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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

The Great Results I Have Began To Have Since Encountering Pastor Sunday On The Internet. – Sunday Akinbowale

from: 14 . 06 . 17

I get so excited when I look back to the day I heard about you and came across you on the Internet. I would not have started fulfilling my destiny in a grand style if not for you. I want to say you have done a great and amazing job by obeying God and living your life for Him. Your life continues to be a great inspiration to us. You have increased the faith we have in ourselves to do great exploits for God’s Kingdom, and your examples are showing us how to replicate the great things God has used you to do.

Yet, you are telling us that your ministry has not even started. This kind of mindset of yours has made us addicted to developing ourselves on a daily basis. Your work has made us believed in the great destiny of our nation, Nigeria, and Africa at large. I watched as you were praying and the Lord challenged you to believe for the whole world; because the earth is God’s footstool. Sir, I want to say we are together with you in this race. And I know that by the Grace of God, we shall all end well and finish strong. We shall conquer the earth for God’s Kingdom. And the dominion of our King will reign.

The purpose of my writing to you this time is to present my birthday gift to you. You have taught us that the best gift anyone can give to you is not material things. The best gift anyone can give you is not to say thank you. The best way anyone can appreciate you for the blessing you have been to us is to APPLY THE THINGS YOU HAVE TAUGHT US AND PRODUCE RESULTS. My heart is so full now; but I am just doing my best to express myself. Please kindly accept my testimony as a gift on your birthday.
I have learnt so many things from you, and I am still learning. The most important thing God used you to do in my life is to RELEASE ME INTO MY DESTINY. I have not met you physically. But your content on Facebook, Youtube, and your books have changed my life. Sir, I want to encourage you to continue to do the great work you are doing, even via the internet. The results of the work may not be easily measurable. But I must admit they have been profound. I am sure that there are many more reserved people like me around the world who are just getting blessed, and have started maximizing the things you are teaching them.
One of the most important things I learnt from you is about WORK. For the first time, I started seeing the enormity of work on ground that I am supposed to be doing. Sir, I did not need to wait for any laying of hands by any Pastor, or the pouring of anointing oil by anyone. Now, I am seeing different pastors and ministers flocking to my Facebook Page to learn. I just started working as you told us and I started fulfilling my destiny.
I set out to start blessing people in an unusual way on the internet about 2 months ago. And within 2 months, the results I have seen have been mind blowing and unprecedented. I see testimonies of what God is doing in people’s lives everyday via my writings and few videos.

I created a Facebook Page where I started posting articles. I call the articles WINNING WISDOM EPISODES. I like to show you a picture of my Facebook Insight just between May 20 – May 26 (1 week):


I am now able to reach hundreds of thousands of people every week. Within 2 months that I started the page, I have grown the Page Likes to 14,000+. Now, I cannot keep track of the number of people requesting for mentorship. I keep seeing many people freed from the deception of religion on a daily basis. The Grace of God that makes people become addicted to your content has also started working upon my life. I see people addicted to reading my posts on a daily basis. I see people begging to be enrolled into my courses.

I SEE SEVERAL MUSLIMS rushing to join the KINGDOM CHAMPIONS GROUP, a group I started to give people easy access to all the episodes, and for better guidance and mentoring (since the page is just full of crowd). We only have about 3000+ people in the group so far, but it keeps growing every hour. One of the muslim guys that joined boldly told us that he is a muslim but he is in love with the episodes that he has been reading on my page. He said he just loves the truth. When I see all these happen, I know that part of the Grace that is working upon your life has been transferred into my life, even without meeting you physically yet. I am indeed grateful Sir!!!

I have learnt from you how to create systems to make life easy and to make Kingdom Work effective. I started the group where I am providing guidance and mentorship to people, using the Winning Wisdom Episodes. Using this system, I am training and developing leaders by fishing highly passionate people out, and training them specially in other groups, and to help them with the different projects they are working on. Sir, God has started a revival already on this earth through your work. You have taught us how to be the carrier of a revival wherever we go.

As of today, I have written 54 Winning Wisdom Episodes. The 54th one posted today was written as a Tribute to PASTOR SUNDAY ADELAJA for the celebration of the golden jubilee… If you like to read it, the link is here:


Due to many requests from people who are getting blessed, they demanded that I compile Winning Wisdom Episodes into a book. This, I have also been able to do. I recently published the first 50 episodes of Winning Wisdom as a book… God is doing great things through these episodes. I keep receiving testimonies on a daily basis. Thank you for allowing me to work for you; it really helped my writing skills, and now, writing is one of the major ways I am blessing my world. I like you to see some of the most impactful episodes I have written and published:

I BELIEVE IN THE CHURCH; BUT I HATE RELIGION – (Winning Wisdom, Episode 009):

STOP GIVING MONEY TO GOD; HE DOESN’T NEED MONEY – (Winning Wisdom, Episode 033):

Thank God for meeting you Sir… I had been denying my world a lot of benefits that God has placed inside of me for them. Now, the time has come to change the world. The time has come to take over the earth for the King of all kings. I see what you have done within 50 years of your life. And I have challenged myself that by the time I am celebrating Golden Jubilee like you are doing, I should be able to produce as much and even more results as you have produced with your life.You have made your secrets readily available to us. Thank you so much!!!I WISH YOU MANY MORE YEARS OF AMAZING EXPLOITS IN CHRIST JESUS SIR… YOU ARE HIGHLY CELEBRATED…


Sunday Akinbowale.

One Comments to “The Great Results I Have Began To Have Since Encountering Pastor Sunday On The Internet. – Sunday Akinbowale”
Pastor please reform my life, I saw many testimony from you. Please help me change my life!

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