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(eng) NOT TRUE!!! Due Of Insufficient Men, Iceland Will Pay $5,000 Per Month To Immigrants Who Marry Icelandic Women!

de: 15 . 09 . 16
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15 Comments to “(eng) NOT TRUE!!! Due Of Insufficient Men, Iceland Will Pay $5,000 Per Month To Immigrants Who Marry Icelandic Women!”
I'm interested please contact me
hello know who are looking for Single men who want to marry an Irish woman, I'm interassado to meet someone interesting, you can count on me
let's talk!
It's more fun, just having lots of Friends on Facebook who are all around the world. You can talk to someone 24/7 and they can't yell or scream and even better when they all want to help you achieve what you want by achieving what they want. That is truly International Friendship and it didn't cost anything to achieve. Online Conferencing, doesn't endanger anyone, can be done from almost anywhere on Earth or the Moon, Video Conferencing can show videos of problems from anywhere in the world (LIVE). I'm afraid my Friends that there are one or two buildings which are now obsolete. Those are the ones which drain the Budget and are full of the highest paid people, yet they get nothing done. In the long run you would be better off ignoring their stupidity and Murdering of innocent people (Mum's and Babies too). Cut off their wages until they fix the problem and then sort their salary and perks, so their job is where they belong working for their people. Instead of making everyone work to pay for their wonderful Lunches/Meetings and Trips anywhere they choose. Not so much time off the Job either (have you tried to contact one of them lately, Please leave a message or I'm sorry they are in the Capital today and really sir that's not our problem, you could try.......5 hours of being passed from Local council through to all the different state departments and you guessed it Federal Govt to. What was I trying to do? Get the toilets in a shopping centre fixed which had been blocked for a week and included Staff and Public. AHHH Shit never got it done and laughed at by my Mates for trying. then told I really shouldn't give a shit Ahhh POO. So I'm going back to the place I know my friends all are, because they care what I do.
Nice one
Men don't need money we can earn on our own will. Bt we do in need of a loyal wife who understand men in every conditions with mutual understanding & crystal clear deep relationship not money.Then no matter how she looks too S Yogi
Bro I do Agree with you
That's the thought, I agree with you.
Exactly, some made people to be Lazy by giving them Money instead of teaching/creating them to meet their needs by themselves for their own benefit.
Wowwww what a offer!!!
If any of you gave the time to remotely read the rest of the article, you would know that it clearly states that it has not been confirmed by the Icelandic government and the original article poster has changed their narrative regarding the reliability of the articles' truthfulness.
Am truelly love this and i will be happy if you could contact me anyway !!!!thanks!!!

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