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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

How President Buhari Should respond To The Ongoing “#EndSars” Movement. A 7-Point Agenda.

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I might be wrong but from my observations of the BUHARI Administration, it’s like they really don’t know how to positively respond to this nation wide agitation.

As somebody that has been privileged to both witness and participate in a similar citizen’s revolution (Orange Revolution in Ukraine), let me give the President a seven point action plan that could appease the nation, the youth in particular.

  1. The President should urgently summon a combined meeting of all arms of government. He must tell them to offer to sacrifice a portion of their privileged salaries and numerations to the nation, just as most Nigerians have been sacrificing one thing or the other all along. This will demonstrate a strong position of solidarity and understanding of the people’s plight and prove that they are indeed servant leaders.
  1. President Buhari has obviously been facing some resistance on a lot of his plans and reforms. This is a golden opportunity for him to turn these protests to his advantage. Since the people are the highest authority in any democracy, this is a perfect excuse to push through all the house cleansing reforms that could have taken ages to accomplish. Nigerians need the Buhari of 1984 not a docile President in office.

  1. Mr. President must finally realize that all our troubles are as a result of lack of values and virtues. Nations are not great by the virtue of their wealth or natural resources but by the wealth of their virtues. Nigeria will never become great without great virtues in her people. Hence President Buhari must urgently declare a year long compulsory training on national reorientation of morals, values and virtues. Especially for all office holders, Police, Military, Parastatals, Ministries and agencies. Failure to comply or failure in these exams should lead to an immediate dismissal from the office, in the same vein no one should henceforth be employed into any government job without passing these examinations.
  1. The President must immediately announce a National Registration of all unemployed graduates in the nation. An agency must be created to make sure all these people are employable and employed or be compensated. Even the very process of registration will already bring a lot of comfort to a lot of these youths.
  1. The information reaching me is that the German government and one of their leading industrial giants “Siemens” have signed a contract with the Nigerian government to end incessant electricity failure in Nigeria by the year 2023. If this is really true, I propose to the President to appear on national television together with these Germans. Let them show us the signed documents and let the “Oyinbos” give their commitment and assurance to the 200 million Nigerians that they’ll begin to have a 24 hour supply of electricity. It would be even better if the German government could send a representative. This will give all Nigerians an overwhelming amount of peace. I’m sure they’ll be willing to wait till 2023, having already been waiting for 60 years now.
  1. In all our 60 years as a nation the truth is that the government has never really taken the people seriously. All issues are mainly resolved by “man know man” or “long leg”. President BUHARI could cement his name and legacy forever in the annals of history if he will follow this particular advice. As the President he should direct the National Assembly to pass into law that no single request, letter, queries, should be ignored by any public officials, office holders, government parastatals or agencies. Every Nigerian should have the privilege of getting an official written response to any of their inquiries. Failure to do this should lead to a loss of job and even to prosecution by the law of the land. Nigerians must begin to feel that the government is there to serve them, not otherwise. If this is done, majority of the protests, agitations, and secession movements will die a natural death.
  1. If Mr. President will tell himself the truth about this nation, it is that Nigeria as it is now only exists to serve the interests of a few elites. Approximately 2% of the privileged Nigerians ride on the back of 200 million of their compatriots. This is the most urgent reconstruction needed in Nigeria today. The President must make sure he comes up with a working strategy whereby the people will be the most privileged rather than the few cabals in charge now. Hence, the local governments must be empowered to empower the individual citizens in their vicinity. We must measure the progress of our nation henceforth by the standards of living of the smallest person in the farthest village rather than by the highbrow areas of Abuja. If Mr. President takes these steps seriously and attends to them, we surely will have a new Nigeria.

For The Love Of God, Church And Nation


Kiev, Ukraine.


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