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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

How To know When It’s Time For You To Transfer To Another Church.

from: 28 . 04 . 16

There is a reason why God designed Christians to exist in communities, and that’s because we grow best when we are surrounded by a group of believers who build us up in the faith. Nowadays, there are so many churches that Christians can be a part of and the issue is no longer “Should I go to church?” but rather “Which church should I go to?”

There is nothing wrong with transferring to a different church if done for reasons that do not involve offence, hurt and unhealthy disagreement with leadership. In fact, sometimes God calls believers to a new season to be a blessing in another church.

How can we know when it’s time to transfer to another church? Here are just a few cases that I’ve encountered that could be signs that it’s time to move to a new church community.

1. When God is calling you to

Whether God calls you to move to a smaller church to share your skills there, transfer to a closer church when God gives you a new job opportunity in the other corner of town or marry someone from a different church and attend his or her church, we must trust and obey that God knows where He wants us to serve and grow. Often it’s hard to let go of existing friends and cultures in your current church, but when God says “Go” believe that He will give you the strength to do so.

2. When the calling of the church is not your calling

The church I attend places a high and strong emphasis on discipleship, and that’s how we grow as a movement. When someone in my small group feels God is calling him or her to be part of a congregation that is called to something other than discipleship, I don’t tighten the leash. Instead I release the person to find a church that can help that person fulfill what God is calling him and his family to do.

3. When your community is in a different church

I was once engaging a student who got saved in our church. After He received Jesus, he transferred to a different church that his family was attending. You see, his parents were Christians already, and he wanted to be a part of the church that his family already attended. When your friends, family members or colleagues are part of a different congregation and you want to join them so that you can help each other grow more in God, feel free to move. After all, church is about building a community that leads you to Christ.

4. When you are no longer growing in your church

Sometimes, our growth just stops in one church. Often that can be a sign that it’s time to get fed somewhere else or be a blessing somewhere else so you can grow in your ministry skills. God is all about growing churches, and to do that people must grow as well.

