
Quotes on Sexual Freedom

Living Sexually Free


The destructive power of fornication and adultery.


“Sooner or later sin makes its claim on a person.”


” Rejecting sin is not a burden; on the contrary, it brings freedom and relief.”


“God created the institution of marriage for mutual happiness and pleasure.”


“Every sexual sin begins with flattery.”


” The devil’s weapon is an illusion of our imagination.”


“Every extramarital intimate relationship has a spiritual resonance, the consequences of which can be very severe.”


” The spirit of fornication and adultery robs a man of his authority in the spiritual realm.”


” Fornication and adultery unleash destructive consequences into a person’s life:


  • Poverty;
  • Lack of perception;
  • Loss of respect and mutual acceptance;
  • Children with shattered futures;
  • Dullness of the senses and of the intellect;
  • Deterioration of health.”


“The end result of adultery and fornication is spiritual and even physical death.”

At the gates of Sodom.


” The story of Sodom is God’s reminder to the modern world.”


“Although we, as Christians, are living in Sodom, we are not to become citizens of Sodom.”


” Salvation is the most important thing that a person has and the devil knows very well what its value is.”


“The world will always try to lure us away so that it can infect us with sin.”


” Fornication and adultery are a plague of the last days.”



“Focus your whole attention on heaven; become a citizen of heaven.”


” Our life does not belong to us any more, it is now the life of Jesus Christ that lives in us.”


” We must know how to discern between God’s truth and the devil’s counterfeit.”


” The Christians and the world have totally different goals.”

Do not set a snare for yourself.


“The sin of fornication hinders a person from enjoying God’s blessings.”


“Fornication is a snare that a person sets for himself.”


“Fornication deprives a person of his spiritual covering.”


” There is no sin that will be left unpunished.”


“If a person is outside the sin zone, the devil is powerless against him.”


“Intimate relationships only have God’s blessing if the man and woman are married.”


” Sex outside of marriage is an abuse.”


“There are two causes for “burning”: passionate desires coming from our thoughts, and flirting.”


“Lust and flirting are dangerous because at first they are not noticeable.”


Power over thought is victory over flesh.


“Thoughts and feelings produce actions. Sinful thoughts and feelings produce sinful actions.”


” Only meditation on God’s word is capable of changing our way of thinking.”


“A thought can be cast down by speaking out loud words of resistance and words of God.”


” If a person thinks continually about the purity and holiness of God, then that holiness will begin to show itself in that person’s life.”


” Women love with their ears, men with their eyes.”


“Dwelling on thoughts gives birth to feelings.”


“You can renew your mind by filling it with the Word of God.”


“The Word of God gives birth to thoughts about God and about the knowledge of God.”


“Temptation is a strong weapon that Satan uses against the children of God.”


“The final aim of any temptation is to bring a person back into the kingdom of darkness.”


” If you are facing some kind of temptation, remember that it is within your power to get the victory over it.”

Solving the problem of sexual Immorality.


First of all a person has to get victory over himself.”


” Anointing doesn’t guarantee protection from fornication, adultery or lust.”


” Wisdom makes it even more likely that you will be exposed to the danger of fornication.”


“Your riches cannot save you from fornication.”


” God’s blessings don’t automatically ward off the attacks of the devil as he tries to tempt us with sexual immorality.”


“The more success a person has in life, the greater the danger of fornication can become.”


” Fornication is the murderer of champions and of people who have success, power, wisdom and anointing.”


“Freedom from sin is real. Pondering over your actions is a practical way of helping yourself in the battle against sin.”


“Flee from every kind of sexual sin.”


” The fear of God guards you from all defilement.”


” If sin becomes an abomination to you, you will have a hundred percent victory over it.”


” An oath is the most powerful weapon we have in our struggle against fornication and adultery.”

Immorality and crisis of fatherhood.


“The fatherhood crisis is a generator of an incredible dimension of fornication and adultery.”



” The first and most important thing that God requires of a man is to bear responsibility for future generations.”


“Mental understanding cannot change our life, unless it becomes real understanding.”


” Fatherhood is a man’s main goal and appointed purpose in life.”


” The right of the firstborn gives the man the right to yield seed.”


“Many generations are dependent on a man’s understanding of his appointed purpose in life. It is only the wife, and not just any woman, who constitutes the noble soil that produces excellent fruits.”


” The woman, who is not the wife, has no right to receive the seed of the man, because it is the man and not the woman, who has to bear the responsibility for his seed.”


” Every man, who desires to become a true father, has to look continually to the Lord, that he might learn of Him how to relate to his own children.”


“Jesus Christ came to this earth to resolve the problem of fatherlessness, which is a major cause of sexual perversion.”


” Jesus Christ is the way of gaining a father, the path of a pure and righteous life without fornication, lust or adultery.”


The precious power of holiness.


“The main quality of God is holiness.”


” Nobody has the right to stand before God without holiness. Holiness brings God glory.”


” Sin is incompatible with the glory, beauty and holiness of God.”


” To be successful in life and in ministry, you must have the power of holiness.Holiness is the best means influencing people. Your holiness disarms your enemies and silences them.”


” The greatest victory a person can have is the victory over himself.”


” Nobody can come to God without holiness.”


” To get free from sexual sin, you have to fight.”


” Righteousness exalts.”


” We will be saved, if we hold steadfast the holiness of God until the end of our days.”

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