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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog
Quotes on Understanding God

Love God and come to know Him.


“When you come to know God personally and He becomes your close Friend, you will live an easy and fulfilled life.”



” Keeping the commandments is a result of having love for God.”



” The more you open up to God; the greater part He takes in your life.”



“God’s desire is to reveal Himself to everyone, yet He will manifest Himself only to those who love Him.”



” Christianity is a love story.”


Your understanding of life rules your life.


“Understanding molds the life of a man and governs it.”



” Understanding is aggregated knowledge that has transformed into a lifestyle.”



” Understanding of divine truths preserves and protects a man in any situation.”



“The church is strong when she lives by divine understanding.”



“There is no transformation of life without the renewing of the mind.”



“God saves a man that he may accomplish his purpose.”



“You must possess the characteristics of Joshua in order to take possession of Canaan.”



“If you want to get understanding, keep the Word in your heart and not in your mind only.”



” When you start putting the Word into practice in your everyday life, it becomes your understanding and you will overcome any challenge by its power.”


Understanding the mercy and favor of God.

“Mercy and favor are miracles of God that give a man something he could not even dare to dream of.”



” Favor opens any door while it remains closed for everyone else.”



” God’s favor in its fullness is that which allows strength to overcome with weakness, love to overcome hatred, God’s goodness to defeat Satan’s evil nature.”



” Every time the Lord grants you His mercy and favor, doors will be opened for you.”



” Even if your world seems to be falling apart, you can be confident in that you are in His hand of grace.”



” When the mercy of God comes into the life of a person, he increases and succeeds in all things.”



” Only the favor of God can help us find fulfillment as we reveal Jesus Christ to this world.”


Understanding the blessing of God.

“He who fails to understand that one should prepare for every single blessing will reap the problems connected with lack of preparation before the blessing.”



” Every blessing is a challenge to work. “



“We are all blessed, but we must learn to count our blessings.”



” There is a reason for every blessing that God gives a man.”



” We must have a deep understanding of Who is the source of our blessings and to whom all the glory, praise and honor belong.”



” Even if you prosper today, do not take God’s glory for granted.”



“Everything that God gives to us is to be used for the establishing of His Kingdom here on earth.”



” If you start to see God’s blessing as your own achievement, then you should know that you are placing on yourself a burden that is beyond your power to carry.”



“If a person starts neglecting the blessings of God and takes all God has given him as his own, then pride is inevitable.”

Understanding Christian Life.


“Fill you live with love , you will be healthy, young, beautiful and full of energy and strength.”



” When a person comes to know God, the Spirit of God revives his spirit and his essence.”



“If a person wants to be a true Christian, then he will endeavor to know Jesus and press towards being like Him in all things in order to reveal Him to the world.”



“A Christian is the person who studies the life of Christ and carries His image in himself in order to be like Him. “



“The purpose of the Christian life is to reveal Jesus Christ to the world.”


Understanding how Precious we all are.


“God wants to make us understand and draw our attention to how important it is to learn to value one another.”



“One cannot speak about love for God and neighbor without having a standard of communication, respect, honor, and without understanding how precious every human being is.”



“He who does not know how to receive another person, honor him and provide common help is not considered to be worthy of deserving honor from others. “



“When you do not respond to the needs of others, pretending you do not hear them, other people will also pretend they are deaf in time of your need.”



“Train yourself by blessing those who treat you badly and you will take on the nature of God.”

A life founded on the Rock.

“The quality of a person’s life is determined by how obedient he is to the Word of God.”



” Spiritual bread is more important than the natural one.”



“When a person builds his life on the Word of God, he is not afraid of any trial.”



“The Word of God gives power, authority and abundant life to a man. “



“There is an answer to any problem in the Word


of God.”

Limitations of the Mind.

“Misunderstanding of divine truths or lack of understanding are the only things that may prevent a man from becoming God’s representative on earth.”



” God wants to use His Church to establish His Kingdom on the earth.”



” Godliness is the foundation of blessing.”



“Light makes invisible things manifest.”



“A man’s conquest depends on his knowledge of Jesus Christ.”



” Knowing God can significantly increase your abilities and take away your limitations.”



” If a person seeks after the knowledge of God, he will certainly be a conqueror.”



“Effectiveness comes when the opinion of a person comes into agreement with God’s opinion.”



“Blessings come into the areas of a person’s life, where he is absolutely obedient to God. “



“The knowledge of God that a person has, influences not only his own life, but also the lives of his children.”

Do not leave your “house of bread”

“You should never leave your “house of bread”, under any pretence, whether it is oppression, troubles or hardships.”



“Anyone who takes the risk of leaving God for a while, risks his life in eternity.”



“We should not leave our “house of bread”, because it is our assurance of eternity.”



” When we exclude God from our intents and plans, we leave our “house of bread”.”



“It is worthless and senseless to seek help in Egypt, because true help comes only from the Lord, Who created heaven and earth.”



” Sometimes spiritual blessings are much more important than most material goals we pursue in life.”


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