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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

Dear DSA: My New Mindset Is Kingdom First, Church Second, Jesus First, G.O. Second

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Dear DSA, you are blessed.

I came across you in November, 2017 and since then you have been a blessing to my wife and I. We are currently pastoring a branch in Canada under a G.O. based in the USA. I am a pioneer member of DSA MENTORSHIP program that started January 2018. I have read so many of your books like ‘Church Shift’, ‘The Jesus You Never Knew’, ‘The Kingdom Driven Life’, ‘Olorunwa’, ‘How To Regain Your Lost Years’, ‘How To Keep Your Focus’, ‘Raising The Next Generation of Steve Jobs’, ‘The Creative Power Of A Genius’, ‘How To Build A Secured Financial Future’, ‘Life’s Greatest Secret’ including all the 9 books for the first 3 units of the MENTORSHIP program. I am starting the 4th unit as soon as I receive the 12 books I ordered during last HMT.

Also, I have listened to more than 150 messages like the Prayer Series, ‘Family Series’, ‘Truth series’, ‘Purpose and Calling’, ‘Life is Predictable’, ‘Laws of Money’, ‘Why Are We Here’, ‘Thinking Series’, ‘Self-Confidence’, ‘Tithe/Offering’, ‘HMT Conversion Series’, ‘April HMT’ etc. All my responses so far in the MENTORSHIP program has been impressive according to the program Director. As you can see, I have a new mindset and a new world view of Christianity after about one and half years of detoxing myself from the African paganistic and syncretic religion.

Throughout this period my job as a Pastor has been a struggle because of my new mindset of Kingdom first, church second, Jesus first, G.O. second. Thank you DSA for the Truths I now know and the new freedom I now enjoy as a result of your books and life transforming messages. I have been a quiet follower because of my position. God bless you DSA.

One Comments to “Dear DSA: My New Mindset Is Kingdom First, Church Second, Jesus First, G.O. Second”
Hello sir I have read ur book olorunwa and I am blessed

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