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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog
Quotes on Time and Life

Time is Life

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Understanding time is the destiny of a wise man.

“Laws set by God are boundaries protecting our lives from destruction.”



” Understanding the law of time will help us to avoid evil.”



” Evil comes into our lives because we do not follow the laws set by God for our own good.”



” Everything is subject to God’s timing and everything depends on it.”



“No one can change the timing set by God.”



“Time has only one Lord — God.”



” Only a wise man can discern time.”



“A wise man can never be caught by surprise.”



” A man, who knows God, knows the value of time.”



” Every day we live determines our future life.”



“The destinies of people are placed in a time frame and they are dependent on it.”



“Everything that does not fit into the timing of God does not have a chance to exist and it will be destroyed.”



“A man without God’s discernment loses the peace of God.”



” Having lost peace, a man loses the guidance of God and he is on the way to his destruction.”



” A man without the discernment of time is walking in the dark.”



” Time puts everything in place and gives it value.”


“Time influences every aspect of man’s life.”


“Everything is meaningless if not done in its proper time.”

The creation of time and its purpose.

“We were chosen by God before the creation of the world.”



” God created the time frame for the existence of the creation before he created creation itself. “



“From the point of view of eternity, life is the shortest moment.”



” Time had to be created to make the existence of life on earth possible.”



” Matter is a peculiarity of life on earth.”



” Space is a form of the existence of matter, its objects and processes.”



“The relationship between God and man are built only within a time frame.”



“No matter what great characteristics a man may have, he cannot be equal to God.”



“Everything living on earth is created by God within the frames of time and space.”



“Everything living on earth is temporary.”



“If there were not a time frame on earth, the devil could have become an eternal lord on earth.”



“The life of a man is only an opportunity to fulfill the plan of God.”



” God Himself follows the law of time.”



” God’s time and our time have to coincide; otherwise we will not be successful in life.”

Time, goals and attainment of goals.

“All world events are placed in time by God.”



” Each of us has to know our time and place in human history.”



“Every aspect of our life has to be planned according to time.”



“We should know exactly when it is time to reveal our purpose to other people.”



” After coming to God and being revived spiritually, every person should grow spiritually.”



“God chooses only hard working people for His works.”



“It is necessary for you to know exactly where you currently are in the time frame of achieving your goals.”



“Jesus knew not only His goals but also the step by step time of their attainment.”



“The children of God should know their time, goals and means of achieving them.”



“A man that knows his time is always bold, courageous and confident.”



“The understanding of our time should become our desire and aspiration.”



” The aspiration to attain goals overcomes death.”



“Life is not estimated by how long we live.”



“It is estimated by the timely attainment of the goals set for us by God.”



“Life without a purpose is empty and useless. “



“Suffering for the sake of attaining God’s goals is good.

It should be received with joy.”



” God will give us strength to overcome the trials sent into our lives and will give us victory in every situation.”



” Each of us, looking at Jesus Christ, should remember the price of greatness.”



” Knowing the purpose for our lives and the time of its fulfillment gives us the opportunity to perform the will of God exactly as He wants it.”

He made everything beautiful in His time


“We are used to determining the time of our projects and events ourselves, and this is the reason why our life is full of chaos and vanity.”


“The absence of the understanding of God’s time is the reason why our lives are unstable. “


“Everything becomes beautiful in our lives when our plans are in alignment with the plans of God.”



“However hard man tries, he is not able to make his life perfect and filled with harmony.”



“God reveals His plans only to humble people. “



“Every one of us should be humble to submit ourselves to God.”



” Then it will be easy for us to move toward the fulfillment of our life purpose.”



“Do not rush God. He will make everything beautiful in its time.”



“Sometimes God is silent because He wants to check how much we trust Him.”



“Everything that is easily accessible loses its value. Hidden things have the highest price.”



” We should constantly seek to know God and search His works.”



“We may know the purposes and time to achieve them because God Himself wants to reveal them to us.”



“Every man’s life has a time to be humble and temporarily put up with the circumstance around him.”



“It is in the human nature to rush events. “



“If you are not ready to be humble, you will never be great.”



“If you cannot go through pain and hardships, you will never have a real joy.”



“Every great thing has a small beginning.”



“You need to pay the price so that the small becomes big.”

Learn the value of time.


“There is a fierce battle in this world for our time.”



” Laziness is a killer of our time.”



” As soon as laziness conquers a man, he will completely forget about the value of time.”



“All excuses for laziness are useless. “



“A diligent man spends his time in constant work. “



“Working hours of a diligent man are not limited.”



“Diligent people make history. “



“Thoughts without their fulfillment — is the beginning of idleness. “



“We strike fatal blows to idleness with our productivity.”