By Patrick Mabilog

13 Comments to “How To know When It’s Time For You To Transfer To Another Church.”
Thanks pastor for so many of your messages, an especially this piece.. I have had this sometimes from Bishop T.D Jakes.. And u needed yo heed and move when I felt strongly to, but I did not due to all kinds of unnessasry fears, it almost killed me spiritually. Infact it did killed me. Just recovering. I did moved but was almost too late. Now I had a similar feeling again to move. This time aren't gonna take that feeling or lead for granted. I did moved again as lead, now I'm wishing I had always listing to the gentle inner lead. Its been awesome its been refreshing. Renewed commitment new assignment. I bless God i did this ttime. (grudgingly thou..) . God bless you pastor.
9ce points admin...thumbs up.
Another reason people should change is when they read the scripture for them self and realise that what the church is teaching is not in line with scripture. For example ,the bible says nothing about going to church on Sunday except that the pagan believers who worshipped the sun worshipped on the day of the sun . Sunday. Jesus and all his followers went to the synagogue on the Sabbath as the 10 commandments tell us to. The day of rest has never been changed to Sunday in all the scripture. This is a man made change and the Catholic Church admit that they changed it. who gives the papacy the right to change Gods laws ? ? this is blasphemous ! God's people should be going to church on the Sabbath day not Sunday. Have you ever considered what day we will be having as a Sabbath in heaven ? Jesus went to church on Sabbath , I think we should follow his example don't you ?
I pity those of u tinkin dat others who worship on sundays are disobeying God. The bible said, six days shall thou work and on the seventh day thou shall rest.. I work from monday to satday at a construc company, so sunday is the seventh day and i rest.. Others work from sunday to friday, which means satday is their seventh day for rest.... I wonder why people begin to think dat God prefers the day to human soul... The bible did not say worship on saturday and niether did he mention sunday. It simply said six days shall thou work and rest on d seventh.... So i wonder wat nonsense people are saying.... Weda u worship on satday or sunday is not d guarantee to gain heaven but how pure ur hrt is d determinin factor... Plz dnt mis interprete d bible.
Beloved, the day of worship is no longer the issue under the New Covenant. God is God every day of the week. Don't let any ignorant fellow persuade you otherwise. Study Romans 14:5-6. Take care to read until the end. Romans 14:17-18 tells you what the Kingdom of God is really about. It's not about the right day of worship. Read also Colossians 2:16. In fact, read the whole of the chapter. Lastly, there is no approved day of worship in heaven. God is worshipped and exalted every moment of every day forever. Hallelujah!
WHAT MUST I DO ? I started going to this CHURCH after realising that i have committed a fatal mistake by leaving my husband and kids. There came a time that asked God through praying alone everytime to help go back to them. I decided to go to an Apostolic Church in my village. Going there was a success i was prayed for. I ended up being a member my husband visited me we later made up. He later died i am a widow now. Lately i have developed the urge to join the Born Agains i now Love the Gospel of Jesus. I want to join them. At my age (63) i am ashamed of changing to another church. Anytime i feel like going to Apostolic Church something tells me not to go WHAT MUST I DO ?
Hello, your Question was answered today on the Ask Pastor Sunday show. Your questions was answered at 48.00. Please follow the link. Blessings!
Thank you Pastor Sunday for this article. I was looking for an answer to my own predicament. My husband and I both attend a church where I am not growing spiritually. I have actually found another church to attend. Though the quality of the Word there is not as deep as the one I wish to leave, I am eager to jump in and become a part of the church family. At first my husband gave his consent for me to attend the new church along with the kids, and he would stay in the old church, but now he says I should keep attending the old church. You see he is a Pastor in the church, but my husband so dislikes the culture of the church. He is one foot in and one foot out. Although he is a Pastor there, he doesn't participate in most pastoral activities, because he so dislikes the church politics. He says he is staying because he cannot get the same quality of word in any other church as this church. I told him all theses years of listening to the word, maybe it is time to apply it somewhere else. Some how I have a feeling he is afraid of leaving because he thinks his prosperity is tied to the church. The last time he left (this was before we met), he lost everything. Meanwhile his siblings who remained, are doing better than him financially, and have even become branch Pastors of big churches. It doesn't help that his siblings keep insisting he remain there, and keep reminding him how badly things went for him the last time he left the church. We both met at a totally different church. I never knew he would go back to his old church after all the unsavory things he told me about it. So I am just stuck. Your advise is needed Pastor Sir.
Pastor well done sir, this subject is really of concern to me, I have been in a particular church for more than one year now but am not growing as I expected,some of the messages taught are conflicting with the other among the ministers, there is a serious disconnection between the youths, men, women and the ministers, no strong follow up system and we are loosing members, I and some members have suggested to the pastor on this but he just appreciate you for your suggestion and ignores it. And really am not enjoying so many things in the church any more and I have a serious urge within me to go into ministry in full although I have been in the teaching ministry for more than a decade although this Church has branches all over the world and almost in all streets in developing countries, so what do I do?
How come the writer didn't give a single scripture to support their point?
Very true. Quite accurate . I thank God for this article. Why is this knowledge so alien to some pastors? God have mercy! I was demonized for leaving a church for another. I was even cursed imagine. Yet I asked for permission explaining clearly what was the reason. Which was growth in ministry and my calling too! My former church didn't have a support system for evangelistic outreach missions to preach the gospel to some hidden country places. They seemed to have been fine but they were not. They pronounced very hard words behind my back and didn't release me, not in my face but behind my back. I believe this message needs to reach all pastors and clergy in general to be supportive and maintain peace whenever one is following their destiny.
Thank you very much Pastor . l am also facing this challenge which i don't know what to do now, i stay very far from my church , which sometimes i even beg drivers who pass by to take me to church If i don't have money. also since i graduated as a fashion designer through apprentiship , i have been facing financial problem to setup my shop to work. so i thought of going to a different church to get some financial help. but i sing in the church too so it's becoming a challenge for me. What should i do pastor please help me.
In my opinion, I think days are not too important in this case because Saturday here is almost Sunday in another part of the world and also almost Friday in other parts of the world. Whether Saturday or Sunday what really matter is your heart for God. That's exactly what Jesus demonstrate when he healed someone on Sabbath day and they confronted him. God is a spirit and love and not about saturday and Sunday. Those that worship him must do it in spirit, love and in truth. Worshipping God should be a lifestyle and abt days. IRMC.

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