“A man that is focused on his purpose always saves his time. “



“If we realize our responsibility before God for our life, we will understand how valuable time is for us. “



“While we only think instead of acting, time flies by us. “



“If you actively serve God where He places you, you will never have to be sorry for lost time. “



“God never forgets the tasks He gives you.”



“If you want to save your time, learn to be focused on your purpose to the utmost. “



“We have an opportunity to correct ourselves when God does not punish us immediately.”



“Only dedication to God’s calling can make you say a firm “no” to everything that is in the way

of its fulfillment. “


“We need to learn to protect our time. “


“Never put aside important things for urgent things. “


“The one that values his time can value the time of others as well.”


“The ability to see is the ability to receive the ideas of God, and together with Him implement them.”


” When we plan our time, in fact, we plan our success.”


“A set and concrete term of attaining a plan mobilizes a man to fulfill it.”


” When we determine the time frame to attain a goal, we materialize it or make it real in the physical world.”


“Everything is possible for God but there are limitations with us.”


” Always set realistic goals and the terms of their attainment.”


Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today.


” The habit of postponing work that should be done today for tomorrow has made many people unsuccessful.”



” Without proper rest during the weekend our new week could be unproductive.”



“Tomorrow provides us with the opportunity to do only the things of tomorrow. “



“We must use today with all of its opportunities.”



“You use your time to the maximum if you work constantly.”



“Success comes only to those people that are in the right place at the right time and do the right things. “


“When you use your time to the maximum, you are maximizing your potential.”



“Only the one who fully understands the importance of time can enjoy it.”



” Everything is good when it is on time.”



“The one who understands time always enjoys the taste of life. “



“If you do not use time it will just disappear.”



“We do not have any other time other than today. “



“If you do not value time you will simply lose it.”



“The world surrounding us often distracts us from our life purposes.”



“Time constantly changes. Time and life that is within time cannot just stop.”


“If you do not move in synchronization with time, you will be left behind.”



” We should do only those things that brings


us closer to the purpose of God.”


History makers know the time and season.


“History is made only by those people who know the times and seasons.”



” God personally created every day for each of us.”



” We are only still alive because God is expecting us to do certain things today.”



” We need to learn to see opportunities and blessings everywhere every day.”



” We should search every day to find what part of our calling we can fulfill.”



” Every day has its own purpose in our destiny.”



” God reveals everything He has planned to people that knows Him and has a close relationship with Him.”



” A person cannot fulfill God’s plan if he cannot recognize time.”



” It is not enough to have a prophecy from God. “



“We need to make efforts to see them fulfilled in real life.”



“History forgets the names of those people that cannot recognize times and seasons but it always remembers the names of those people that, by knowing God’s time, stand in the gap for countries and nations.”



” The ability to recognize the acceptable time will give you the opportunity to always be victorious in life.”



“A person that knows the acceptable times always controls situations.”



“Often we cannot understand what God does because we cannot see the future He sees.”



“God’s schedule is accurate and unshakable. “



“Time resources are not refundable.”



” After a person learns from God’s books how to recognize the acceptable time, he becomes a

strategist of his own life and a strategic person in human history.”


“If Christians learn to recognize the times and seasons, they will become strategic people.”


Christian leaders should recognize time to bring deliverance to all nations.”


The time to conquer our land.


Every time brings certain events with it.”



“People that live on the edge of two millenniums are people of a special destiny.”



” The third millennium is the third day in the calendar of God’s time.”



” In God’s third day we should reveal God to the world around us.”



“Only the one who has the understanding of time will be ready to give an account to the Lord for what He did on this earth. “



“Very often people have a very limited way of thinking.”



” God changes His time because His goals and tasks change.”



” God has a very important reason for your redemption and salvation. “



“As long as you are focused on your own problems, you live and think as a self-centered man.”



” God brought every one of us into this new time to challenge us.”



” Every one of us has a portion of land that we need to subdue for God.”



” God has allowed us to live in this time to do His works on earth.”



“The reason for our limitation is only inside us.”



“Church leaders may get disappointed in ministry if they do not know God’s time.”



“No matter the sphere of life your portion is, you can be successful in it together with the Lord, if you have learned to recognize His time.”



” The main purpose of our time is to establish God’s Kingdom on this earth.”



” The will of God is that every person that is saved would become a bridge to salvation for others.”



” The time of the third millennium is the time when the people of God will walk, covered by

God’s glory, performing great wonders and miracles.”



” God created us so that His love, beauty, perfection, and harmony would be seen through us.”



” We should become kings in every sphere of life so that the Lord would reign there.”


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